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  1. motumatai

    25 years old spark plug - regap or replace?

    If you do replace it, be very careful how you insert it, or the bike may die of shock from receiving a new part!!! Me, my 1978 2 stroke dirt bike gets a new spark plug every 10 years whether it needs it or not😆
  2. motumatai

    KYB SSS Forks on Beta 300RR

    I found out the hard way that 2010 was the change over year for kybs on yz250's. I have a pair of 2009's on my Beta 3 hundy, and they needed to have machined off the 2mm on dia. on the top triple clamp surface. Then buy the Braking POW hanger for the caliper (again you need to check the year as there are two different sizes) and then machine up some axle spacers that are slightly longer than the normal ones, so they centralise the bearing spacer while having a smaller dia axle in there, and machined to keep the brake disc in the right location. Remember that its the left hand spacer thickness that changes the location of the brake rotor. The right hand one just needs to fill the space left over. So happy with my kyb's. So flexible and built superbly. But also happy with the sachs shock on the rear. 2014 and no quality issues with it at all.
  3. motumatai

    A, B OR C piston

    As the saying goes, you can never have too much oil:) Not recommended practise, but I have a 2 stroke manufactured Dec 1978 running mechanical oil injection, with the injection wound up so much I can get to the top of the farm and look back and see where I have been riding for the last km! Original piston, original rings. I have owned the bike for the last 35 years, so know its NEVER been touched. Try that on 80:1 😆
  4. motumatai

    A, B OR C piston

    I'm with GP on this one. I was a fitter turner once, and even then, with the right gear, you need to be measuring stuff daily to be able to get a meaningful measurement when dealing with such tiny differences in internal diameter. Outside diameter dimensions are a lot easier to get right with a bit of practise. It will also depend on what sort of riding you do. I ride for fun, not to race, and ride gnarly single track mostly, and I left changing my original piston to 244 hours, and the bore was still in pristine condition. Just went up one size. At 180 hours-ish I did feel the power dropping off a touch, but the bike still had 165 psi compression cold the morning I stripped her down:) If you race or are super competitive, sure, change the piston at the recommended intervals. Otherwise think about spending more time riding and less time pulling her to pieces unless absolutely necessary.
  5. motumatai

    2018 beta 300rr transmission locked up

    You'll be fine once the dealership have got to the bottom of things. There are countless Beta riders here on TT that have just ridden the snot out of their bikes from new and they are still going strong hundreds of hours later with zero failures. Best move I have made in the last 30 years of bike riding was buying a Beta 300👍
  6. motumatai

    Replacement brake rotor?

    My 2014 RR300 is on 320 hours and original stock rotors front and rear, and I ride in STEEP country. I have smartened them up with a flapper disc to take the bulge off the top of the waves. OK, measured both and they are both a tad below minimum spec, but still work fine, and have not bent on the numerous rocks I hit🤩 If yours have worn out that fast possibly you need one of those solid rear discs the guys who ride in lots of mud use. Dirt tricks make them I think.
  7. motumatai

    Dual map switch

    2014 RR300. map switch is very useful. Ride on the aggressive map for the morning and then when tired in the afternoon I can throttle it back onto the tame setting. That, plus I drilled a hole in the skid plate so I can slide a 6mm allen key through and wind the power valve in a couple of turns in about 10 seconds. The allen key lives in a piece of rubber tubing up on the bark busters, and I have changed all 8mm bolts to 6mm cap screws so I can take the tank off, or the side covers (where my bike pump and repair gear is stashed) with no other tools. 60 years old riding for 8-9 hour days, its VERY useful:) Young pups may not need it
  8. motumatai

    Billet pipe coupler?

    I would think that the use of that anodised aluminium coupler may lead to increased wear somewhere along the line, as its unable to soak up vibrations and miss alignment like the rubber coupler. Zip ties have always worked well for me, and are so simple. Just a thought?
  9. I machined up a set of KYB's from an 09 YZ250 to fit my RR300. I got the year wrong by one year, and ended up with 32mm offset for the front axle. I wouldn't say its spooky, but even my untrained mind could feel it wasn't as planted at speed as the original Zokes @35mm offset. But in my favourite terrain of steep gnarly singletrack, the KYB's now outshine the Zokes. Plus at 20 hours the fork oil comes out looking like brand new oil😃, not the used diesel engine oil look of the Zoke forks😩
  10. motumatai

    Boano Beta 300RR Six Days Edition

    Small world. Yep, we overlapped. I rotated out in May 1991. I was the Force Remote Sites Engineer. A friend just came back from there. Massive changes since we were serving there. No more Pizza Thursdays in El Arish! In fact all of North Camp has gone. The Force is all now based down in South Camp, due to the unrest in the north of the Sinai peninsular. The Italian Navy had a pretty sweet number there. Three Patrol boats cruising the Red Sea. I guess someone had to do it ;-) Have to hand it to the Italians, even their combat MRE's had a small bottle of wine to have with their lunch!!!!!!!!!!
  11. motumatai

    My alternative to a new bike (300 content inside)

    From observing all the comments about the latest batch of bikes released by all the major manufacturers it would appear that there's a race to the bottom going on regarding overall bike weight. And the principal means of weight reduction is making steel and aluminium components thinner. Which will generally lead to less component life or at the very least less robust parts. (2T) With the Beta's legendary motor characteristics and frame ergonomics, there's nothing to stop someone mechanically minded keeping all moving parts in tip top condition for years to come at a pretty modest price compared to replacing the bike every few years. I'm happy keeping my '14 in tight mechanical condition, especially as I have put considerable time into getting her suspension set up 'just so' for my riding style and conditions.......as we all do:) And that just means more riding time and less development time.
  12. motumatai

    TWORIDE soft clutch springs.

    I put this slave cylinder on my 2014 RR300 last month, as they don't make the 14 one any more. I think this is the stock one from 16 onwards. Anyway, couldn't tell the difference. The maths may say its easier but even with my arthritic fingers I couldn't tell the difference. So I put on a One Light Clutch. Now that is a big difference. Have had to shave some of the material off the lever to make it more comfortable to use two fingers on after riding for a few hours But lovely feel for sure. May try Barry's 4 washer spacer fix too, just to see what difference it makes. It may not do anything with the OLC fitted, as it will defeat the design of the OLC setup of a big spring storing clutch return pressure.
  13. motumatai

    Beta 2019 Predictions and Wish List

    How about a headlight that can actually be used to properly night ride. Would be so simple and cheap to actually do it properly at the factory.
  14. motumatai

    Beta quality slipping?

    I'll second the point that despite the (small) number of issues I have experienced with my RR300 I will not be going back to Orange either. Both the poor quality of the Zoke fork internals and the electrical gremlins have ended up teaching me a lot about forks and electricals during the repair phase!!! For a very small motorcycle company they have introduced improvements in off road motorcycling out of all proportion to their market share. I too jump on mates bikes all the time, and though some may now be smoother, and some may weigh less, I'll be sticking with my Beta 300. It just suits me best, end of story. But I would have hoped that being such a small company would have allowed them to be more agile in responding to issues that have emerged. Bottom line, buy the bike and work through any of the issues if/as they surface. There's a wealth of info out there to help you sort it.
  15. motumatai

    Speedo sensor mount for KYB conversion

    OK, we're talking different brackets. Mine's the POW 106 and there's no room, just like weantright has identified.