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  1. Tried to messaged him about the stroker offset pin and big bore piston. The system won't allow messages to be sent to him, box must be full or something.
  2. I got lucky a week ago and came across someone selling the axle with the holder nut on ebay. Keep your eye out, and one should pop up. Or if you want a new one I just ran a dealer locator on part # 44320-KCY-670 and 2 dealers popped up as having one. Shoot me a PM and I can give you that info if you want it.
  3. I haven't yet, but can tell I'll need to do something once my chain stretches some more. I'll probably just add to the snail portion. I believe BTR welded another pin to the existing one.
  4. With what I did, no. Pretty sure if you weld on some extensions you would also need to extend the brake arm and possibly the brake stay. Maybe BTR can chime in on this.
  5. Rear disk conversion is in the works. You can see it in the background of a couple of the original pics hahaha.
  6. Chuck, thx for the heads up on the retainer. My inner plates are still there, just slotted as well. I had intended to use the plates on an older xr250r swing arm I have (those hooks are nice for servicing). However the mounting holes are different and I really don't want to drill any extra holes into that area. Now that I said it I think I'll weld those hooks onto the existing plates.
  7. Yeah, I figured all the older XR's were open ended. Even the 650 I was working on earlier today. It definetly makes swaping the rear wheel on and off easier haha. I'm building another bike from the ground up slowly, I'll most likely use your ideas for the longer swinger on that.
  8. I was messing around in the shop today. Finished lowering my buds xr650l and decided to go ahead and extend my swingarm just a tad. Was able to install a chain 2 links longer with this setup. Haven't gotten to ride it yet, with this crappy nor'easter were having probably won't get seat time till next weekend.
  9. While true, the shorter wheelbase helps with turning the difference between 54/55 and 56 would not be too detrimental to turning. Most modern bikes are around 58. I'm not sure what kind of races everyone else is doing but on the XC/harescrables I do here in VA/NC the courses get beat to crap. Sometimes the same course is used for years. I think having a little extra on the wheelbase could help some on the beat up sections. For reference an XR400 wheelbase is around 56. I will concede for tight ST, I would be just fine sticking with the stock wheelbase. PS the comment was intended for JeffRow68 as he races his 230 (you may as well, not sure)
  10. I'm surprised you haven't slotted your swing arm to allow for a slightly longer wheelbase. Haven't done mine yet either, but I hear the slightly longer wheelbase helps a ton in the rough stuff. It's on my winter list hahaha.
  11. man this is too funny. I've got the same setup in process. Had to shorten a left side wheel spacer. I need to machine (or grind) on the caliper bracket to make it fit as well as take a little off the brake stay on the swing arm. I'm going to be using a lhrb only though so am not setting up a pedal will just remove it.
  12. I see you joined the club. Welcome. What part of nc are you from?


  13. FWW isn't any option on the fuel injected bikes. You may find a heavier clutch basket for the same effect. I hear fuel mapping can bridge the gap similar to a FWW. Might want to look at something like the vortex ecu.
  14. if only Honda would offer this as a version..... http://www.redmoto.it/en/prodotto-moto/crf-300rx-enduro-2019/
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