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  1. Keefer is a cool dude and I really like his review pod as he’s quite detailed on his reviews. Hope he qualifies at Pala.
  2. fishyducky

    NBC sports SUCKS!!

    I have noticed the camera work isn’t as good, but the app has worked flawless for me and I am really happy that we now get mx and sx on one platform/subscription.
  3. fishyducky

    MXGP Jacksonville Bench Racing

    Lol love the predictions of some that were so sure Tomac was going to lose.
  4. fishyducky

    Tough Mudder on the FX

    Good lord lol
  5. fishyducky

    Temecula Host ?

    I can ride Sunday!
  6. So many shops in the area so I am looking for satisfied customers that can recommend a good, honest shop to get my 2012 CRF450 suspension done. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have seen so many questionable stories on this forum, it's ridiculous. ^^^ Anyways, I am a slow vet rider and have this same problem on the vet tracks. Maybe I am wrong but I get a little upset when I get stuffed out/cut off/pushed wide by kids hauling ass. I feel like they should take that stuff to the main track or just keep a reasonable distance from casual riders. I feel like they do it on purpose to slower riders that they feel "get in their way". Oh well.
  8. fishyducky

    Temecula Host ?

    whos going when, where, and how can i tag along? haha
  9. fishyducky

    Temecula Host ?

    Take me to OPL!
  10. fishyducky

    Temecula Host ?

    PM me! Lol. Would love to know some close by spots.
  11. fishyducky

    Temecula Host ?

    maybe so, but it would be nice to ride them for a while on days I don't feel like hitting the MX tracks or driving up to the high dez, etc... Especially when I have limited time and just want to jump on the bike for an hour or so.
  12. fishyducky

    Temecula Host ?

    I live in the area, but it is off limits. There are some spots that people ride but I have not been able to find the locations yet. Some dude I met a while back was a &%$#@! and wouldn't tell me.
  13. fishyducky

    '15 YZ-250FX review

    Haven't noticed any issues in that regard. I actually love the way it turns. The one thing that did bug me on my last dez ride was the front end dancing around and causing the whole bike to wobble back and forth at high speed. 5th and 6th gear. I did have the front end a little high but it turns spectacular so I don't know if I want to mess with the suspension at all. I meant I had the back end set a little high. Sorry for that mistake.
  14. fishyducky

    '15 YZ-250FX review

    It feels a tad but heavier when you are pushing it around, but light a flick able once you are riding it. I removed the kick stand and all the guards to try and lower the weight as much as I could.
  15. fishyducky

    '15 YZ-250FX review

    Hey all. I purchased my 250FX a couple weeks ago and was able to take it out for the first time today to the local MX track. With all the hype about this bike, I figured everyone would want as many reviews as possible. I also own a 2012 CRF-450 that was my first newish bike since my '89 YZ-250 about 10 years ago. Hit Elsinore MX park today. Beautiful day and track conditions were perfect. I am usually one of the faster guys on the easier vet tracks, but on the intermediate tracks I quickly become a mid-pack rider (just some background so you guys know what type of rider is reviewing the bike). Started the bike up early this morning and began making some laps. I remember being quite disappointed at the power this bike had at first since I have been riding my CRF-450 at this track lately, but the bike seemed to pick up a lot of power after it broke in later in the day and I am no longer disappointed. Towards the end of the day I was actually quite surprised at how quick this bike is for a 250. Some of my complaints in the morning may have been due to me lugging it too much like I do on my 450. I had to get comfortable riding the bike much higher in the revs and shifting a little more. Going to put a pipe and tune on it for sure though. Suspension - All I have to say is WOW. Seriously, this bike handles everything so well. I could tell a really fast rider might have a more difficult time with it (because of how soft it is), but for me (185 - 190 pounds with gear) it was perfect right out of the box. Handling - Handles great. I know my corner speed was much faster on this bike than my CRF-450 for sure. Transmission - First gear is so low that I pretend it's not even there. When taking off from a stop I start in 2nd. After that, the ratios seem great. No complaints. The electric start was nice to have. I did kick the bike most of the day and it starts 1st or second kick, but I love having the E-start in the event that I kill it. One thing I thought that was for sure better on this bike when compared to my Honda was the clutch. On my Honda the clutch drags a bit and contributes to flame-outs when I am in slower turns. The FX idles great and I didn't experience a single flame-out the entire day when I usually get one or two in my Honda in tight turns. Let me know if you guys have any questions!