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  1. jmd426

    450L on sale already

    The comments on the sticker are just silly
  2. jmd426

    450L on sale already

    Well that's getting closer i guess
  3. Its smart to dielectric all connections on these bikes!
  4. Aqua shield grease. You wont find a better grease for washout applications,
  5. jmd426

    Shinko Cheater vs IBEX video review

    I also run the 525 cheater, its my go to tire! Does well in rocks,roots,dry and even mud. Going to try the 505 this spring but from what ive read it doesn't do well in the mud but does better in pretty much all other terrain and holds up better than the 525. Probably have to stick to the 525 if the 505 ends up being as bad in the mud as some have said.
  6. jmd426

    MY 2019 Beta RR-S Thread

    Less time thinking more time riding!!
  7. jmd426

    2017 4 Stroke condenser and diode update

    For something that simple id laugh and tell him to get them in the mail asap!! absolutely unacceptable to expect you to drive 12hrs for something monkey could install
  8. jmd426

    New CRF450L - Modern DRZ?

    Buy a beta 500rs
  9. jmd426

    300RR power valve and spring discussion

    Pretty much
  10. jmd426

    300RR power valve and spring discussion

    It just runs out of threads when turned much past 3.5 turn in no big
  11. jmd426

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    Yep, As was I
  12. jmd426

    TPS Adjustment Tool

  13. jmd426

    Lectron TPS carbs coming

    Available with tps for the last year https://technologyelevatedco.com/product/363840mm-billet-smartcarb/
  14. jmd426

    Transmission oil question

    🤪It sure can be. It does well at wearing many hats
  15. jmd426

    Transmission oil question