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  1. jmd426

    TWORIDE soft clutch springs.

    He has a set for the 2018 also
  2. jmd426

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

  3. jmd426

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    Agreed its more of a head game for some!
  4. jmd426

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    Unfortunately that didn't materialize. Call a good dealer that knows the facts or call TM, they can fill you in.
  5. jmd426

    Just picked up 2 Cannondales - advice needed

    Cannondale 440 riders on facebook is the place you need to be looking.
  6. jmd426

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    Im sure it will be for many
  7. jmd426

    2019 TM Motorcycles: what's new?

    counterbalanced 5 speed
  8. jmd426

    Endless Options I'm lost...

    Beta 2 or 4t will be a great choice IMO
  9. If your not going to use fork oil then your next best choices are Hydraulic AW22 5wt Hydraulic AW32 10wt Hydraulic AW46 15wt or -Atf, about a 7.5wt and the newest gm dex is closer to a 5wt
  10. There are much better options for the same or less money.
  11. jmd426

    2017 250rr suspension

    Great stuff use on my stainless smoker and other household crap
  12. jmd426

    Quick Fuel Disconnect O-ring

    Size it up with a caliper and order them for pennies on https://www.mcmaster.com/
  13. jmd426

    YZ 250 engine build

    100% Agree!
  14. jmd426

    2017 250rr suspension

    https://shop.advanceautoparts.com/p/wearever-brake-parts-cleaner-w7340/7040598-p?c3ch=PLA&c3nid=7040598-P&adtype=pla&gclid=Cj0KCQiArqPgBRCRARIsAPwlHoXv-Nz-NZOaQTN1ZhnWhq3ZZeNfg_5iryjBc6fRy1LVNxH128XIhSUaAnr5EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Try this, cheap and will not harm rubber,plastic,paint. Its more less rubbing alcohol, been using it for years with zero problems! Same formula is also available thru zep. Used to also get it thru misty products and next dimension but not sure if either of them are still areound Make sure its the w7340, they do make another version and its pretty nasty stuff that will eat paint and probably rubber.
  15. jmd426

    KDX Top End Kit

    OEM or pro x