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    The piles of logs are about 1/3 of the damage, in the sugar bush. The racks of split and pile of 3' logs to be split are for spring 2019 boil. Approximately 1/2 of the damage was to maples. Many runs of sap lines broke, mains, and even one manifold got taking out too. I'm 3/4 done marking damage. Jim's 1/3 of the way done with tree removal. But the new log winch, broke. He thought he caused the failure, but took pics per manufacturer request. And the part that failed has a void in the casting. They are replacing it free of charge. He wouldn't be 1/3 done had he not finally bought a winch. Been talking about since I've met him, which was in 2004!
  2. Padilen


    Never can predict our weather. We had everything today, rain, sleet, snow, sun, wind, high winds, clouds. High temp claimed 41°- I had 39° wind chill aka feels like, temp was 31° based on that 41°. But we've had near 80° on Halloween .
  3. Padilen

    Wife bike suggestions

    Just an example of height and inseam not corresponding with that theory.https://www.scienceabc.com/sports/michael-phelps-height-arms-torso-arm-span-feet-swimming.html
  4. Padilen

    Bike stolen =-(

    Wow! Im older, but can relate to wanting fields and woods! I grew up in a Village, not town or city. One of the biggest farms sold, subdivide and subdivisions built. Then it was a city. All the farms, orchards, and farm land became subdivisions. The old sections of the village became Historical. The gravel pits became lakes with multi million dollar homes. Completely different mind set of residence. Old Town people were "low class" and "uneducated". I left, I couldn't afford housing. Moved to another area with villages not Cities. Small towns you get gossip, that's the worst you get. 20 miles away you get the big City mentality- in a small very little, City! Green Acres, is the place for me! Your probably to young to know that. Green Acres https://g.co/kgs/HcEZHp
  5. Padilen

    Wife bike suggestions

    I keep repeating this. It's the inseam measurement. Not how tall one is. Keep the XTrainer, if she wants it. Lower it, tame, make it scream, its what ever she wants. Her bike for her!
  6. Padilen

    Yamaha TW200

    Yes. The TW200 forum. https://www.tw200forum.com Um no disappointment. Does it have limitations, yes, as do most bikes.
  7. Padilen


    While I would like an American bike, not electric! But that's not going to happen. Those that "fear" the GPX because it's made in China. Have they looked at almost every product in their home? I was at Home Ripoff, even wood - or I guess man made wood products are coming from China. The light bulbs, the fans, gloves, I bought all say made in China. I've even noticed made in China on garbage bags! Washers, dryers, microwaves, made in China but designed and assembled in USA. Small generators, China. Bigger maybe to but mine are old and all USA parts, design and assembly. Then there are those that hate that China, and the GPX is "ripping off, intelligent design of others". While I'm not sure about Husqvarna, the motor is Yamaha licensed. Since companies like PolySport, R tech, Acerbis, make plastic that match stock. All balls and others make bearings. I wonder if manufacturers care. Perhaps they take in enough by over charging for new models. I just want to mention, that often complete US factories are moved over seas. Of course building and employees stay here, empty and unemployed. My friends father was a consultant that would be hired to close a factory, then go over seas, to set it back up. He'd start by learning the factory, from all aspects. His contracts were usually 2-5 years. Then he supervise the shut down and shipping of equipment. Arrive at new facility, supervise the equipment being setup according to his recommendation. He'd stay until the factory was back to productivity. He made lots of money, companies spent a lot of money- he had all expenses paid. Home, travel - including back to USA, how ever many times he had in his contract. He has said, that some of these factories were just as profitable, in the US. So it wasn't about, labor costs here in US, nor quality.
  8. Padilen


    I'm a GPX TSE250R, owner. I bought mine unassembled. You can get them assembled. I was the fault for lack of anti freeze/coolant. I had anti freeze/coolant to put in. I was having an issue with my brain. I'd have told anyone that asked I'd done it. I was convinced I did. My brain blocked the 2 pints sitting on my work bench. I have a brain function issue occasionally. We joke and say CRS, while I have that too, that's not what I experience. Sucks, but I got my bike fixed, didn't cost a lot. Glad it wasn't a 4 stroke. My start button works fine. My air filter looks fine, seems to fit correctly. Gas cap sucks, but I've found comments on other brands of bikes with same or similar issues. Speedo isn't great. Some have reported failure. Mine is functionalish, I need something better/bigger MPH numbers. They lack owners manual and /or service manual. Parts - appears I'm the only one with an issue there. And I still haven't heard about mine. No direct fit spark arrestor- this needs priority-ASAP, in my opinion. Gas tank is small, for off-road- another priority, in my opinion. But RMATVMC, has added them to their site. There are some company's making specific parts for them. I've read Bill's pipes is one. I sent info on the bike with requests to a couple places. Neither responded, back. Is its quality equal to my other bikes? Almost, but a few things need more attention. Is it worth asking price. Depends on who you ask. Id say yes. Based on what other new bikes cost. Many I don't think are worth their asking prices. Compared to my DRZ, which I really liked. I lacked confidence to take it off road. It seemed top heavy. My TSE250R doesn't, even with all the DS stuff on it. One is a 229cc bike with about 40hp, one was a 399cc bike with 39hp. As a DS, my DRZ was much better. I liked how I had mounted my saddle bags. And could get groceries with it. I liked it's road manners. Power, gearing and speed, & smooth. The TSE, can do DS. It lacks gearing, speed, & smoothess, it has the power. I feel somewhat comfortable off-road, even with the to tall seat height. I had to try the TSE250R, just as I had to try the DRZ. I need funds to add a DRZ back in my pole barn. Start a go fund me [emoji857]. Id do most of my DS ing with it. My TW is my little fun bike, and my balance bike. The, TSE does what I can't do on the other two. 2 STROKES RULE, but 3 bikes are the correct amount of bikes.
  9. Padilen

    2019 WR450F & 250F ???

  10. Padilen

    Kdx220 questions

    The GPX FSE & TSE250R can be plated. I have a TSE, and it's better than my IT's. Had a friend test ride and he liked it more than his KDX200.
  11. Padilen

    What did you do to your DRZ400 today?

    I did custom for my TSE.
  12. Padilen


    Absolutely. But my friend isn't sure I did. He thinks there had to be something in those radiators. And that head gasket was bad. Since I never "really" looked I don't know. But there was a bad spot on head gasket. I have no way of knowing if it was there or I caused it. Since he was the one that noticed it leaking. He suggested checking head bolt tightness. We did find one verily loose, and all need to be snugged. But again this could have been from heat. I do know it never smelled hot, and ran fine.I lost some sleep over it. Because of bike and my issue. I've had episodes before, and know what's usually the cause. This time I don't. I did find mold and mildew in my house. But Dr didn't think I had sinus infection, just irritated. Heart has been fluttering, but test don't show much for concern. I think, I'm drinking to much caffeine, to stimulate my head/thoughts. Which is then causing heart flutter. I'm going to try less caffeine.
  13. Padilen

    China trying to step it up

    There supposed a billet available. I'm waiting on the bigger tank, and I'll get a cap then.
  14. Padilen

    China trying to step it up

    My gas cap does suck. My filter cage seems ok.
  15. Padilen

    China trying to step it up

    Yes, just like most oil injection bikes. But nobody has reported an issue with it over heating. Did you see the RMATVMC review. He added a gauge and never noticed high temps.