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  1. It will start on one good kick when it’s warm but like you said it’s got some good compression so for me most of the time it’s 2 or 3 kicks depending on my energy., I can hear the fuel pump or something buzz during the kick start. 430 FI.
  2. Jetwag03

    oil change question

    FWIW I just did the 30 hour oil change, second one, first oil change was at about 5-6 hour found the usual crud and material in the paper filter and in the screen also the magnetic plug on the tran side had a load on it. At 30 hours the filter has nothing at all? Not even a speck of metal, the screen is clean so I’m impressed with this beta 4T engine. It’s a 430 2017. And I’m not babying it at all. If anything I’m revving the piss out of it. Andrew drone video on this thread is awesome.
  3. Your welcome, I guess yours is one of the beta's assembled after a factory vino break. I checked my harness from day one and no issues like some of the others reporting taunt harnesses or ground wiring unconnected.
  4. Yes FI light comes on before the engine starts then off when running. 2017 430 rr-s.
  5. I had the same symptoms on my 2017 430 it would crank but not start, they fixed it under warranty, they said the butterfly in the TB was just barely not closing and the reason for a no start, they adjusted the TPI and all has been good since. I will say my throttle cable came very tight from the factory as in no adjustment left and that may be a contributing factor. Good luck I hope it's an easy fix.
  6. Jetwag03

    Does your 300 sound similar to lthis?

    In that video of your clutch it appears the lock washer tabs are folded down? I'm pretty sure the lock washer tab is supposed to be folded up over that center nut, maybe the nut has slightly loosened?
  7. Jetwag03

    430 rr-s won't start

    My 430 would not start, the throttle cable was too short and that kept the butterfly in the throttle body to be slightly open, it messed with the TPI computer somehow causing a no start condition. Dealer got it started buy moving the throttle in on the handlebars.
  8. Jetwag03

    Beta 500 RRS - OEM chain wear?

    I have had the same as your chain, the two things I did and it seems to have cured it was to clean the chain with wd40 (some will disagree but my chains seems to last forever using this) and also make sure your chain is straight, a littler off on alignment and it might cause some binding.
  9. Jetwag03

    Clake one light clutch reviews

    Yes, I also added washers to the 4 springs. It's really nice now. If you do a YouTube search on beta clutch there is a guy who advises this cheap and easy mod.
  10. Jetwag03

    430 vs others

    FWIW I only have about 5 hours on the 430, in my case I was heading to buy a 390 or 350 4t, but since a leftover 430 was heavily discounted I decided it only made sense financial to choose the 430 almost 3k difference out the door and it still had a kick start and fuel injection. This is my opinion and others with more experience may disagree, for me the bike feels light when the wheels are rolling and a heavy when stopped, but not as heavy as a Drz400 and I'm talking about stopped on a tight single track off camber stuff soft slippery soil so it's not an issue for more experienced riders. It's got gobs of power if you need it, but not so much you wish you were on a smaller bike. I do think you are correct that the odd displacement dissuades people like myself from initially considering it. Now the bad I am having my first issue it won't start so it's back at a Beta dealer now. Hopefully it's an easy fix and I will be able to put some real time on it this summer and give a better review. I'm guessing the starting issues has nothing to do with it being a 430 since it either a bad fuel injector or the air fuel mixture thing next to the FI.
  11. Jetwag03

    Bike won't start?

    Interesting, I will look at. Thanks
  12. Jetwag03

    Bike won't start?

    I guess It can't hurt to try kicking it, but it was cranking good with the battery. I will give it a try. Thanks
  13. Jetwag03

    Bike won't start?

    2017 Beta 430 rr-s it has about 5 hours on the clock and was running great until today. It turns over and I hear the buzz of I assume the fuel pump priming like it always has but it won't start? I checked the spark plug and it looked good and sparked. Anyone have any Ideas on what I could try next? Thanks
  14. Jetwag03

    2017 RR-S Map switch?

    On the 2017 430 it's very noticeable on wet grasses or really slippery wet trail conditions at speed, when I switched it off the rear was all over the place on the wet grass. Most of my riding is on dry trails and I can't tell a difference between the rain and sun mode when dry, I can see why some seem to think it doesn't do anything.
  15. Jetwag03

    CHANGE your clutch hydralic fluid

    And maybe also check you slave cylinder. I just decided to go with the 2014 slave cylinder due to what seemed like a hard to pull clutch, this is what I found. It might be hard to see in the pics, the rubber boot is pinched and tearing and out of shape. The new cylinder allegedly has a slightly larger cylinder but it looks the same. It does feel a little lighter now so that's at least an improvement. BTW this 2017 430-rrs only has 6 hours on it.