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  1. Thanks. I was wondering whether the larger headers and throttle body of the late model L's and the Rally would negate some of the gains that people are experiencing with earlier bikes. So it seems that a less restricted muffler and air filter combined with fuelling mods delivers real world usability gains.
  2. Thanks for your real world experience. End results and suitability for role are more important than numbers on a graph. Just to clarify, are all these mph figures gps generated or just the last ones? Where is speedo driven off btw? Pete
  3. Thanks, understand, if Barry has any data to share, that would be awesome.
  4. Hi, according to IMS their fuel tank pn 112252-N2 (3.5usg) without hardware weighs 4lb 11ozs, 2126 gms. Has anyone weighed their steel stock tank without pump etc? Pete
  5. Hi, anyone know the weight reduction when replacing the fuel tank with the 3.5 gallon IMS 112252 tank? I realise that I will be adding. 8 gall when full with extra capacity. Thanks, Pete
  6. Check the earth connection to both the indicators and the brake light. Usually the black wire.
  7. Did you guys dyno the bikes?
  8. Hi Ken, good advice. What tuner did you choose. PC5 or EJK? Pete
  9. Thanks for the thorough outline. Let us know how all the tuning work goes and your resulting gains. I am curious from the wider community how many people have had seizures and serious issues from the big bore kits. In the early write ups, it seemed a high percentage but of course you only hear of the one's that go pop. Any feedback would be appreciated. Pete
  10. Thanks Crf250rally. I have seen most of these in my research. I will continue to seek a dyno chart at this point. Pete
  11. Hi CRF25ORALLY, I have been following this idea for a while in both forums for the L and the Rally. I haven't been able to locate any dyno charts either before / after or just after installation. Do you know of any about? Many thanks, Pete
  12. Hi, my experience with rebuilding other Yamahas is that these master cylinders are a bugger to bleed from dry. Using a squeeze bottle or some other method, pump brake fluid back up the line into the MC to prime it. This can easily be done via the bleed nipple on the slave cylinder ie brake caliper and an appropriate sized tube. Once primed with fluid things work normally. Remember, the reservoir is only there to allow for expansion and pad wear and very rarely does it need to supply additional fluid to the piston. Pete
  13. Hey Steve, I have the same issue and was going to post a question today. As I understand it we have the plug for multi cylinder Yamahas. I queried the seller on AliExpress and they weren't aware of a cable specifically for the WR/YZ. I will try and work out the pin outs but help from anyone would be appreciated. Pete
  14. The seat is an order of magnitude better but at the end of the day it is still a WR and not a gold wing. Definitely well worth the price and effort. The horn mount is part of the Adr Aussie design rules kit that makes the bike street legal in New Zealand and Australia. It is a comprehensive kit with mirrors, light controls, taillight horn etc.
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