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  1. In my opinion the drilling of the holes in the drain plug are 100% necessary. This makes sure that cavity is full of fuel allowing the jets access to fuel consistently versus not consistently. It's easy to mark the holes, remove the plug, drill the holes, and reinstall. If you don't want to crimp the overflow tube, I don't think you need to. The filling the notch in the slide is necessary but also easy to make too large. Then you can't add the material back, ie- you need to buy a new slide. Maybe try just the needles and report back here. Do one thing at a time.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I re-read the posts and it makes sense now. AER cartridges will fit in open chamber, closed chamber, 4CS and Xplor. Just need the AER bottoming cups and the correct axle clamps for the axle you plan to use. Does the front caliper swap between all the axle clamps?
  3. If the Xplor cartridges are shorter than AER, the travel would be reduced. I would think this is not desirable. Why in your opinion is the Xplor upper and lower tubes better than AER?
  4. KTM753

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    What needle and clip position are you using? Pilot?
  5. I just purchased a set of 2018 300 XC AER cartridges on the cheap. My intension was to have a 2nd set to tune and make comparisons to my current setup. But, I got to wondering, would these cartridges fit in other WP fork tubes? Xplor ? 4CS? My 2007 Open Chambers I also have?
  6. It works because there is a small groove in the plug that allows fuel to pass around the circumference of the plug at the holes. You can machine or file this groove deeper to increase the ability of the fluid to migrate inside the plug. This is important because the main jet and associated parts draw fuel from this cavity.
  7. KTM753

    Jetting issues??Check your jet block gasket Keihin

    Glad you figured it out. Nice to find the root cause. The Mikuni TMX has the same problem. JD Jetting sells gaskets for both the Keihin and Mikuni. Here is a picture of the Mikuni gasket.
  8. KTM753

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    If you're looking for more from your Mikuni, here is a link to the Graham Jarvis Mikuni mods thread. I started this thread after reading about users on KTMTalk eluding to these modifications with good results. The drain plug holes are 100% necessary in my opinion.
  9. KTM753

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    Here is the link to the JD Jetting fix kit. https://jdjetting.com/product/jdmk05-mikuni-tmx-jet-block-kit/
  10. KTM753

    2019 KTM 300 XC Jetting

    Don't buy a Lectron or Smart Carb just yet (I have owned and used both). If your Mikuni is giving you inconsistent results, you should check the jet block gasket. See pictures below. JD Jetting is selling a replacement gasket for the block and the float needle also. Replace both. Even if your Mikuni is brand new. There is speculation that these carbs are old stock and the rubber has dried out giving similar issues to what you describe. There is a 50 page thread on KTMtalk.com forums regarding this issue and the results of fixing both. Large percentage all report inconsistencies are gone.
  11. Riki, glad we could help. Your English is very good.
  12. KTM753

    KTM 250 XC Piston chunked

    Warning: Don't believe every keyboard jockey on the internet. Especially ones telling you maintenance intervals you should expect. Regular inspection of your Piston and rings would have prevented this failure. My 2017 300XC needed a new connecting rod bearing and a crank rebuild at 100 hours. I measured the gap as outlined in the service manual and it was close to being out of spec. I sent it to Andrew Cooksey who confirmed crank runout was just barely in spec. I spent $200 to have it rebuilt. My new top end going in will outlast any hours a top end without rebuilding the crank would have. I had nikasil worn through near the left side exhaust port also. Sent the Cylinder to US Chrome and it's now good as new. All of this would have been missed if I hadn't inspected my engine and measured service intervals on crucial parts. But go ahead and believe what you want about how long a top end should last.
  13. Here is the TMX diagram from mikunioz.com. I think it's interesting to see all the holes in the drain plug. As Mikuni intended. I wonder if KTM deliberately left them out.
  14. Bravo. Excellent recovery. Pertainent info to this thread. I heard Jarvis would fly to USA with his forks, head, and carb. Put those three on a stock bike and competed that way.
  15. Thanks Captain Obvious!