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  1. ToyMan

    When it all goes BANG!

    I wouldn't say I do it excessively. In this case, I remembered I had some slower riders behind me so I slowed down to check on them.
  2. ToyMan

    When it all goes BANG!

    I don't know the exact number of hours but not very long. I will definitely replace with an APE manual tensioner.
  3. ToyMan

    When it all goes BANG!

    It was nice talking to you today Jeff. Hopefully we can get me squared away.
  4. 450 1. 7 - Js 2. 1 - Cr 3. 2 - Rv 4. 33 - Jg 5. 9 - It 250 1. 10 - Rd
  5. ToyMan

    Vegas...who's going?

    Me, my wife and two boys are going.
  6. ToyMan

    Levers? What do you guys like?

    I swear by the ASV levers. My son races motocross and he has had the same levers for years. I have paid for them a thousand times over.
  7. ToyMan

    Which Head can I use?

    Thanks for the info - Great stuff.
  8. ToyMan

    Which Head can I use?

    Thanks is there a particular SS valve that is better than the other? I assume I just need the valve and spring.
  9. ToyMan

    Which Head can I use?

    Thanks- That's what I had heard. I just wanted to make sure that they were compatible.
  10. ToyMan

    Which Head can I use?

    Ok - my left intake is at zero and I am ready to replace the head versus getting the seats cut. Which year heads will work on my 2004 CRF450r? Should I just get the 2004 head or do the newer ones offer advantages? I am looker for slightly more reliablity. I only ride desert. Should I go with Stainless Steel valves? Any preference on valve type?
  11. Here is a video my son and his friends made of some footage from their riding last weekend. He is the one on the rmz250. Warning ** Profanity at the end of the video. http://myspacetv.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=vids.individual&videoid=32080945
  12. ToyMan

    Your Nastiest Crash

    I don't really remember my worst crash very well. It was my first day on a new crf450r. After serveral hours I felt like I had it down good. My brother-in-law and I were going 5th gear pinned on this trail\fire road. I guess I did not make the turn. According to my brother-in-law and my son I was flopping around on the ground having seizures. Luckily there was a desert race going on nearby and the EMT came to help out. They decided I needed to be airlifted to a trauma center. Needless to say that whole month is a little foggy to me.
  13. I don't actually have the bike yet. The bike they have on display is the demo. I guess they are giving one away at every supercross event. It has the boost mobile graphics to look like Jason Lawrence's bike. They gave me all the paperwork. It is supposed to be shipped to my house. It's funny how many people won ahead of me but were not there to claim the prize. Two guys actually went up to claim that they won but when they asked them more detailed questions - like where they lived- they could not answer.
  14. lol - thats what my kids want me to do. When my younger son had a crf50 we spent a ton of money modding that thing out. Then when he moved up to a kx65 I sold it.
  15. I just got back from Anaheim I. I was in the pits before the race and Boost Mobile had a drawing for a TTR-50. The winner had to be there at 5pm for the drawing. They called about 10 names before me but they were not there. They finally called my name. That was pretty cool. Overal we had a great time. Good thing I decided to go. If the weather was really bad I might not have gone.