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  1. Thanks all for the help. I finally got it to run... In hindsight I think it was a combination of flooding the bike (as a few noted) and having the idle set too low. Now to get her dialed in but now she starts first kick.
  2. I do...I will try that if all else fails.
  3. Fuel level looks good and ironically, the float bowl did stick this morning. Got it cleared out pretty easily. I'm at my wits end but hopeful that your experience will be the same for me and she will eventually start.
  4. 2005 RM 125 with brand new top and bottom end. Spark plug brand new and air filter cleaned and oiled. Purchased a Lectron and installed it yesterday. Fired up after 3 kicks and rode for about 20 minutes. Only adjustment I made was to the idle and richened the power jet (over rev was flat). Parked her overnight. This morning fire her up and she runs with choke for about 3 seconds and dies...cannot start it again. Checked plug and was not fouled, replaced again anyway. Still can't get it to fire up with or without choke. Bike ran great with stock carb and ran great yesterday on the Lectron's maiden voyage. In fact, the Lectron ripped. I pulled the plug and kicked it over many times in case fuel in the bottom end, still won't start. I sprayed some starter fluid into the carb, won't start. Bike is getting fuel (clear float bowl) and has spark, i'm out of ideas.
  5. I have read that the 01-06 left side crank cases (RM 125) are compatible with each other but noticed the part numbers are different. I've also read that you can't mix and match cases except for Honda. I'm specifically looking to replace my left side on my 05 RM 125. If anyone has a definitive answer I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Rodeojones

    OEM Crank for 05 125

    I will check again...thanks.
  7. Rodeojones

    OEM Crank for 05 125

    I have...I'm wondering if Suzuki has discontinued making them.
  8. Rodeojones

    RM 125 not running

    That's your problem friend...check the needle valve to see why it's not moving. Maybe something is in the valve stopping the float from moving up and down.
  9. Rodeojones

    RM 125 not running

    It seems to me that if you can get it to run (temporarily I realize) then it's not an engine issue but a fuel issue. Did you remedy the float issue you mentioned earlier?
  10. Rodeojones

    RM 125 not running

    Makes me wonder if you have bad gas or there is an issue with the petcock. Pull the fuel line off (make sure petcock is off) at the carb and verify that when you turn the fuel on, it is flowing freely and without obstruction. Once that is ruled out I would consider maybe bad fuel.
  11. Rodeojones

    97 rm125 issues I can’t seem to fix

    I would start eliminating possible issues if it were me once the carb is ruled out. 1. I would test the compression to eliminate bad top end or cylinder out of spec. 2. With top end off I would check the crank to ensure there is no up and down play that would signify a bad crank bearing. 3. I would check the reed valve and make sure there are no chips and it is in good condition. 4. I would then check the stator and CDI to see if it is an electrical issue. A tester and be rented from O'Reilly's for free. 5. The bike dying when put in gear could be a bad clutch basket. Pull the clutch cover off and check the basket teeth for grooves. Grooves will cause the clutch to not engage (I had this issue).
  12. Rodeojones

    OEM Crank for 05 125

    Can't find one and Suzuki has not said when they will ship more. Anyone know where to get one? All the usuals are out of stock...
  13. Rodeojones

    RM 125 not running

    I had something somewhat similar happen to me a couple weeks ago where the bike died while on the track. I tore into it and it was a bad crank bearing and the bottom end is being re-built right now. The advice to get a service manual was the best advice one can give. I am teaching myself how to work on my RM via the service manual with no previous training or experience. It's been a god send and pretty much holds your hand in the process of what you may be doing. Once you check your engine (head, piston, crank, etc) and rule out the carb, you will then want to look towards an electrical issue potentially. Like a bad stator or CDI. The service manual shows you were those are and O'reilly's will rent you a tester for free.
  14. Rodeojones

    O Ring Tear After Rebuild

    Thanks again for the help...