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  1. Brianc

    Basic skills off road video????

    I bought the Gary Semics dvd's. my boys really like them and they learned alot. The techniques are the same, whether mx'ing or trail riding, so Gary's videos are a definite 'must buy'
  2. Brianc

    MOAB Trip!!!

    We went to Moab 2 times last year. You don't need to spend $500/day for elite to show you around. Go to Arrowhead Motorsports on the south end of town. He is really nice and sells the maps that you need to have a good time. Check out the Soveriegn Singletrack, buy the map $2 Buy the 2 Moab maps, one is north half and the other is the south half; $4 each. Ride the Kane Creek Trail. After riding those, you can decide if you want harder or easier trails. Cheap RV parks on the north end of town, Slickrock Campground, and a few others as well. RV parks on the south end of town are generally more expensive, further from restaraunts, and further from the riding areas than the RV parks north of downtown. The Green River area is an hour north of Moab and well worth the drive. They have fantastic slick rock formations and the trails are unbelievable. Ten miles east of town and south of the highway, there was only one exit and the dirt road goes south to the staging area. The locals will point the way for you.
  3. Any rubber, no matter how firm or hard, will affect the steering input and effort required to control the bike. The biggest problem will be in deep ruts and situations where you need alot of control. I vote 'No Rubber'
  4. Brianc

    What Tires Should I Run

    Alot of guys in Az use the Maxxis IT. They wear a very long time. Personally, I like the Michelin S12 rear. It hooks up better and I get about 400 plus miles out off it. I change my tires when half the tread is worn. I have tried a lot of fronts, and I think the Pirelli mt83 works best in the desert, especially when the terrain is really hard with loose sand and in the sand washes it works almost as good as a Southwick. The Southwick is the best tire that I have found for the sand washes, but on the hardpack, it slips a little.
  5. Brianc

    2005 Husaberg FE650E

    The 05's had a clearance problem between the header and the front wheel. Occasionally the header will get crushed by colliding with the tire. Especially with heavier or more aggressive riders. The 06 models have a much improved header design with adequate clearance. The 05 header is very restrictive, look at the angle that it creates where it attaches to the head, it is a very poor design. The factory is aware of the header issue, there is a replacement oem header available. Check the old threads at www.husaberg.org. The part numbers and affected bikes were listed there last spring. You will also need heavier springs. The WP suspension is very position sensitive. Using too light of springs will result in the bike riding lower in the stroke, which will put you in the harshest portion of the damping. Heavier, stiffer springs will help the bike ride higher in the stroke and will result in a vastly improved ride.
  6. Brianc

    06 FE450e or 06 FSE 450

    I own a berg, and I just bought a Gas Gas FSE450 6 weeks ago. Side by side, the Gas Gas FEELS 20 lbs lighter, handles better everywhere but in deep sand washes. The berg has a little more grunt and pull (more cc's as well), but the Gas Gas starts easily each and every time. The EFI is great, no more jetting, mixture is right on everywhere we go. The Gas Gas definitely is heads and shoulders above the berg, in my opinion. BTW, I'll be selling my berg, the FSE450 is more enjoyable and quicker handling.
  7. I spend about $15000 / year on dirtbikes and gear. That is a 2 or 3 new bikes a year between myself and our 2 boys ( ages 8 and 13 ). your poll doesn't give me an option that fits my lifestyle. We spend alot of time enjoying the sport, but it doesn't make a large dent in our budget.
  8. Brianc


    Benk, I never used any expletives. The electric re start is not a matter of semantics. The start was not designed for cold engine starts. If you have any knowledge of these bikes, then you would know the SEM ignition requires a minimum cranking rpm to generate a spark. The electric re start will not spin the engine fast enough (when cold) to surpass the minimum rpm's needed by the SEM ignition. The valves on any high rpm race engine will eventually tulip. The Hondas do it in under 80 hours; typically. The KTM's and Husabergs go many times longer than that; so tulipping of the valves is not an issue. Get your facts straight before posting. You started the insults, which were uncalled for, I just replied in the same manner; dummy.
  9. You're right, The VIN on the frame is for a 105sx. I bet they switched the engines and gave me a busted frame from a wrecked 105sx. That would definitely be a case of fraud on their part; especially now that I have a title for an 85sx and they shipped me the wrong bike (according to the title that I received). With that angle, I should be able to convinced the Attorney General to get me a full refund including the shipping.
  10. Well, I finally got a title from Deckers Cycle in the mail today. Problem is the VIN doesn't match the bike. The bike VIN: VBKMXC2374M073594 The title VIN: VBKMXA2334M064427 I wonder what the Attorney General's office will say when I add this to the complaint?
  11. It is getting interesting. I just received a title in the mail today. But, it is for the WRONG bike! Or maybe, it is for the right bike and they shipped me a broken one by mistake, yeah that's it, I got the wrong bike The VIN on the title is VBMXA2334M064427 THE VIN on the bike is VBKMXC2374M073594 I bet they switched the engines on a crashed 105sx frame and the frame of the 85sx that I purchased. I'll have to add this to the Attorney General complaint.
  12. Motomom09 took him to court and he lied under oath, so Motomom09 didn't get any money. I haven't, yet. But I just filed a complaint with the Attorney General's office.
  13. Brianc

    Whats the best 85cc ?

    The KTM has the most power and the widest powerband. The KTM has the best stock suspension and brake. The KTM has a hydraulic clutch. See a pattern here? The RM is second best in the power department. Joey Manza totally dominated the WORCS races last year on a YZ. Mike Alessi dominated the amateur motocross on a CR85. It's 90% rider,10% bike. Get the bike that fits your body, then practice, pratice, practice.
  14. Brianc

    Twin Air products

    We used NoToil for 2 years and switched back to a conventional oil this last time. We were finding grit in the intake boot of our bikes. We also had an 85sx bottom end bearing fail shortly after a trip to the dunes. We found A LOT of sand in the bottom end of the engine. Real fine particles were getting past the No Toil treated filters. I had heard similar stories from other desert racers, but I didn't listen until it cost me an engine.