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  1. This is awesome. Give me inspiration to build one for my wife. She's about 5.5 tall. Mu 250f is to big and heavy for her. I think this would be perfect
  2. So i took it out for a ride. Thing hauls ass. The little rubber tube made a big difference. Where there was lag before there is no more lag. I dont have to clutch it as much to get her screaming. The power kicks in sooner and before the powerband kicks in it has more throut or power. Super easy and super cheap mod. I suggest everyone with a cr125 does this. So worth it.
  3. Thanks man
  4. Well no one responded so i did the mod. Looks like it raised the valve up about 2/3mm. Im just guessing, cant measure it without taking the jug off. Looks like from full open to full closed its about 9/10mm. I hope it works. Ill update after tomorrows ride at baja acres
  5. Thx man. Ya i hope it feels good. Couldn't get the 04 shock to work. Well i could have but it would have cost to much money so i just revalved and sprung the 91 shock. Maybe one day ill get enough cash to rebuild the engine. Need to do everything on it. Probably cost 1000 bucks in parts. Do you know a good place that sells rebuilds kits for it? I cant seem to find a wrench rabbit kit for a bike this old
  6. Got it to a roller state in this pic. Updated suspension should feel a lot better than stock
  7. Thanks man. I will post pics when i get it done. Wont be for a long time. Bills suck. I forgot to say all those parts i put on (Besides the 96 tank) is from a 04 crf450. It will be a one of a kind bike when its done for sure
  8. What is this "clake" you all talk about Magura. Idk what clake is
  9. This is true. But its unreliable. My slave cylinder kept leaking. And they dont sell a rebuild kit for it. I got sick of buying a new slave every 20 hours
  10. Idk what this clutch throw is but as long as there is a little play in the cable the clutch will be fully engaged. If the hole is to far back the cable will rub the lever. Metal on metal isnt a good thing. This whole idea works off of leverage. Try it out
  11. I ended up doing this to mine. Got to be careful not to drill the hole to far back because the cable will contact the lever when pulling it. This pic kinda looks a little to far back but maybe not. Does make it easier to pull but idk about 30% maybe 10%
  12. I bought one. It works but i dont like it. It just doesnt feel right
  13. Hey guys. I have a 07 cr125 thats got some work done to it. Here's a short list -bored 3mm to a 139 -ported for broad power -case match ported -ported rad valve -head cut .040 squish -builds 190-200psi -i run 110 race gas 40:1 -36mm lectron carb Ive read somethings about putting a piece of rubber tube where my power valve actuator stops, allowing the PV not to fully close. Cant find any results on here. Has anyone done this? I think it advances my exhaust port timing when closed. Im hoping it will let the power hit sooner. Any advise would be great. Thanks
  14. Haha down shift motor. Good one. But for real, did it work?
  15. Did it work?