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  1. I thought mine looked low[emoji12]
  2. Padilen

    So tell me about the yamaha IT

    I've found a replacement for my IT's. It's current, inexpensive, and can be street legalized. The GPX TSE250R. Or in my case The GPX IT230R[emoji41]
  3. Padilen

    Been sitting.......

    Just curious if you've tried bump starting. Someone has to know how to check the stator.
  4. The TW is about 40lbs lighter. When I had the DRZ, I too wanted to try SM wheels, and other mods. I just couldn't spend that. I did the lowering link / shaved seat. Figured if I liked the bike I'd spend money for a true lowering. When I got stuck on wanting a 2 stroke. I was glad my DRZ could be swapped back to stock quickly. Which is what happened, the guy that bought it was over 6'. Was funny when he test rode it lowered.
  5. The difference is more than seat height. The DRZ is top heavy, the TW feels balanced. I've owned a DRZ that I lowered. I never felt comfortable off road on it. Gearing is taller, top heavy less stable. The TW200 is a confidence builder. Low, slow and stable. I bought my TW because of my health issues. Had health improvements, and bought a DRZ400. But I kept the TW! I've sold the DRZ because of that top heavy feeling. I've now got a 2stroke, as that's what's been missing. But I will probably be forced back to my TW and the TSE will go. I'm not hating on the DRZ, I liked mine for DS riding. I'd have one again if I could afford 3 bikes.
  6. A. Brake Lines - 4 B. Brake Pads - 2 C. Brake Rotors - 2
  7. Padilen

    Broken Fibula - Autograft or allograft?

    Are you referring to my pics of my ankle fusion ? Yes my fibula is CUT.
  8. Padilen

    What to do?

    Isn't arthritis an auto immune disease?
  9. Padilen

    Old man WR250Z 1995, rebuild, many questions

    Japanese bike in Russia (?), By way of Canada (per sticker on stem). That's a well traveled bike!
  10. Padilen

    What to do?

    I have some issues, arthritis, and I'm older. My back has numerous issues. I knew I wanted to keep riding. Sold my street bike and went back to DS. Because I'm short and with my back issues. I bought a "low" bike. On the day's I could ride, I crawled on to my bike. When others saw me they'd laugh out loud ! I didn't care, I was "doing", living life not watching it go by. I've had a lot of health improvements, so I've bought different bikes. But kept that DS. It has more meaning than as something to ride. While I have this "need" to ride. It's not the only thing that brings me joy. My pets rate higher. While it will be hard, when I'm no longer able to ride. I know it will happen. So I'm enjoying what I have.
  11. Padilen

    Seat problems

    Aren't they glued? Can you post how it works out for you - please! I don't have a KTM, or Husqvarna mine is a GPX. Frame is similar to the Husqvarna TE. EE is a much better value than SC. And since I'm in Michigan I like the idea of a Michigan company. Thanks
  12. Padilen

    Stuck (?) Fork tubes? 06 DRZ400S

  13. Padilen

    Stuck (?) Fork tubes? 06 DRZ400S

    There are adjustable kickstands, available too. I guess if you swap dirt/SM wheels they'd be a good choice. You can cut down stock to match how much you lowered. SM kickstand was perfect for my 2" lowering.
  14. What would it cost to buy your DRZ400sm kickstand and ship it to California?  I'm in no rush.


  15. Padilen

    17 + graphics

    Mines not a Husqvarna, I have a GPX TSE250R. But I just got Acerbis full light blue plastics kit off eBay. I got a $15.00 off from eBay, so kit was $95.00. Its not installed, just hung it on to get pics to see what rear fender I'll use. Now I have a GPX IT230 [emoji23]