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  1. I didn't check anything, because it was such a big job I took this one to someone to fix. Not sure about the piston. Im assuming its ok because the bike was great 2 weeks ago No, I did not leave the choke on.
  2. Hi guys, recently I had my 2003 KX250 completely rebuilt after I blew the bottom end. I took the bike out 2 weekends ago, and it ran GREAT. Had a blast on the thing. Fast forward to today: I get to the desert, start up my bike to warm it up. It starts first kick, I let it idle for a little then I turn it off. I fill the tank up, but this time instead of the Super-M synthetic premix, my mechanic told me to "keep the engine honest" and to go with Castor oil pre-mix. Literally as soon as I put this gas into my tank, my bike would not start. I literally kicked the bike for hours until honestly i couldnt walk because of bruising on my right foot. Finally, we drained the entire tank, put some of my friend's Super-M mixed oil in there, and it still wouldn't start. At this point, we were stumped. I had put in a fresh plug, and even double-checked to make sure we had spark, which we did. I called someone who told me to try putting just a tiny bit of gas into the cylinder, and if it starts up, then there is a jetting issue. If it doesn't start, your bike is flooded and to turn the gas off, hold the throttle WIDE open, and kick it. Putting gas into the cylinder didn't do anything. But, turning the gas off and holding my throttle wide open (great trick for starting a flooded bike btw, can't believe I had never heard this before) and it started right up. I was anxious to go on my ride finally, and needed some more gas since I took the rest of my friends, and (stupidly?) mixed the castor oil mixed gas back into my tank with my friend's Super-M synthetic mixed (like at the beginning when these problems happened). At this point we could get the bike started (with difficulty, but it started), but the bike just ran like crap. It was bogging down randomly, especially in the higher RPMs of the gears, and sometimes even when in neutral if I were to flick the throttle it'd bog like crazy. I've heard it's bad to mix synthetic / castor together, which I did. Could this cause the issues that I am describing? Or is there a jetting problem here? Remember, just 2 weekends ago I brought the bike to this EXACT same location and it ran GREAT. The only difference? I was using the synthetic Super-M. Literally the only thing different in this equation is switching over to Castor. Thanks, and sorry for the long winded post
  3. hey guys, recently got my bike out of the shop. Complete bottom-end, top-end, cylinder rebuild. Runs like a top! Anyway, long story short I went down and bent my handlebars. I had some ProTaper Contour KX Highs on there. But I bought these years ago... Do you think it's safe to just buy the "Protaper Countour KX High 2811D" bars and they will fit? Im not sure what the number is on the end of that or how to make sure they will fit my bike...Thanks...
  4. looking at maybe buying a street legal yzf400. wifes car is breaking down and I want to get something to put to work and back (and obviously take out to the desert) and let her take my car until we can figure out her ride situation. anyway, whats the maintenance like on these? I have always been a 2-stroke KX guy, and my dad had Honda XR400's when I was growing up. Will this bike be able to handle ~20mi/day for a few weeks/month? The seller says the maintenance has been maintained, valves adjusted accordingly, etc. Or is this bike going to blow up on me after a week or two of riding to work? Thanks... EDIT: also says top end is fresh
  5. Well guys I will be pulling the top end this weekend and report back. I must not have been as diligent as I thought with the fluids. I put in some oil right before the ride, but will admit maybe I should have changed it completely or checked out the other fluids. Regardless, here's to hoping its just a top end with no damage to the cylinder!
  6. So what youre saying is I shouldnt be WOT on my 2 stroke? Ive had the bike for years and I wasn't riding it any differently than I have done before... Serious question, maybe I missed the memo just trying to make sure it doesnt happen again
  7. Hey guys, this past weekend I was out in the desert for my bday riding my kx250 with a redone suspension. was running great for a while until I took it out for another ride. I come up to this long open road, and I was pretty much wide open on the throttle in 5th. Im not sure how long I was doing this, maybe 30seconds to a minute? Anyway, after doing this, i felt the air around the engine and my legs heat up. the engine sounded quieter / like it lost some power. so I decided to take it back to camp. I was messing around with it and on the way back to camp I went to open up the throttle a little again, and then BAM the engine seized up and now I cant kick it over. Im hoping its just a top end that needs replacing. I can still push the bike around in neutral and shift it into gears, etc. Questions: 1.) does this sound like a blown top end? I really hope thats the only thing wrong with it because last time I blew a top end I had a lot of movement in the rod and ended up having to replace some stuff in the bottom end too. this time didnt feel like I blew the engine as bad as before. 2.) I have been doing some research on the internet and there seems to be mixed opinions on how to ride a 2 stroke dirtbike. Some people are saying that you shouldnt ride wide open throttle for an extended period of time, while others say if the bike is jetted properly and everything else is OK, then it shouldnt matter. I have never really knew this was a thing, and have gone full throttle at the times when I can. Thanks in advance
  8. I ride mostly desert. Sorry but what exactly is a revalve and how do I do it? I assume its gonna cost me more $$$ haha
  9. hey guys, just had my first ride out on my freshly rebuilt '03 kx250....ran awesome! however, i have one question about the fork and shock rebound adjustments: i weigh between 205-210, and i felt like the suspension was a little soft and spongey when i was going through whoops out in the desert. actually, what made me notice it was hopping on a friends crf450 and seeing a huge difference in the stiffness (he said his was setup for his weight, which is also around 205). i bought my bike used and he told me it was setup for a guy that was 180-185. will doing the fork clicker and the rear-shock clicker make a big difference? i was bored today and decided to stiffen everything up, but wont be able to get another ride in for a couple days.
  10. mikecc

    2003 kx250 rear wheel

    hey guys, I looked up the specifications for my '03 KX 250. im looking for a new rear wheel for my bike off craigslist and people parting out there bikes, and was wondering if any rear wheel for any modern dirtbike that is 100/90-19 (what the specifications say) will fit my bike? for example, i just found this 2007 yz250f and it has the same size wheel. am i safe in getting any 100/90-19? thanks EDIT: entire rear wheel
  11. hey guys, not too long ago i seized my kx250. i couldnt kick it over, but after letting it sit for a week, i was able to kick it over. upon inspection, the piston was destroyed, but luckily the cylinder was fine looking. i took out the entire engine out of the frame to kick over multiple times by hand and to flush the bottom end out with oil (to get rid of the piston pieces, and damn were there a lot haha). one thing I noticed though was when I was kicking it by hand, the piston had some slop and was slapping down a little more than usual on the top of the crankcase. i really wanted to ride the next day, so i chanced it and put it all back together with a new topend. well, first kick it started right up, but the sound is definitely not normal. the piston is slapping hard on the top of the crankcase, and i had to kill the engine immediately because i didnt want to cause further damage. my question is this, what do you guys think is the problem? ive heard that best case scenario i just need to replace my crank bearing. does anyone know how much this will run me on average for parts+labor? im going to take the engine out of the frame again to lower labor costs, as i dont feel comfortable enough going into the bottom end.
  12. Hey guys, a few months back I posted a thread regarding a seized engine that occured to me out in Ocotillo Wells while WOT on a fire road.... Fast forward to 2 days ago, where me and some buddies took apart the engine...Turns out the piston was absolutely trashed: http://img691.imageshack.us/gal.php?g=img0006aw.jpg <-- Check out these 2 pictures (I dont know how to embed them in the page) comparing my new Wiseco piston to the old one. How crazy is it that my cylinder has NO scoring or scarring???? Haha Anyway, we determined that there was a ton of metal shards in the bottom end, removed the entire bottom end, and flushed with oil (and at the end gas) multiple times until piston and rod could kickover very smoothly, without getting caught with metal pieces from the old piston. However, we noticed the rod has a little slop when pulled up and down, but none from side to side. When kicking it over, we could tell the piston was coming down and hitting the top of the crank, but figured we might as well try it when everything was back together and bolted up tight. Well, turns out after getting the entire bike put back together, it started on the first kick (nice!) but there is a terrible knocking sound; the piston is definitely hitting the top of the crank. Any ideas on what I should do from here? Maybe one of my bearings with the rod in the crank is screwed up? Any insight on my next move would be greatly appreciated
  13. mikecc

    straightening out in air

    when you tap the rear break letting the clutch out wont that stall the engine? or do you kind of rev it and "pop the clutch" so to speak in mid air?
  14. mikecc

    2003 KX250 Seized Engine PART 2

    Hell yeah! Long live the cheap maintenance on 2strokes! I love my 03 KX250. Thing is fast as a mofo, feels as light as a mountain bike, and this is my first ever problem with it that I've ever had after owning the bike for approx. 3-4 years. Thanks for the advice guys, and if anyone else has anymore feel free to chime in
  15. Hey Guys, I posted on here a few weeks-months ago saying that I was riding my bike 5th pinned and the engine locked up on me. The consensus was that unless someone checked it out, there wasn't a for sure prognosis. Anyway, after going home for spring break and have had my bike sitting for a while, I had a friend of mine come over. Told him the bad news about my bike, and he went to feel the kickstart lever to feel how bad it was locked up, and ended up actually kicking it over with his hand...I was amazed because for me it was frozen solid, and after my buddy came over, he's like "huh??? what are you talking about?" Haha. So i guess thats good news, but there is a slight knocking sound now, and doesn't feel like it has the juice to start up when I kick it over. I decided to stop trying (for fear of screwing something else up). Do these symptoms sound more like its my top end now? If so, how much does a top end kit usually run?