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  1. Uncle_Rich

    Kawasaki KFX 450 Rear Chain Guid

    Has anyone put a Motorcycle type rear chain guid on a KFX 450? or is ther a better way to protect the chain form coming off from sticks and stuff? Thanks Rich
  2. Uncle_Rich

    Header Wrap

    I've been doing mine for years I did it to keep the bike cooler, works great I got mine at Summit Racing http://www.summitracing.com/ Rich
  3. Uncle_Rich

    700 raptor fouling plugs help!

    Have you checked the obvious ? Too much oil on the oil filter and/or oil on the sensor Wire connection (sensors and grounds) Carbon build up in the spark arrestor Battery voltage Spark plug gap and condition of spark plug I like to do the Free or Cheep stuff first Rich
  4. Uncle_Rich

    warrior woes

    Do you have a stock pipe ? Did you ever take the spark arester out and clean the carbon out ? Rich
  5. Uncle_Rich

    50 Bucks to your Paypal account if you solve this

    It sounds to me like you need to raise the needle 1 notch Rich
  6. Uncle_Rich

    yz426 moves with clutch pulled in

    If your YZ426 is a 2000 you have to change the clutch actuaror arm to use that style inner clutch disk and metal plates Rich
  7. Uncle_Rich

    Good All Around Riding In and Around OH

    Crow Canyon great place to ride http://www.crowcanyonmx.com/ Rich
  8. Uncle_Rich

    Any Trails in Ohio??

    http://www.crowcanyonmx.com/ All kinds of riding, Trails, Harescramble track, MotoCross Track, etc Rich
  9. Uncle_Rich

    OHIO Winter riding

    Crow Canyon http://www.crowcanyonmx.com/ Great place to ride anytime, check their web page to see if their racing, you can call them to make sure they will be open for riding Rich
  10. Uncle_Rich

    Vavoline 10/40

    I've used Valvoline in everything for at lease 45 years with no oil related problems. ps: make sure you soak your fiber plates in oil overnight before you put them in. Each time you start your bike cold hold the clutch in for about 1 minute. Rich
  11. Uncle_Rich

    Sunoco racing fuel questions

    I use Sunoco Purple Works great bike runs cooler, better throttle response, starts good and even works good now at 10 deg.F Also about the same price ($3.89) Rich
  12. Uncle_Rich

    O/T: a 3D rendering of my kitchen upgrades..cool

    Yes the counter are all wrong They would be too slippery for working on your thumper motor It might slide off and land on the floor and dammage a case or something Rich
  13. Uncle_Rich

    Power loss from X-Ring chain?

    Check this out http://www.geocities.com/gtthunder.geo/testbed_set.html Rich
  14. Uncle_Rich

    OT pics of my shop

    Yes beautiful place Can I ride everthing? How fast is that tow motor? Rich
  15. Uncle_Rich

    Why I HATE quads!!!!!!

    I ride both and I've seen Morons on both it's not the machine its the rider I saw a guy that was so stoned that his stoned buddies helped him on his bike and started it for him and sent him off. Yes he crashed bad but luckly he didn't take anyone else out with him. If you want to keep riding places open then you need quad people too. There is power in numbers Rich