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  1. jj

    another uk supermoto

    skooby looks good, i'm not that clear on the price of this setup, would i be right in saying £650ish for what you've got. and how long did you have to wait. cheers john.
  2. jj


    where abouts in the uk are you tom.
  3. jj

    milky oil.

    thanks tex's and it deffo smelt of petrol.
  4. jj

    milky oil.

    my bikes done a 1000 miles, and i look at the oil today and thought the head gasket had blown, but it smelt of petrol. i'm thinking bad news is on it's way. anyone help.
  5. jj

    s clocks

    has anyone got a pic of the s speedo.and can it be fitted on an e. thanks
  6. jj

    SuperMoto Magazine In The UK Yet???

    feb i think.fx how much where your wheels,and who da buy em off. cheers
  7. jj


    what model is the k2 a 2001 or 2002. thank you oh it's an E if that helps.
  8. jj

    2002 tail light

    the tail light on the drz e is l.e.d does anyone know where i can get one with the stop light in it aswell. be good if it was in the uk. thanks
  9. jj

    me e's come in!

    not posted here before,but have read most of it .having the big debate with meself ktm,drz,na ktm well suzi got me money,still got to wait 2 more days.nice christmas present though.think i made the right choice. thumpertalk help no end where would we be without it.
  10. jj

    why 6 gears?

    reason i ask is wonna put one on the road 520 exc,for a long time i've been looking at the drz,but i'm drawn back to the ktm every time[looks+performance].and from what you say about gear/box should'nt be a prob[town only]no long runs. anything you can think of that will really put me off is wellcome. thanks
  11. must be a good reason.why not have 5 and no weakness.
  12. jj

    Bad idea?

    keith if your looking to sell rims give me a shout. uk
  13. jj

    2002 YZ426FO???

    http://www.yamaha-motor.com/products/products.asp Bummer...
  14. http://www.flatlandracing.com/Odometer_Spacer65770.html JJ