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  1. I’m using the beacon , non gps version, not bad , it did die on me few years ago , they charged me 100 $ for a new one , that was before Garmin , it’s grate for peace off mind , no problem finding satellite but you need to be patient , up to 10 min sometimes .
  2. Oups sorry i thought it was upgraded like the counter shaft sprocket .
  3. OUPS , sorry , Trackmap in your area is 1-50000 SCALE , NOT GRATE .
  4. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=324503&parentpage=2 Left hand thread 101 pounds torque .
  5. https://www.trakmaps.com/en/products/gps/topo/
  6. No , if you zoom out too much you will loose detail but i always know where i am , you need to control you zooming . i understand your problem , thats why i trace my trail before leaving and stay on it , the pad is a grate idea , i also have carried one on some exploration trips . Trackmaps does have topo for your province but not with garmin , check it out , it has a lot off detail 1-20000 scale .http://www.fqmhr.qc.ca/en/trails/provincial-map/ heres some quad trails i often use , scale is 1-50000 here but 1-20000 on my gps , impossible to get lost , use 2 fingers on map .
  7. A 6 year old Garmin Oregon 400 series with track map topo Québec and quad Québec . Screen is small on the Oregon but it has never let me down . I need to trace my trail with Garmin base camp before leaving . If using the quad trail , they are already traced in 3 different Colors , you know exactly where you are and going .
  8. It was playing on radio this morning , but yes i am old . 😋
  9. Those look much stronger that the pvc and plastic fittings I used. Did you fab the round aluminium pieces yourself? I'm afraid that my plastic fittings will fail in time. Easy , 1” aluminum rod , paid 4 $ for 1foot , drilled 21/64 and tapp 1/8 npt , you can get drill bit and tapp as a kit for 10 $ or less (amazone ) I used a vise grip to hold and turn the tapp , don’t tapp too deep you want the fitting to seal you can also use Teflon or other sealent
  10. If you can't be with the one you love ( 16995$ ) love the one you're wiith
  11. Nice fittings , couldn’t find anything reasonably priced , did my own .
  12. Don't you have the RR-S in Canada? Yes the dual sport , not ~#%?€^} légal here , it is just next door in Ontario and BC I think .
  13. The beta 500 RR is another grate choice , unfortunately it’s street legal in most Canada but not here in Quebec . You did a nice job lowering you bike weight , under 300 I think , nice . For me the problem with those 12 or 13 k bikes is how long is your investment going to last, considering what you’re doing with the bike ( trail riding) .
  14. Don’t be shy to share your thoughts after your trip 🙂
  15. The price is the scary part , I’m having a hard time convincing myself to trail ride with a 13000 $ bike the way I do with the Drz .