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  1. Don’t need to remove clutch cover , and even if you do , o ring is reusable.
  2. habs

    Drz power trip

    Got mine from the dealer last year , Suzuki Japan still has some .
  3. habs

    Trans Quebec Trail

    Yeah always check on the quad club website or the Fqcq . Usually they should be signs on the trail entrance if it’s closed .
  4. habs

    Trans Quebec Trail

    For your safety better check with the club if the trail is open , that trail is closed for the hunting season , you can check here (FQCQ) for open and closed Trails .
  5. https://www.suzukipartshouse.com/oemparts/a/suz/53fb51fb6d81f594647e4e22/clutch. The first plate should be a drive plate, not a driven plate . It shouldn’t be touching the washer .
  6. habs

    Random pics.

    And don’t forget to stay away from the Red Bull if you ride !
  7. habs

    drz regulator and stator

    Is it fixed ? would be nice to know what the problem was .
  8. habs

    Help with indentifying skidplate

    Moose and TT look the same , so you need this bracket https://www.denniskirk.com/moose/clamps-for-skid-plate-guide-plates-m209.p511206.prd/511206.sku
  9. habs

    Help with indentifying skidplate

    http://www.biohazardcycles.com/moose-racing-m446-aluminum-skid-plate-drz400-s- TT skid plate is cheaper.
  10. habs

    Help with indentifying skidplate

  11. habs

    drz regulator and stator

    No , no buzzing other than the one I’ve had in my head since I the day I turned 60 😬 . I’m no expert but your bike was running with the old stator , only not charging , you changed stator and it stopped running , so.....
  12. habs

    drz regulator and stator

    Never noticed the cdi buzzing , I’ll check tonight .
  13. habs

    drz regulator and stator

    No picture !
  14. habs

    Fork bleeding (air bleeders)

    Good then please post wish bleeders fit , I can’t find the right ones for the S .