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  1. dirtbikesrule

    What is this bike worth

    You could EASILY get more then $2000 for it. Look around on ebay theres clapped out ones going for around $2000-2500, this ones in almost perfect condition. Id look around and see if you could find someone willing to trade you for a street bike. If that dosent work put it on ebay with a starting bid of around $2500 and see where it goes. My 2cents.
  2. dirtbikesrule

    Good Two stroke forums

    Yeah I was just lookin at it, looks pretty cool. I gotta join some time. Thanks for the link.
  3. dirtbikesrule

    Good Two stroke forums

    Yeah cant say I recommend Pingertalk either. Theres a couple guys over there with good info but the forums are not run very well. And HTM, just wanted to add that I saw what happened over at PT about you gettin your powers taken away. Sorry to hear that you were one of the best. PT used to be great, but sadly it all went down hill..
  4. dirtbikesrule

    Piston slap... Need advice.

    So my cylinder has piston slap and its messed up pretty good and I'm wondering what my options are... Maybe replate or re sleeve I dont know so any info on this is appreciated. Its a 97 CR250 BTW. Thanks.
  5. dirtbikesrule

    A beginner that's almost...bored?

    Riding in 4th or 5th gear for along time can get boring fast. You need to find some technical trails with big hills or go to a MX track. I use to always wanna ride in 5th gear all the time flyin at 65mph but it gets boring fast. And riding with alot of people is fun to, the more the better.
  6. dirtbikesrule

    RC got his points back!!!

    I did lol, I just dont reply much lol. I already read about it on PT but it should be on all the dirtbike forums so its good to spread the word. Thanks!
  7. Now thats a truck! Full size all the way, I love that color to. Never seen one with that color before. Congrats on the new truck and have fun!
  8. dirtbikesrule

    props to maxxis

    Cool, sounds like fun. Im looking forward to seeing the video (if you make it).
  9. dirtbikesrule

    props to maxxis

    Sorry about double posting but is this you? It looks like your bike, there sweet pics! http://pingertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3738
  10. dirtbikesrule

    props to maxxis

    They do make a good tire!
  11. dirtbikesrule

    Question about 1997 Honda

    I cant help you with the gas issue but I just want to add that I have a 97CR250 and I love it in the woods. Its light and has pretty smooth power delivery, lots of fun in the woods!
  12. dirtbikesrule

    used 125's?

    Check the chain and sprockets out, try and rock the wheels back and forth to check for play, if there is any then the bearings need replaced($$). Check out the tires and just pretty much all the wear and tear items. Ask him when the last Top-end was done, if he dosent know then walk away. If you can drive through all the gears and check for any funny noises, If the clutch feels weak then either talk him down in the price or walk away. Check the air filter and if its dirty walk away. Thats all I can think of right know. If the guy seems suspicious walk away, dont just buy the first bike you find in your area make sure you get one you really want. Good luck!
  13. dirtbikesrule

    Quiet Pipes = Not As Cool!!

    Loud pipes have saved me from quiet a few wrecks, like when somebody else is coming down a hill or around the corner on a trail, I like to be able to hear people coming. I think about 98DB is loud enough, some people have obnoxiously loud pipes which is kinda dumb. Loud pipes do help in avoiding wrecks, its the truth and your just gonna have to accept it.
  14. dirtbikesrule

    Went riding for the first time on my new bike

    Nice bike!! If you dont mind my asking, how much did you pay for it?
  15. dirtbikesrule

    New Plastics and Graphics

    Yeah, I just figured you wanna change em because the little strings on the side are gettin kinda worn. The way you talked about those other tires made me think thats when YOU changed them.