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    Changing yz426 tranny gears, more enduro friendly

    Hey guys, i have been gone for a while, i am sorry for not being specific enough. I will try to explain. Evry gear has a mate in the trans. If you are changing the number of teeth on one gear, you ahve to change the other also.You basically have input and output gears. You will have to change all the gears in the trans to make it work, not just individual gears(1st, 5th ,etc.)Sorry for the vague description before, and I hope this helps a little. Dave
  2. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Anyone with a '99 do a top end yet?

    Guys, just remember that the cylinder is expensive!! A loose piston will hurt the cylinder, so make sure and do a compression check every couple months, when you see the compression start dropping replace the piston and rings. Also the crank pin on the 98 and 99 are smaller, and I have been hearing more and more of crank looseness at higher hour use. You don't want that to come apart, fix it first. My 2 cents Dave
  3. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Changing yz426 tranny gears, more enduro friendly

    THe problem is, you will have to change out ALL gears, and convert the YZ box to all WR ratios. The cluster gear is different in the 2 bikes, and the speed gears are not interchangable between the 2 clusters. I personally think it would be worth it to change the YZ ratios to WR ratios, because of the 1st gear, and the change in top speed. I do believe it would be quite expensive, however. Sorry for the bad news!! Dave
  4. Dave_VanBrocklin

    old question?

    I have to agree with Taffy, I am alot faster on my KX 250 than I was on my WR in the tight woods riding. The bikes(WR's) are heavy and have ALOT of torque on the bottom. YZ timing helps the motor issue, but the weight will kill you. Get out in the open however, and the bikes kick ASS!! they are dead stable and have power galore. If this was a perfect world I would have both bikes, but I would ride the KX in woods enduros.
  5. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Raptor 660 Transplant

    I own a Raptor, and the motors are VERY different. There is nothing similar to the 400/426 except valve numbers and water cooling. They are very similar to a motor used in a european bike(MZ I believe??).Sorry for the bad news dave
  6. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Ice Racing RULES!!!

    I tried my hand at ice racing(actually riding, I wouldn't call what I was doing racing!!) I have some friends that have finally talked me into trying it. I coughed up the 500.00 dollars plus for tires(OUCH!!!), rejetted, set the bike up my self, and gave it a try. I cannot believe the amount of traction you get out of studded tires on the ice, simply amazing!! I was dragging my pegs, because I was leaned over so far. My KX was an absolute rocket, but my buddies WR400 was MUCH easier to ride(A little thing called "engine braking")I HIGHLY recommend trying it, if any of you guys get a chance!! Take care !! Dave
  7. Dave_VanBrocklin


    Give your son my regard, and tell him to hang in there!! Take care!! Dave
  8. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin (where to ride)

    Hi, Welcome to the neighborhood. There are a few places to ride in our area. There is the Black River falls state forest(snowmobile,atv and mc trails. There are several MX tracks in the area.Aztalan(In Lake Mills WI),Byron(in Byron IL), and Lake geneva(in Lake Geneva WI). There are a couple riding parks also. Dyracuse(near Wisconsin Rapids WI), and Ottawa(in Ottawa IL). Then there is the Badlands Off road park, near Lafayette IN.I will keep you in mind when we plan a trip, maybe we can get together. There is ALOT of ice racing going on pretty soon, if you are interested. Take care, and if you have any questions(directions, or whatever)let me know. Dave
  9. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Is 13-1 compression to high?

    It will not be worth the money, in my opinion. Take a look at how many Yamaha MX team engines grenaded in the past. It is common knowledge that the WR and YZ get pretty short lived(Especially in the Crank and valve area) when heavily modded.Freshen up the motor, and leave it alone. If you want to up the compression for a little more grunt,that would be as far as I would go. Just ask some of these guys who have had to make repairs to their motors, and I am sure you will hear the same advice. Dave
  10. Dave_VanBrocklin

    miss all my goodies

    Taffy, Ive got to tell ya, I REALLY like my KX250. This is the first Kawasaki dirtbike I have owned, and I am quite impressed. The light weight factor really comes in handy, when riding the woods. I still miss the power of the WR, but I am not missing the rest of the bike. My kaw will out corner, and out brake my old WR, by a long shot. I rode a YZ250f and was impressed, but there is a noticable lack of grunt. I was also quite annoyed by the amount of engine braking the WR, and the YZ had. But, you know what, after all the whining about the WR, I KNOW I will own another one. They are unlike anything else I have ridden!!
  11. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Devol Radiator Guards

    I agree with the bent radiator. When I installed mine, I was sure I was sold YZ guards, but after I "adjusted" my radiators, they fit fine.Good Luck!! Dave
  12. Kevin, I have to let you know that I WHOLEHEARTEDLY endorse Dyno tuning. A local shop has a dyno, and I had my Banshee and my Raptor jetted on the dyno. There is no guess work involved, because the numbers don't lie. It isn't cheap, approximately 100.00 dollars plus parts, but it totally eliminates headaches. I could not believe the difference in my Banshee after being tuned. Not only was it more powerful, but MUCH more rideable. The goal of dyno tuning is rideablity, if you are looking for big numbers you won't be happy. If you ever make the move out here I can hook you up. Take care. dave
  13. Hey Taffy, I would definetly be up to a ride in the UK, I would rent a bike or whatever!! I miss the country!! I was over there when I was in the Army(Lakenheath and skolthorpe(?). We will have to talk this spring about getting something started. And by the way, I can get you a bike any time you decide to come over here. I would sure like to meet you in person!! Let me know what you think!! take care Dave
  14. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Oberg sports story

    Just to let you guys know,that FMF has a triple clamp blowout going on, I got a top clamp for 69.00 plus shipping, just go to their website, and order online. By the way, If I paint my Kawi blue, will you guys let me hangout??? Dave
  15. Dave_VanBrocklin

    Oberg sports story

    Hi Guys, I thought I would give you a heads up on my difficulties with this company. As some of you know I got a new bike a couple months ago(Sorry about the brand!!), and have noticed that Kawasaki triple clamps SUCK!! I was in the market for a new top clamp, and saw the ads and review for the oberg clamp. I really liked the adjustability of this clamp, so I decided to bite the bullet, and buy one. I called the number on their website, that was answered by what seemed to be a receptionist. She was definitely having a bad day by her tone on the phone. I was put on hold for about 5 minutes. She then got on the phone again, and said she had to transfer me to their distributor. I sat on hold again, until the phone was picked up by a gentleman on the "order line" at a different business. ( Sorry I didn't catch their name). I told him I wanted to order the triple clamp, and the optional tall bar risers. I was told by him that I couldn't order the parts that way. I would have to order the clamp with the standard rise bar clamp, and order ANOTHER set of risers seperately. I asked if I could special order the clamp the way I wanted." No, you cant" was the reply. I asked what the total price was for the items, and was given a 40 dollar higher price than the website, and they didn't have anything in stock.I said OK thanks, and before I could hang up, this guy slams the phone in my ear. I was kind of pissed, because I was really looking forward the new clamp.I waited a couple of days to cool down, and then wrote a letter to oberg sports.I told them that I wanted to buy the parts direct, because of the problems I had. About a week later I get a response. NOW GET THIS!! the customer service rep told me to go to my local dealer, and have them become a distributor, and I could order the parts form them instead!! Is that cheesy or what?? I decided to get a DIFFERENT BRAND, and let everybody I know in on the fact that Oberg sports are a bunch of jerks. They want a premium for their parts, but their service sucks!! Yeah, I want to go to my local dealer and ask them to be a distributor for this company.Give me a break!! Just thought you guys should know before you give them your hard earned cash!! Take care!! Dave