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  1. Braaaper121

    Custom pipe made in michigan?

    Hey everyone. Does anyone know a place in Michigan or maybe northern Ohio that can build me a custom pipe for my bike? I want to stroke my 125 and need a custom pipe to make it run right. Thanks in advance
  2. Braaaper121

    Kx Pipe on a 07 cr125 help?

    Hey guys. I've read a few things saying a kx pipe is the best for a cr125. -Does anyone know if this is really true or not? Suppose to be a longer pipe? -What year kx pipe would fit my 07? My bike is highly modified, any help would be great. Thanks in advance
  3. Braaaper121

    How to use a timing degree wheels

    Does anyone know how to set the timing on a 07 cr125?
  4. My honda cr 125/139 has the STIC. Revs to 14,400
  5. Would this work on a 125? Well otaku bored to a 139 but ya
  6. Braaaper121

    new airboot/ air intake???

    What is the power flow?
  7. Thanks. Maybe I'll get one for my 91
  8. Braaaper121

    Cr250 Frankenbike

    Best mod ever. STIC metering block. Feels like a bolted a supercharger on my bike.
  9. Braaaper121

    STIC metering block testing 17 300XC

    What are your settings? Mine made it feel like I bolting a supercharger on it
  10. That looks like a fun track. Where is it? What's it called
  11. Braaaper121

    2006 CR 250R Jetting Recommendation

    Ya those pics dont look good. Has to be jetting issue. Still could be the pipe though. Try a smaller diameter silencer. Or a longer one to give it more back pressure. And vis versa. Or screw it and buy a PWK carb or a lectron
  12. Braaaper121

    2006 CR 250R Jetting Recommendation

    Try a different silencer or pipe. Might not be getting enough scavenging. YouTube how a 2 stroke exhaust works. It will explain what I'm talking about.
  13. I have a 139cc cr. Have a #6 slide, N3EJ needle 2nd clip position, 55 pilot, 198 main. Airscrew 3.5 turns out. Runs amazing. I had a few needles. I measured all of them in 1/2 inch increments wrote it all down. Where it felt rich or lean I adjusted with a different needle. .01mm makes a big difference in the needle. Took me a while to get it right but man o man is it awesome
  14. Braaaper121

    What the heck causes this?

    Looks like your right crank seal is bad or you Need more scavenging. Not burning all the air/fuel charge. YouTube how a 2 stroke pipe works. It explains it better. Basically either wrong pipe set up or not enough back pressure. Or to much back pressure.
  15. Braaaper121

    38 PWK A/S in a 02 CR125

    Sounds like a lean bog. Try a #6 slide. Or a richer needle. Go back to around stock jetting. Screw the air/fuel screw (pilot screw) in all the way. If it doesn't choke the engine out with fuel you need a bigger pilot and vis versa. Also, measure all your needles with a mic at multiple points and write them all down. If your bike is rich at some point in the throttle, put a leaner/thicker needle where the rich spot is. And vis versa. When it comes to needle clip position. Hold the throttle at 1/8 (ish) open. If it revs to the moon it's to lean, raise your needle. If it gurgles Its to rich, lower your needle. Now the main, get on a uphill road or sand or something where there is a load on the engine. Hold that sucker wide open. Pull clutch in, keep WOT and push the kill switch till you stop. Check plug. Keep going up till it feels sluggish and then go back. Make sure plug looks right. Hope this helps