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  1. hey everybody its been a while since ive visited this forum...i no longer have my yz125, but still ride my brothers 250f on occasion. Being the more mechanically inclined person in the family, I figure its time to rebuild the 250f. I did my 125 a few times, and could do 2 strokes blindfolded...not really saying much. I read the 2007 rebuild thread, and was just looking for a little more info. any good top end kits to go with. I remember wiseco used to make good stuff. and whats the deal with the timing chain. replace that or no. I guess ill go ahead and check the valve clearance while im in there, but im hoping we can keep this rebuild to around 250 or less. thanks
  2. also looking at the trail tech endurance kit. just want something simple that calculates distance and speed. will it come with everything i need or just the computer?
  3. hey everybody been a few years really, but im thinking about getting back into riding this summer. got into jeeps when i started driving, and the bike started to sit. ive got an 04 125, with a lot of mods already done. its been ported, polished, head/base milling, boyesen reeds, procircuit pipe, blah blah. anyways, im going to rebuild the motor this summer. ive already done it once, and im pretty mechanically inclined, so i dont really need a write up on how to do it, just something with torque specs, and maybe a guide just so i dont screw anything up. also, i really want to put a light on it. i see trail-tech makes a battery for their headlight, but it isn't rechargeable. the battery for their helmet systems is rechargeable though. would i be able to run that with a headlight. if not, anybody got any ideas on how i could do this thanks
  4. ttr125lerider

    rebuilding a 250f....questions

    sounds easy enough. wheres the best place/brand to buy feeler guages. ive heard promotion, but cant seem to find them anywhere?
  5. ttr125lerider

    rebuilding a 250f....questions

    sounds good..ive got the torque wrench already also to check the valve clearances to i have to pull the head, or is there any way of knowing if he needs valves before i start the rebuild thanks
  6. hey everybody shop wants to charge around 1200 to rebuild my brothers 06 250f. it had the valves replaced for the recall, and i think it may have only been shimmed once since then. the bike doesn't have all that many hours on it, so i dont see why the shop believes he needs a full rebuild. id consider myself pretty mechanical. more of a jeep guy, but ive rebuild a couple 125s before....yea, the whole 4 stroke thing is a little more(quite a bit more) complicated, but i think i can do it, and save him some money so for beginners, whats a good rebuild kit that i should go for. i did a quick look on rockymountainmc and saw a piston, wristpin, rings, and clips for around 150. but itll still need gaskets, and probably a shim kit. also tool wise, ive got a pretty good tool collection, but i know i dont have feeler guages. any other specialized tools id need? do i need to replace the cam chain, or no? also any good write ups around here that i can read. i saw one on dirtrider.net that was pretty good
  7. ttr125lerider

    More bottom end for YZ85?

    reeds helped, along with pipe and motorwork on my 125
  8. ttr125lerider

    Just got my new bike PICS!!

    Ya what pic are u talking about???
  9. ttr125lerider

    Just got my new bike PICS!!

    Thanks guys. Im in love with it. Me and my bro dragged raced after a good break in. Well it was not to much of a drag race really. I only got to 4 gear before i looked back and he was way back there. now i see why these bikes rule the motocross. I would have gotten some pics today but the freakin rain got in the way. And when me and my bro were draggin he said that thing would throw some rocks.
  10. ttr125lerider

    Just got my new bike PICS!!

    Sorry i didnt switch SN's this is yz250frider1322
  11. http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/20112434977.jpg&s=f10 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/20112430486.jpg&s=f10 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/20112420667.jpg&s=f10 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/20112405631.jpg&s=f10 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/20112395059.jpg&s=f10 http://putfile.com/pic.php?pic=main/7/20112370394.jpg&s=f10 enjoy.
  12. ttr125lerider

    yellow or blue

    yellow for sure..my brother just got the 50th anniversary one and it is AWESOME
  13. ttr125lerider

    3rd Annual TT Hillbilly Trail Ride Announcement

    Im going with dirtkid. I think it is going to be a blast. Hope to see all of yall there.
  14. ttr125lerider

    It's Gone!!!!

    yea.. could somebody give me a reply on the oil pressure check.. this is yz250friders brother, and im breaking it in for him..but im lost on the oil pressure check..check the oil level..or oil pressure??
  15. ttr125lerider

    need as much yz250f info as possible

    well the dealer were buying this bike from has been the dealer weve done all our business with, and though we rarely have to take bikes to them for any repairs, the ones i havn't been able to handle theyve done great jobs with, so im very confident theyll do it right. ive never worked on a 4-stroke like this before, so im not going to tear into the head immediately...thanks for that info though