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  1. Just thought i would pass this along. i was wondering if i bought a scotts stabilizer for my ninja 636 if i could use it on my honda crf 450x. Here is the reply from Scotts. I think i might have to buy 2 stabilizers. Answer: Scotts manufactures 2 different stabilizers, a road bike version and an off-road version. Both units share the same physical size and appearance, the main differences are in the valving design. Below is a very brief description of the differences between the 2 styles. The off-road damper is a non-rebound stabilizer, which means, as it sweeps away from center it has damping but the moment it changes direction back toward center the damping is free until it reaches center again, hence the term non-rebound or free-rebound. This was an important development in the off-road damper and is what makes our damper work so well. It's design is to allow the rider to correct for constant slides associated with off-roading while not fighting with the damping forces back to center. It's a serious advantage for the off-road rider. This feature helps prevent the common syndrome known as arm pump. Our stabilizer is the only one made with this feature. The road bike damper design requires a totally different function and therefore is a rebound damper. A road bike is primarily leaned, not steered, and the damping forces need to be absorbed in both directions to maintain constant stability, due to the nature of the energy needing to be absorbed. Can they be interchanged? Yes. Are you receiving all the advantages you could by using the off road unit on a road bike application or vice versa? No. Is there a big difference? That is an individual opinion. Using your dirt bike damper on your road bike would still be a vast improvement over no damper at all and the same goes for using a road bike damper on a dirt bike. Some customers who have tried switching from one to the other say, they feel no difference. Others claim there is a huge difference. So you see, it's truly personal preference. There are other internal differences between the 2 stabilizers which would take a lot longer to explain. The best bet is always to use the right damper for the right application. However, we could not tell you that they don't work when switched for the other application, it's just that they work better when used as designed for the right application. There are always specific applications that might favor one type or the other depending on the situation. We make our suggestions based on our testing and what the majority of our customer base prefers. You have the option to specify whichever unit you prefer when ordering. Thank You, Jake Scotts Performance 818-248-6747
  2. 03Cobra

    NooB Owner, Need advice..

    if you dont see much ranger action you might think about yanking the emissions and put the block off kit...or...JB Weld and leave it in. do a search here for the how to
  3. 03Cobra


    while you are at it do a search for paddle tire and the extra link or smaller rear sprocket change. there will be decisions you will have to make.
  4. 03Cobra

    newbie here...straightline instability?

    one observation about turning in deep sand. originally i had an 8 cup sand snake on my rear. it didnt last a season. bike likes to shred the cups. so i bought a skat trak 10 cup. with the 8 cup i was able to get more of a rear slide in tight deep turns. with the 10 cup it likes to bite deeper and i dont get much of a controled slide in the turn. i think 99% is my technique but i did notice a turning change. it is only my 2nd ride on the tire. i was told i need to nail the throttle a little more in the turn. still a change nonetheless. i do notice a lot more torqier uphill runs in thick sand.
  5. 03Cobra

    newbie here...straightline instability?

    try running it on sand....gets your blood pumping when your front wheels try to go sideways on ya at WOT. PS...i am glad Buffalo at least scored.
  6. 03Cobra

    TRX 400ex ported to 425cc

    maybe jeff should be "de-ported" for "boring" his tractor out LOL just up the jetting jeff till you find the right combo. even if you get your jetting on..i will still smoke you on test hill! get your tractor ready for tday!
  7. 03Cobra

    Radiator Guards Braces etc...

    you dont really need any of this stuff in Glamis and Gordons well. Corral Canyon and Superstition...i would say you need it all. nothing like doing the trail around superstition and your buddy in front of you kicks up golfball size rocks into the front of your bike.
  8. 03Cobra

    450X and the DUNES!!!!

    hey sccrt450, is that a skat trak tire? the predator? i just ordered a 10 cup hooker. i keep eating up those cheap chinese paddle tires.
  9. 03Cobra

    450X and the DUNES!!!!

    i love my 450x at gordons well. went down on the rear instead of the extra link. dont forget to put on a flag mount. pain in the butt to figure out what to do once you are there. bought a billet mount from Fun Bike Center for about $36. nice looking and sturdy. my 450 ate up a cheap chinese 8 cup paddle. should be getting my skat trak hooker 10 cup thursday. these tires are pretty nice.
  10. 03Cobra

    Yoshi on clerance!! I got one!

    man! they are closed for the day. i should have read thumper talk this AM. that looks like a great deal.
  11. 03Cobra

    unusual chain wear

    hast hit metal yet. did groove the plastic nicely.
  12. 03Cobra

    unusual chain wear

    i only changed rear sprocket by the way
  13. 03Cobra

    unusual chain wear

    ahah! yes i did drop a tooth to accomodate the paddle. so i need to shim something. i will search on that. thanks!
  14. 03Cobra

    unusual chain wear

    when i say inside..i mean the edge touching the chain guide. the round part of the chain link is getting flat. 1 year of riding.
  15. 03Cobra

    unusual chain wear

    has anyone had a situation where your chain is wearing flat on the inside of the chain? just noticed it the other day. kind of wierd. i have a paddle tire on a 06 450X. chain isnt too tight.