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  1. this is why so many people love ktm 200's including myself.
  2. Sub

    why quiet?

    I'm thinking troll, but you can't teach stupid.
  3. I think you need to give it more time than 1 ride..even more than a few rides. In the end though, if your longing for the big 4 stroke you will find reasons to dislike the 300. I'm a 2 stroke guy also, can't stand 4 strokes so it would be an easy decision for me. Good luck either way.
  4. Sub

    Top end questions, procedure, with pics

    right, that is what I was talking about. Ridge develops from the rings wearing below it. Very slight, but could feel it with my finger. Rest of cylinder looked in good shape. thanks..ran bike again for almost 3 hours today and runs great.
  5. Sub

    2 stroke EFI

    I don't care which way they go as far as performance, carbs work great and I'm sure efi will work great also on a 2 stroke. I would however like to be able to buy a newer bike in california that is green sticker, or maybe even be able to get a plate on it so I could ride to the trails. As for the Estart..I'm with dwight. If I'm ever forced to buy a 2 stroke with an estart, I will remove it like others have unused then reinstall if and when I decide to resell.
  6. Sub

    300 xc questions

    They are all great bikes for sure, I've ridden all three and I prefer a 200 over any other bike. It has to do with a few things, one I'm not a big guy at 5'9" and 155 lbs. I don't like being on my tippy toes..200 is perfect. 2nd, I like to ride a smaller bike closer to it's limit than to lug a bike around all day. I ride 2nd-3rd gear single track and there is no faster bike made than a 200 on this type of terrain. One thing I take issue with I guess is the statement that a 200 is a learning bike somehow. I'm a good rider, and I can handle a 300 no problem, it's just not as fun for me. To many people get caught up in how big the bike is, like it somehow makes them "hard" because they have a big bore. I hate to break it to ya, but it takes a better rider to ride a smaller bike than it does to ride a bigger bike..and you can see that is the case by listening to what everyone says about why they ride big bikes. As far as "having the power if you need it"..I've said this before..I would prefer to occasionally be a little short on power (never gonna happen on a 200 though) than to lug around a big bike for that rare occasion that it might make a difficult situation slightly easier. If you ride alot of open terrain, like desert, or high altitude or like has been said earlier and from what I've seen is the majority of riders these days..you have a fat ass, the 300 is the way to go!
  7. Sub

    Top end questions, procedure, with pics

    gmoss, do you have a slight ridge at the top of your cylinder? Is it normal to have less wear above where the rings would wear and still consider the cylinder to be in good condition? I just went through this putting together a 2000/2003 (cylinder is 2000, rest is 2003) engine in my 2000 200exc I just bought. I had a number 2 piston...very slight ridge above where the rings wore the cylinder. I've put 4+ hours on the bike since putting it back together and it runs strong, no problems..just wanted to hear other's opinions. I got opinions both way when locals looked at it. I do have to say I hate torque wrenches..twisted off a brand new bolt when tightening down the head. Luckily I was able to get a pair of grips on it and twist it out and I wasn't even near spec torque when it twisted off. Tightened by feel after that.
  8. Sub

    KTM 200 250 or 300

    I prefer the 200 over my previous 250sx and 300exc that I have ridden. If it came down to it, I would take any of the three over any other bike made but for my type of riding (2nd/3rd gear single track with occasional short climb) I prefer a smaller more nimble bike. I think everyone needs to post what type of terrain they ride and prefer, along with their HEIGHT and WEIGHT. I'm 5'9 and around 155 lbs. The 200 can do anything with me on board. If your 225 lbs, it's a different story and you may need the extra power of a 250/300. Also, as a bigger rider you don't notice the weight and height of the bike like a smaller rider does. I also prefer to rev a bike, rather than chug around 1-2 gears higher because I'm afraid my bike is gonna kill me if I don't. Unlike what a previous poster said, I would rather come up short on power every once in a great while and have a quick and nimble bike everywhere else..then lug around a heavier bike that doesn't handle as quick so when I hit that one tough spot I have a few extra ponies. What makes more sense? I ride for fun..If I was riding for cash then my choice might be different but I doubt it.
  9. I shipped mine in 2 tuperware like containers 1 inside the other. It was fine until fed ex sent it down their conveyer system. The constant 3 foot drops smashed the motor through the bottom of the containers. An ice chest is a much better idea. Fed Ex did cover the damage, but just to be safe maybe take some before pictures in case the same thing happpens.
  10. Sub

    best 2010 bike

    just pick a color and ride then..there will be no noticable difference between any of them for the average joe.
  11. Sub

    xc 200

    Have a friend that use to ride my 2006 200xc, 6'3 and 200 lbs.. no problem.
  12. don't over look the ktm 400/450 xcf/xcfw.
  13. Sub

    best 2010 bike

    If I had the option to buy a new bike this year, hands down it would be the 150xc. I ride 200's which are great, but I think this would be even more fun.
  14. The OP is coming off a ttr125..I think a 450 is overkill not only for that reason but look at his size. I agree 250f's are boring, but that has nothing to do with lap times. I think all 4 strokes are boring to be honest..they all feel like XR's to me. However, coming off the TTR the 250f is a huge jump and may get the job done for a few years. If it were me, I would buy a 125/150 or maybe even a ktm 200 and go have some fun. I'm with one of the other posters..I like a challenge and I'm not necessarily interested in what bike makes things the "easiest"...I have more fun trying to embarras guys on 450's with my little 200 2 stroke (125 is even more fun).
  15. attach an anchor to each fender to mimic the DRZ/