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  1. sledcat3x

    Rear shock lock nuts keep loosening

    Thanks for the advice
  2. sledcat3x

    Rear shock lock nuts keep loosening

    I tighten the bottom one down against the spring and the other one down on top of that like you're supposed to.
  3. sledcat3x

    Big Factors In Your Diet

    This is extremely helpful to those of us lost in the world of food and nutrition. Thanks.
  4. sledcat3x

    Just got my bike and I need pointers

    Have been doing a lot of that - but will continue. I find the sport fascinating. Thanks.
  5. I have a 1989 Suzuki RM125 and the two lock nuts that hold the rear shock spring down keep loosening up above where the spring is every time I ride. They loosen so much that they are up above where the spring is - not even touching it!! The bike handles a lot better when I tighten them down and I tighten them a LOT because the spring is meant for a rider lighter than I am. I have the stock spring on and I weigh about 240 pounds. I know the spring is way too light for me and I am looking in to getting the right size spring, but what use is the right size if the lock nuts keep loosening on their own? I believe the shock is good - no signs of leaking oil. I would appreciate the help identifying the issue here. Thanks!
  6. sledcat3x

    What model is my 1996 Suzuki RM125 power valve?

    Okay thank you VERY much
  7. sledcat3x

    Just got my bike and I need pointers

    Okay. I'll start from there. Thanks guys.
  8. sledcat3x

    Just got my bike and I need pointers

    I am a new rider and have only been riding for one summer. I am looking to do local (small time) motocross, but I am having a hard time cornering. Any time I corner with speed, the bike tends to come out from under me.
  9. I have a cylinder from a 1996 Suzuki RM125 that has tear drop shaped power valve plungers in it. The thing is, there's a model that is identical to these plungers, except bigger. I have the smaller plungers. I REALLY need to know if these are model Y, T, or X plungers. Would like to know ASAP, thanks.
  10. sledcat3x

    Will 2004 rm125 top end fit 2002

  11. sledcat3x

    Will a 96 RM250 cylinder fit my 97 RM250?

    if you're using a 96 cylinder with the 96 power valves on a 97 bottom end, it should all fit right on. But, according to this, it won't. It's still worth a try. This should help: http://www.oem-cycle.com/SUZUKIRM125BIKEID.shtml
  12. sledcat3x

    RM Power valves - Why are there 3 types

    I have a cylinder from 1996 and it had the tear drop shaped plungers. The thing is, theyre smaller than other plungers. Is this a model T, Y, or X plunger? It is EXTREMELY important that I find this out. I don't want to spend a lot of money for the wrong part.
  13. That thing looks cool dude.
  14. wish you could see what it was when I first got it.... Wow. And my nephew is the one showing us how it's done