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  1. soylent_green

    December Baja trip

    ed must not have wifi - we should have seen some pics of tacos or something by now haha hope you are having fun!
  2. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    7x finished youtube live for now edit: looks off again
  3. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    and tracking link http://score-international.com/2018baja1000/race/2018/src/livetracking.html
  4. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    weatherman channel http://mixlr.com/weatherman-mt-diablo/ fishgistics https://www.facebook.com/fishgistics todays live stream
  5. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    day 2
  6. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    contingency live Wednesday and Thursday
  7. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    score has been streaming some of the start / finish. they also should stream contingency. its pretty lame for most part. there is online tracking, so when those systems work good, which is never, you can follow bumps on a map. still kind of fun. they are streaming weatherman radio channel on race day - make a printout of cars / bikes and listen. some facebook sites like fishgistics usually have raceday updates and leader standings. individual teams will do updates. other than that... not sure if the highlight tv show still exists. if so, it will be in a month or 2 minimum, somewhere in the cable bottom below “espn the ocho”, and will be really lame. score app seems to be set up with the tracking
  8. soylent_green

    SUV or pickup

    trading in my wife's 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV 4x4 this week for a 2018 Ford F-150. We needed a dependable vehicle that can handle a lot of dirt fire-road stuff. There are only a few real SUVs, most are glorified station wagons that only belong on city streets. Truck crew cab back seat is roomier than any vehicle on the market, and the 2.7 ecoboost will get the mileage of any suv. Transmission going out on her on a dirt road in the middle of nowhere @50K miles was reason enough to dump the jeep. But with a 9K budget, that tough. Probably go with a truck anyway. only problem with trucks is an old guy thing - man the higher the truck bigger the bitch for us old guys to load our bikes.
  9. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    if anyone is interested, trophy truck guys are going to be reviewing the course this year on the facebooks live friday: "FishGistics Baja 1000 Course Preview Show. Friday 11/2 1PM PST LIVE at Baja HQ hosted by this guy (Cameron Steele) and Ryan Arciero! If you’re racing or spectating you aren’t gonna wanna miss this. Get your questions ready we will answer them live!" https://www.facebook.com/fishgistics/
  10. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    OfficiallySaturday oct 20 8am except to and from Ojos Negros. but you won't see a lot until closer to race date But according to Mexican press everything is on hold until Roger Norman pays plus or minus $20,000 fine ---
  11. soylent_green

    Baja 1000 2018

    FRIDAY, November 16 4:00am RACE START-Pro Moto, Pro Quads, Sportsman Quads,Sportsman Moto, TIME GAP –Approx.5-1/2hour gap between the last Moto/Quad start and first SCORE Trophy Truck 10:30am RACE START –All 4-Wheel Classes
  12. soylent_green

    Pirates cove

    I could be wrong, but I’ve never remembered seeing that place without the unfinished top floor. if they’re not going to finish it in the next decade, then slap a coat of paint on those bare blocks and call it finished. stop for lunch yeah, but I don’t think a lot of riders and off-roaders stay there. could be wrong. maybe it’s a good place, just kind of looks half finished with no plans of ever getting the work done. I personally think the food is just OK there
  13. soylent_green

    Cuatro Casas

    hey ed i rode by 4 casas friday. ive stopped before, but never really gone and checked it out. Richard the owner, gave us a quick tour. it is really nice. He has 10 private rooms with bathrooms that sleep three. Charges 70 bucks a night. The dorm rooms are $20 a person. Really clean. you can make arrangements with him, if you are a guest, for breakfast or dinner. I think it would be a good option for your group.
  14. soylent_green

    New Year's 2019

    current registration. Cross over only empty gas jugs.
  15. im thinking about getting an ADV bike maybe at the year for some fire roads and back road pavement, and keep the dirt bikes for dirt biking. any real life experience with the Royal Enfield Himalayan? Can't beat the price. 400cc. Local Triumph Dealer carries the Royal Enfield, but the Himalayan hasn't made it to his showroom yet (or at least when I stop in). https://royalenfield.com/motorcycles/himalayan/bike/