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  1. I would start by checking how stretched it is and then take a decision, with 2 clicks on mine I’m hoping to do another 4000 miles. Take the pictures for Éric .
  2. I would pull the acct out and check how many clicks are left , i had 2 clicks left on a 10000 miles chain .
  3. Yes lithium, good to know , thanks , just in case the warming up technique does not work .
  4. So anybody tried jumpstarting or kick starting the battery tender when too cold to start on it’s own? Just got the 120 today .
  5. Couple guys where mentioning in this thread that the kick is no help if battery is completely dead , maybe I misunderstood , all clear now , thanks
  6. How did you start the bike ? I’m starting to think a kick is waste off time and money , better carry a battery pack , only time it’s useless is if you have a starter failure
  7. Yes I have a battery pack but stopped carrying it after installing the kick start , did not know kick is no help if the battery is completely dead.
  8. Any info on the cap ? would like to get one .
  9. So just in case I decide to do the fuse , where does it go ? on + or - wire ? 20 or 30 amps ?
  10. Lift front wheel from ground and spin hard , check for wooble , could be your tire is not sitting on rim all around or loose steering head , what you are experiencing is too intense to be just the tubliss .
  11. I didn't have access to my lap top yesterday , you don't have to thank me ,every single thing i know about the drz i learned right here , upgrades , mod , fixes , support , reliabellety , and not even talking about the money i saved . the DRZ without TT is only half the fun , THANK YOU .
  12. Sorry to mislead but in your post I thought you already removed the long swingarm bolt .
  13. cushion lever to frame , top bolt in picture .