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  1. Thanks, but I picked a Suzuki (factory, not Clymer or other) manual and it did indeed have the instructions for this fork. I guess it was a dumb question looking back but all the manuals I could find online did not show this fork so I was a little curious if I would be throwing money away. Thanks, all!
  2. Sorry for the late replies, guys. For some reason I was getting some sort of notification that my replies would need admin approval. But then when I replied here from my mobile , it went through just fine. Appreciate the feedback!
  3. Thank you! Rocky Mountain ATV videos doesn't have anything for this fork, though. The manuals I have found online, even though they claim it is for a 98, show the upside down forks. So I have been a little apprehensive about buying a print book. Maybe I'll just gampbell and get one. Thank you!
  4. I picked up a set of 1998 RM 125 Showa conventional forks in anticipation of another build project. I can't seem to find a how to on rebuilding these forks anywhere. The PDF manuals I have found online only show the upside down forks and the various threads in forums seem to wander all over the place and go into DRZ territory. Do the Clymer books show how to rebuild the conventional forks? I am familiar with KYB and Showa up upside down forks; will I just be able to figure these out with that experience or is there anything tricky? Also what is kind of interesting is that my fork caps are the slotted style as opposed to the hexagon nut. In the various online parts diagrams, I do not see this set up in any exploded views. Is it essentially the same as the hexagon nut version, only with the slotted cap? (See attached photos.) Any info would be greatly appreciated, thank you! And then if any of y'all have swapped these onto a steel frame YZ, chime in so I can pick your brain! Hahaha
  5. I should add that I believe these forks have NOT been revalved as the compression stack is peened. (haven't got to the base valve yet.)
  6. Hey all, newbie here. I've been reading this thread and am motivated to re-valve my '06 CRF450R. Before I get into my stats, one question- I've disassembled my forks and there is a fair bit of freeplay between the pressure spring and the resevoir piston. As in the spring is able to rattle up and down about 6mm. Is this normal? It seems so odd! I apologize if this is a basic question and has been covered. There is an ass load of tech here for this newbie to absorb and I might have missed it.
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