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  1. Hollerhead

    Geuey engine oil, grey/brownish

    Shorting the solenoid won't hurt it. If the engine is seized and the starter is stalled it can build a good bit of heat and do some winding damage fairly quickly though. I'd pull the plug, put it 5th, and try to roll the engine over.
  2. Hollerhead

    Geuey engine oil, grey/brownish

    Short of being submerged or someone just blatantly pouring something other than oil in there it has to be condensation buildup. Did you drain the sump and the frame at the oil change and change the filter? I would only expect that look from something that sat for a while in a humid climate. I see it quite a bit near the ocean in SC. It can happen from a single year of sitting unridden.
  3. Hollerhead

    XR650R + kehin fcr float height

    It's tough to guess a measurement because of differences in needle valves, especially when they have some age on them. Don't worry too much about a measurement other than for reference for the next steps. Install a clear drain tube on the bowl drain. Raise it up so that the open end is looped and pointing straight up and so it's higher than the overflow. With the bike sitting level, open the bowl drain and watch where the level of the fuel rises to. It's a visual indicator of the bowl fill level. Adjust the float until that drain tube level is as high as possible while staying a couple mm below the overflow.
  4. Hollerhead

    CigarMike's XR650L centerstand review

    From what I understand he hasn't made them in quite a few years. There is a guy that was working on a copy but I can't remember which forum or his name. I'll try to search for it and check back in here.
  5. Hollerhead

    XR650L Rebuild soon, looking for advice

    New rings are a must. Save the money at the McDonald's drive-thru not at the parts counter.
  6. Hollerhead

    What you did to your XR today?

    You can't beat a wide flat file for weld joint smoothing and blending. It does take a little patience. That's some cool looking scenery. My wife's cousin just moved out to Sisters, OR. Are you anywhere near there in the pic? We've got an open invitation to come visit just need to find a time to do it. I think I'd like it.
  7. Hollerhead

    The Ugly Duckling Makeover (attempt) (XR600R)

    As mentioned above lots of brands of brake parts cleaners will work pretty well. I've found that if it doesn't work instantly, it isn't going to work. I did nearly the same thing on my first Craigslist L by using "Aircraft Remover". The stock white frame was rattle can satin black. I tried the Aircraft Remover because it said safe for all metals. I know some chemicals really harm aluminum. Simple Green and degreasers like it really can ruin it. Aircraft Remover did not affect the stock powder coat. It took a little while to blister the paint but it made life a lot easier. It says to not use on plastic so I'm not sure what it would happen if you tried it there.
  8. Hollerhead

    08 XR650L Starting nightmare

    Did those sum beeches pay the repair bill?
  9. Hollerhead

    XR650L Rebuild soon, looking for advice

    Yes, by a long shot.
  10. Ring gaps won't tell you the condition of the bore. Bore measurements are a must to check taper and round. A hone (glaze break) is a must before the new rings. A bore and hone may be needed depending on the measurements. Do not skimp on this or you've wasted time, rings, and gaskets. Valve guide bore and stem measurements are a must. A valve lap is a must. More may be needed based on the measurements. The wiggle test is not enough. A guide gauge is the only correct way. Don't skimp on this either. You're obviously burning some oil so putting it back together without knowing why would be time and money wasted.
  11. Hollerhead

    What you did to your XR today?

    I know lots of people that always have. It's just something I've never done.
  12. Hollerhead

    What you did to your XR today?

    Sad day...for the first time in my life I had to install a battery tender plug on a bike to keep it from going dead from sitting around. I don't like it.
  13. Hollerhead

    XR650L Rebuild soon, looking for advice

    650L and 600R both have the same auto decompressor systems. The 600R began using the system on the 1988 model. The 650R also has a similar system. Most folks don't know the 600R and 650R have auto decompressors because they both also have the handlebar mounted manual decompressor as well.
  14. Hollerhead

    Tubliss gen 2 for the XRs

    Yep. Odd how things change over the years. My first HD was right shift, left brake as well.
  15. Hollerhead

    Tubliss gen 2 for the XRs

    And the kickstand is on the wrong side...­čśü