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  1. I'm asking as the seller. I have put to much money into this bike and it is past room for profit so throwing another 400 dollars at it for boring and plating along with piston and rings is no option. Im in about 1500 bucks. The bike isn't worth more than 1200 in my opinion. It's a really clean bike Renthal bars, FULL chrome FMF exhaust, brand new plastics, new clutch basket and plates, bark busters, levers and all the little nik-nak things. Along with fairly decent tires. So my question is what should I ask for it? It is blown up so that will likely scare off most, but for the person that likes a project what should they give/what should I ask.
  2. There is no play in the rod and I will be splitting the cases. FYI
  3. Haven't had time yet got home from school and had to leave immediately will check it tonight and get back to you guys. And there is not that much shrapnel in it to he honest. Around the jug it was super clean.
  4. Well I already have more in this bike than it's worth. ($1300)I've had to totally rebuild the transmission because it once again the person who had it before me didn't have a clue as to how to care for a bike. So replacing the bottom end isn't even something I would consider. I really don't even want to split the cases. I'd like to just get it replated slap a new piston and rings in it and sell it. Overall it's not a bad looking bike so I shouldn't have a problem selling it.
  5. You think I need to split the cases on it or will it be okay. And did you think millennium was reasonable on their price?
  6. I was in about 4th gear throttle pinned and it just sputtered out. Got the bike back home and took out the spark plug first things first. Realized that the bottom of the spark plug was broken off! I figure that is why everything is so scared up on the head and piston from that piece of loose metal banging into each of the two. And from what I see it's the original piston from Suzuki. I bought the bike about 6 months ago and it had always ran fine So I never even bothered to tear it down. I guess I trust people a little to much and figure they know to rebuild a 7 year old bike atleast once. So since they didn't I want to do it right know. And on the spark plug I'll include a pic of what broke off.
  7. Pressure washer... Then Honda plastic detailer stuff on the plastics to keep em shiny
  8. Okay after looking at all those pictures, I need you guy's help. It's obvious that I need a new piston and rings. The cylinder will need to be plated or bored. Currently this is off of an 08 rm85. I was thinking I could bore it out to a 105 and get a new piston and rings to match. Do you guys think that would be the right move or not? Also it's clear to me after reading other forms, that I have "detonation" issues. How might I go about fixing this? Last thing is on a 105 bore what all needs to be done? Obviously boring out the cylinder and new rings and piston but is there more to it than just that?
  9. Do you believe I need to replace the chain or should i just take out a link? I mean I have the swing arm pulled out as far as it will go so the chain is stretched, but does it need to be replaced?
  10. I have an 08' rm85 that needs a chain badly so I figured that I might as well replace the front and rear sprockets while I am at it. I am staying with the same setup sprocket wise that is on the bike because the power is manageable and good for how I like to ride it. So my only question is what size chain do i need/ how many links?
  11. Well I've bought a new dirt bike (2008 RM85) well new to me but used otherwise... When I bought it I was told that it did leak transmission fluid slowly which is kind of an understatement, it's not a really quick leak, but its about a drop or 2 a minute depending on the engine temperature. Well after I had gotten it home I decided to take a further look at the leak which is in the drain plug/hole area. So I sprayed the drain plug area down with some carb cleaner to take off the gunk around it and there is a crack right in the side of the drain hole, apparently where some idiot has over tightened the drain plug or has stripped it out and put a tapered screw in to fix the stripped out threads (I'm not sure because I don't want to take the screw out until I am really ready to work on it). So now I need advice from you all on how to go about fixing it. JB Weld, Heli-Coil, Actually welding it back together then taking a tap and dye set to it and re-thread, any advice helps... Thanks
  12. I currently own a DRZ125L this is the big wheel version and this is a great beginner bike and it is built like a tank, but that is about it. It is pretty slow, and the suspension is okay for a trail bike, but if your son is going to be jumping his next bike a DRZ is not very well suited for that. Also the bike is EXXXTTTRRREEEEMMMMLLLYYY hard to find replacement parts for, and if you do they will probably be manufacturers parts/OEM and these are outrageously priced in the U.S. . That being said you might want to steer away from this bike unless you really just need a dirt bike you son can get comfortable with a clutch on(even though you said he already has some experience with manuals). Personally out of the bikes you listed I would get the Honda. They might be the higher priced out of the bunch but when it comes to mod-ability and replacing things such as plastics these bikes are the easiest to find parts for and probably the cheapest to buy parts for. Now if you really are just looking for something that will last him the longest height wise here are your options on the height: Honda CRF125F: 30.9 inches/78 centimeters (the f is the trail version which is most like all the other bikes listed, the r is the race and this bike requires more skill to run and is also a maintenance hog so you should stay away from the CRF150R for now ) DRZ125: 30.5 inches/77.4 centimeters I would recommend the DRZ125 L instead of the basic DRZ125 because it has bigger wheels on it making it 32 inches/81 centimeters. KLX140: 30.7 inches/77.9 centimeters this bike also features a L version raising it to 31.5 inches/80 centimeters. So out of all that the CRF150f is the tallest unless you go with one of the bottom two that have the L version personally if I were to pick between the DRZ and KLX I would go with the DRZ because it is the literally the exact same bike as the KLX just a different color and the DRZ is .5inches/1centimeter bigger than the KLX.
  13. I will admit that I was wrong my inseam is only 30 (just looked on a pair of pants). But still I should have no problem riding that bike, and the guy asking the actual question should deffinatly have no problem riding it. I guess the problem is when you straddle it some of the length of your legs goes to wrapping around the bike then whats left of the length is what goes towards the ground.
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