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  1. Update: I put the N3EJ needle in. 190 main, 55 pilot. 3rd clip seems to be the best. Only been able to test on the road. Lifts the front wheel up in 3rd gear without trying. Plug looked like it was burning good. But I noticed the timing was retarded a little to much. So I advanced it just a tad. Still runs great but now when I blurp the throttle from idle it has a slight lean bog. And the plug looks lean. Timing on plug looks right. What do you guys think?
  2. Ya there is no way my tach is right. Hell one time I hit 18,200 with it. There's no way. But I use it as a base line. So a 55 pilot and 190 main was the best it ran. It felt rich the whole time. I will try the N3EJ needle this weekend. What settings do you guys suggest I use?
  3. I just did the top end. I decarbonized the power valve. They work properly. I checked before I installed everything. The pipe isn't clogged. Silencer has a fairly fresh packing job. George told me if I go to high on the main it will actually lean it out. Going up on the main caused it to not rev as high. I would think the 125 would need a bigger main than a 300 with the STIC but I guess not. This thing is weird. I just got the new needle (N3EJ) today. I will do some testing this weekend. I'm going to order a #6 slide soon. Any ideas till I get the slide?
  4. The long donger is 28mm (ish) The PC shorty is 22.5mm (ish) The inner tube on the long donger is 10 inches The inner tube on the PC shorty (I cant really remember, it's been a while since I took them all apart to repack it) is like 5.5 inches
  5. It doesn't rev out like it should. And it feels and sounds like its rich. (I don't know how accurate my tach is because it blows my mind but its the same tach before the STIC and after, so at least it let's me see the difference) before the STIC I was running a 36mm Lectron. I would hit 14,400 every time no problem. Some times I could hit 16,200. (Like I daid I dont know how accurate this tach is cause that's just Insain) but now with the STIC I'm lucky to hit 13,500. I hit 13,600 once with a 55 pilot, 190 main, N3WK on the 2nd slot, AS 3 turns out. It pulls harder with the STIC for sure no doubt, it just doesn't feel right. I'm waiting on the new needle and slide but I want to ride it until I get those. It was a super hot day probably mid 90's and I'm about 5-600 feet above sea level
  6. Crap I dont know. I'll check when I get home. I made it from 2 fmf turbine cores. I took the turbine part out and just added to the inner core. My bike likes the longer silencer. I have a PC shorty and it falls on its face with it and splooges out the tip. The long donger let's it rev out more. Has more pull everywhere and no splooge comes out of the tip. I tried the shorty after reading this page. Same results. My bike likes the longer one
  7. Hey guys. I have the STIC in a 38mm. I've hurd and read a number of different ways to set it up. George says to run a 190 main, 55 pilot, #6 slide, AS 3-4 turns out and a N3EJ needle. Some of you are running smaller pilots and different needles. I currently have a N3WK needle and a #7 slide. Bike runs good nut it's not right. I've tried all kinds of pilot sizes, clip positions, main sizes. I'm chasing my tail with this. The best I got it to run is 55 pilot. 190 main, AS 3 turns out and clip in 2nd slot. Any advice till I get the N3EJ needle and #6 slide. Bikes a 07 cr125 *Bored 3mm 139cc *Head decked .042 squish *Case matched *Boyesen rad valve welded and ported to open it waaaaay up *PC pipe with custom long silencer
  8. Wait so the N3WK is the same thing as a N3EJ?
  9. Update: Took the bike to the track. It was good. Made a lot of power but it isn't perfect. I tried everything from going up and down on the pilot, man, needle clip. I just couldnt figure it out. I need to change the needle to a N3EJ and get a richer slide. More to come when I get those parts
  10. I tried that N3WK needle. Amazing. That was the secret to unlocking the beast. Do you know what bike it's from? I just had it laying around. I have no clue where it came from
  11. HOLY SHIT guys I think I figured it out. I put a 55 pilot in it. Dropped my main to a 190. I had a N3WK needle so I figured I'd try it out. It's a little thicker (leaner) than the N1EF I had in it so I dropped the clip to the middle. Air screw is at 3 turns out. I wasnt expecting a big difference, I mean it ran pretty damn good before. How much better could it get? Well I was wrong. I started it up. It was idling a little high. Makes since cause I have a leaner needle so I fixed that real fast. Pulled out of my barn to head to my field. I cracked the throttle and instantly the power hit like a &%$#@!ing mule, unexpectedly I pulled a 12 o'clock wheelie all the way to the field. I about shit myself. I think I did a little bit idk. Adrenaline started pumping. I went in the field and I couldn't believe it. This little bore bike pulls so hard I feel like I'm riding a 250 but the power hits harder and its lighter. I still cant believe it. The STIC is the real deal. Just absolutely CRAZY instant power. I cant wait to take it to the track now. Wow
  12. Low and mid is great. I had some lean bog at 3/4 throttle but I went up on my pilot and now its great. Keep in mine. My bike is by no means stock. I have a lot of work done to it so I cant say how it would work on a stock engine. I think there is still more to get out of it. When my needle shows up I will see what happens. I did some plug chops at WOT and it seems a little lean. I'm running a 205 main and 50 pilot. I did some asking around about that. I thought I would need to go up on the main even more. But it turns out going up on your main past a certain point will actually lean it out. I know sounds crazy but that's how the STIC works. Got to think outside the box with it. I guess I need to go down on my main and up on my pilot. More to come after this weekend
  13. My girlfriend (now wife) has a road bike, I wanted to spend more time with her so I sold it and bought a road bike. That bike was super sick. I wish I could find the guy that bought it and buy it back. O well
  14. Gotcha. I ordered the N3EJ. It's going on a 2007 cr125 that's all modded out. Running a 38mm PWK with the STIC metering block. With the N1EF it's running pretty good. Bikes a monster but according to everything I have read and people I have talked to. The N3EJ is a must have with the STIC. I thought maybe one of the needles I had would be close but I guess not. How do you read the OEM codes on the needle? What do digit indicate?
  15. I had a 02 with a 96 engine. Same engine design as a 01. It had a 2000-2001 dyno port exhaust. Thing was wicked. Wish I never sold it