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  1. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    Something is telling me I should bring some extra change of clothes.......
  2. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    wow lots of great information ! Thanks for the great tips and pictures, one of the reasons why I choose a 2 stroke bike is that if anything happens in water, it would be easier to perform CPR on it!
  3. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    ahaha happned to me a few weeks ago, I had so much water inside that my Nikes looked like a sprinkler squiring out water when I walked lol Welcome to the club bro! ahaha
  4. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    ahaha I no longer have that bike!!! Time to get back to my Hydroplaning studies though, I got a pond to show who really is the boss!
  5. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    Awe jeez whiz guys! don't I feel special lol. I am away for work until the 11th but when I get back I will make some videos up and gear into Dirt Bike Ride! Any suggestions on where to mount the cameras on the bike??
  6. Screw the road, take the ditch 

  7. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    Thanks man!! My bike needs a flywheel weight and some other goodies! I did some enduro rides last summer that involved water and low speed, this is what happened:
  8. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    HAHA Thanks guys for reviving this thread. looks like I got a lot of explaining to do!! I have been rammed with work for the past little while and been away for far too long! Thanks for reminding me of why I go to work! its to enjoy my bike! and other stupid hobbies lol. I will get this done this summer! I have some work I want to do to the bike and once I find a suitable waterhole, you'll see an epic video of me rocketing across it! (well that is the plan) I am also working on my YouTube video's and you will see me doing this with lots of footage angles - 2 on the bike 1 on my helmet and one or two filming fro shore. Now the two cameras mounted on the bike where should I place them? any thoughts on that??? My Instagram is soupy_socks and my YouTube is HyperRide, I am in the process of fixing up a 1982 Dodge Power Ram so I can haul my bike to the water! Thanks for reviving this!!!! made my day!
  9. soupysocks

    Youtube Channels

    Here is my channel and Instagram links! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2UNzlBbE9fO1kSYmgKYvUw Instagram - hyperride83
  10. soupysocks

    Bumpy Creek Crossings

    Thanks guys, I do need a lot more seat time for sure, only way to improve. I plan on trying that creek again and will try those techniques!
  11. Hey Guys, I went out on a ride today with a few buddies, I ran into some troubles with a creek crossing that was not too deep, but bumpy. This was the 2nd time out this year on my Kx 250 (2nd time riding a 2 smoker) So I am not sure if its me or the bike or me not having enough time on the bike. I was told on many occasions I need a flywheel weight, in this situation, would it have helped? how do you guys handle creek and river crossings without getting soaking wet? Here is a video of the adventure:
  12. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    Hey Guys, Sorry for the loooooooooooong radio silence. Things have been going crazy here for me this year and it was a total bust. I was transferred to another Province for work, but in the end they kept sending me back up to my original area to work (was not part of the deal) that has kept me away for most of the summer and riding season. I did make a change though, I got a new job here in town and now I am working as a Logistics coordinator for company that deals in ATV's UTV's, Sleds, trailers and Argos, so with this change I will have my life back again. I only rode my kawi once, ended in a fail, my first time out. and while it was not the watercrossing action I intended this is all I got so far: The Bike needs adjusting to me and I plan on working on it in the next little while. I am going to be back on here regular, going to be bugging you guys a lot more ! sorry for the long delay and fail!
  13. soupysocks

    Time to tame the beast!

    Thanks ! I have been busy re-locating to a new Province and all, trying to get back in the game!
  14. soupysocks

    Time to tame the beast!

    Hey Guys, I have a few things that I need assistance with. Finally after a late start, I am going to jump into tuning and adjusting my Kx 250. It's a short list, but I need some direction on part #'s and where to buy this stuff. #1. FWW (Flywheel Weight) what size and where can I get one? #2. Lowering link. Can I get one for my bike and where would be the best place to get one? I am a shorter dude and need to lower this bad by a bit. #3. Lowering the seat. Any suggestions on how to go about it? I need to set it up for me to be more comfortable with and I am finding it a bit challenging! Thanks in advance! The Bike is a 2004 Kx 250 2 stroke. .
  15. soupysocks

    I've been challenged

    Well it spring is here and so is a new bike I got a month ago... I am riding a 2 stroke Kawasaki, its my first 2 stroke and a 250 at that, it has some bite that is for sure, high on my list is a flywheel weight. I moved down south to Alberta now so there are no excuses lol....I have to find a pond to do it on and not sure of one near by! If you want a good laugh this was me 2 weeks ago for the first time on my bike..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OAJhO73j_w jeeze after watching this again, I think I need a bit of work lol.