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  1. will a clutch basket from a 98kx250 fit a 96kx250? How about the carb also?
  2. Snox90

    Where to ride around Clifton Park/Saratoga NY?

    I used to be but I made a new FB four months ago and don't have the local sunday riders anymore. I rode there twice last week. It's basically only locals that go there now
  3. Snox90

    Where to ride around Clifton Park/Saratoga NY?

    Never mind on the pits in wTerford. This week they started telling people to stay out cause place is getting trashed.
  4. Snox90

    Any Waterford or Albany NY area riders here?

    Well I haven't been in a month but yes I'm just starting to hear now that the heat is on there. I guess the landowner was cool with dirtbikes but now he's kicking people out cause the place is getting trashed. Nobody is respecting the land. I heard from a couple guys this morning everyone is getting kicked out. Trash guns beer and off-road trucks goin there. That's a big no no
  5. Snox90

    Any Waterford or Albany NY area riders here?

    The place has four pits. It's &%$#@!in huge. I'm basically lost the whole time I'm there. Haha. Rumor has it there's a track there somewhere. I've never found it. If your looking to do some riding you can stay occupied there ALL DAY. The place has an infinite amount of hills to climb. However it's also incredibly dangerous there. Cool thing is your allowed to be there. Land owner does not care. He rents his land out to companies that dig dirt there. The guys workin Monday thru Saturday will get mad if you ride while they work. The first pit is good to ride 24/7 the other three are good weekdays after 5 pm and Sunday all day. The place fills up on weekends. A month ago there had to been 150 people riding there and the park lot can only fit maybe 25 trucks. Cops hate it but it's private property so they can't do much about it. Park lot is off brook wood. The other surrounding roads are upper and lower new town road
  6. Snox90

    Four stroke mx bikes

    Yeah. Regardless I'm getting a new bike. At this point it is going to be another two stroke. They are just way too cheap and easy to work on. I've been searching very hard to find evidence that a 4 t is as reliable but I just can't find the proof. Thx all for the input
  7. Snox90

    Four stroke mx bikes

    Well the two stroke I can do myself. Entire motor for bout 300 bucks. If the four were to need work I couldn't do it myself. I kno a Complete overhaul would be over 2000 bucks at garage. I'm reading through the forums and am having a hard time finding anything I want to hear. My two stroke is good for about two or more years before it needs any major work. I always hear how the four strokes last longer but I can't find any proof. Keep in mind I ride 3 to 5 days a week for about 4 or so hours. If I got the day off might be riding 6 or more hours. In a nutshell: I want a four but I need to hear from people they are mechanically worth it in the long run. Most likely I'll stay on a 2 t but I really want to go four for the technology behind them.
  8. Snox90

    Any cny dual sport/enduro riders?

    I have a drz400 and am always lookin for other guys to ride with and places to ride. The wTerford pits are slwYs a good time. I never ride my drz there but I do ride my kx there. Place is wild. It's &%$#@!in big there. I always get lost haha.
  9. Snox90

    Where to ride around Clifton Park/Saratoga NY?

    Check out the pits at waterford. Good time. The pits south of twin bridges are way off limits. That place us posted and has a huge hand made wooden sign specifically says no dirtbikes or atvs. People do ride there but it's just locals that live near by. They can get there without truck and trailer and scoot around for an hour or so on a Sunday without bringin any heat. Place is huuuuge and has some gnarly hills.
  10. Snox90

    Any Waterford or Albany NY area riders here?

    I've been going to waterford lately. Place is a blast. What's the deal about earls track? Can't find it on google. I go to the pits. Never seen a track. I have heard rumors that the dude who owns the pits had kids that raced bikes. He at one time did have a private invite only track on the property. I think it's long gone now. Maybe he's earl? His kids are also way old now and no longer ride.
  11. Snox90

    Four stroke mx bikes

    Hawaii dirt rider I currently have a kx 125. 2004. I'm in the process of a top Nd bottom end rebuild. Whole thing is 315 dollars in parts. That's cheap. Ive had my eye on an rmz250 at the dealer. The 2015s are cheap now and I like the idea of fuel injection. I'm just worried about maintaining the thing. This might be a stretch but I'd only buy a 4t if I could get 5 or more years of use out of it before any major repairs. I'd obviously do routine maintenance like its a religion. I'd take every step necessary to prevent serious engine problems. I'm also looking into the Yamaha yz250. It's a 2t. I just like the fact that a full tank of gas on the rmz will most likely last twice as long as a two stroke. The pits I ride are huge and by the time I get to any good spots I gotta turn right around to go get gas.
  12. Snox90

    Four stroke mx bikes

    I also understand u gotta check valves. How often do they need adjusting? If I keep them in spec and regularly change oil and air filter will I get many years of riding?
  13. I'm curious as to what the life expectancy is on a four stroke motor. I'm interested in a 250 fuel injected bike. Brand new. Not sure if I should just stay on a 2t or make the switch.