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  1. Honda28

    2006 ktm 250 sx-f

    i kno the owner and can get it for 3700 OTD, with promise of getting the next bike in future from him lmao! thanks man
  2. Honda28

    2006 ktm 250 sx-f

  3. unless u catch a ktm demo day u will never know... but to be honest at ur level of riding it would be a much smarter decision to get the bike off ur friend if it is indeed in solid condition. A good friend wuldnt sell ya junk IMO.. and u being handy is a definite plus... 2500 is a pretty solid price i mean yes it is an 06 but ull pay more than that for a newer 50sx... cant be to cheap ya kno.. u pay for what u get....
  4. Okay so I posted my original thread in the wrong ktm four stroke section But I found a brand new 06 ktm 250sxf here in PA.. and whats a good OTD price????
  5. Honda28

    2006 ktm 250 sx-f

  6. Found a brand new 2006 ktm 250sxf here in PA.. Whats a good OTD price??
  7. Honda28

    jd ignition

    yeah thats a dead end they have the communication ishh on there and they dont respond!
  8. Honda28

    jd ignition

    Does anyone know wher I can get an PC JD Race ignition for my kx250 2003>??
  9. Honda28

    2003 Kx250

    cool man let me know if u find the spacer I to am looking for it. Hey if you find it ill pay u via paypel to send me one lol im dead serious. I had a guy send me pipe spacers cuz i couldnt find them.. thnks:ride:
  10. Honda28

    How-To: 2003 KX 250 Powervalve Mod

    K im looking at the pictures but which one is the spacer in need ot replacing to a thinner size correct? can anyone provide a pic of it and where can I get this?... Also I kno on my 07 yz250 that i sold there was a pipe spacer mod. Would this work for the kx as well? puttin a spacer between the exhaust and wher it inserts into the engine?
  11. Honda28

    New kawasaki owner!

    I agree with u my friend I just picked up a 03 kx250 2stroke with 5 hrs on it. Cant think of a better bike and ive had em all.. GO KAWI!!! P.S THEY are gay for their stoping in production 2 strokes
  12. Honda28

    2003 Kx250

    Just picked up a 03 kx250 with 5 hrs since new 1 owner had it cooped up ina garage has PC jetting 1 tooth up on the rear sprocket and PC dog bones on the linkage and let me tell ya... Cant ask for a better bike. This is coming from a person whose recently owned a 07 yz250 2stroke as well as 08 ktm250 2 stroke both are sold.... This thing is cream of the crop. I believe ima keep this one and make me my factory bike including factory suspension etc... stay tuned for furthur mods!.... Going to be a replica of Eric Sorbies kx250 when he was on PC in 04
  13. Honda28

    brand new 01 rm 250 or 02 cr250 2stroke

    No they are both literally brand new the cr is brand spanken new and the rm has 1 hrs on it still hairs on stock tires i was amazed myself of the find.
  14. Have a chance to buy either but want to get the best one?
  15. Have a chance to buy either but want to get the best one?