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  1. If you don't use the last two inches, it means you have too much pressure.
  2. I picked this up this weekend. I found it on CycleTrader and drove 9 hours to get it. It looks like new and can't wait to ride it.
  3. I would check because they have the same filter design.
  4. I think it was on Short's bike that after they installed the ti exhaust and other parts they were under the weight and could not use any of their ti bolts. They used a heavy skid plate if I remember right to get it back legal.
  5. Very close to stock weight of 222 lbs. Weight limit is 220 lbs and Decoster was quoted as saying he runs a lb or two over the limit to be sure they meet weight.
  6. There are some in this thread that went full retard. Never go full retard.
  7. Probably was a bad nut or crossthreaded from the factory, but try proving it. Bad deal, but if some threads are stripped off its new shaft time. I was a certified Honda, Kawasaki, and KTM tech at one point in my life and unless you went the wrong way with the air wrench, it didn't cause this problem. I always disassembled with air tools and never had a problem. Going back together though, it was hand tools and a torque wrench.
  8. A friend of mine just had a spring break on his 2017 450SXF. It broke in the trailer on the way home. It was an aftermarket 250mm spring and the company replaced it with a 260mm spring.
  9. mx317

    Cracked Drain Hole

    and if you are worried about it coming loose using less torque, drill the head of the drain bolt and safety wire it.
  10. mx317

    17 sx450f

    If you getting it in the crate, it won't run until the dealer unlocks the ecu.
  11. mx317

    Stock exhaust mod?

    We don't need louder motorcycles.
  12. My 17 does that in start (holeshot) mode.
  13. mx317

    2018 450 SX-F First Ride

    I think they only went up about $100 or so. I'm sure he feels it's worth it. It wasn't like he had a 17 to start with.
  14. mx317

    08 450 sxf chasis

    message deleted