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  1. I also noticed in cold weather you need to idle 5 minutes before getting a good level on stick and like Erik said, pick a method and a ground space and stick with it
  2. When you set your mixture you need to lower your rpm first (1350) or you won’t kill engine with screw all the way in .
  3. If it’s running grate why worry , running off the needle would probably get you a hanging idle.
  4. Yeah I never go over 1.8 l with filter change , but I think this week I might have over filed because off that check valve problem .
  5. This could maybe explain my counter shaft leak , I’ll drain and measer oil today and start working on it , thanks
  6. Ok , I guess just grab it with long nose pliers and pull ?
  7. Ok so Clymer doesn’t say how to pull it out , any tips ? Also , i know oil is going up in frame tank it’s just not staying there , is it ok to run engine ? Need to know if I damaged something . Thanks
  8. Ok found it in chapter six , clutch section .
  9. The 3.8 seat is for the Mx , no idea if it will fit your carb . Don’t know much about the slant
  10. Is that the Mx ? Where’s your plastic splash guard ?
  11. Sorry that was for Smack According to jd jetting the wr 400 2000 will also fit . That’s for the fcr 39 mx
  12. 99% it’s the 3.8 . I just installed last week the one from a Yamaha wr 426 2002 . Perfect fit , needle , seat , o ring , screen and little wire that hold the needle .
  13. Try removing black oil box and throttle cable from carb wheel for more tiltinng clearance and lay bike on ground , right side . Tilt to opposite side (left ) for needle removel
  14. I don’t know if this coul help but after setting float with tool , I like blowing air with my mouth in the fuel hose , at 9mm the valve should be 100 % sealed .