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  1. I crushed my ankle in 2002 when I cased a double, it was about a 50' and I pretty much landed frame to dirt. This impact shoved my ankle about an inch up my leg and shattered every bone in and around my ankle. I don't think that any boot at that time would have prevented my break....I was wearing a relatively new pair of Tech 8's. After I was able to get back on the bike I wore the Tech 8's for a while and then switched to the SG-10's....a farrrrrr better boot in my opinion. They just felt more supportive all over than the Tech 8's.
  2. MX 416

    Best way to remove tech 8 soles

    I TOTALLY agree....and I had to learn the hard way. Took mine to a local shoe shop nad had to go back twice...the second time after the new sole came loose and ripped during and enduro ride. He said...don't bring them back here and have a nice day. Send them back.
  3. MX 416

    Any Trails in Ohio??

    Just another thought if you are still looking for a place in Ohio to ride. Crow Canyon in Uhrichsville,Ohio has 400 acres of riding. We have a motocross track the hold D-12 sanctioned events throughout the summer and MILES of trails to ride on. The trails vary from mild to wild so there is plenty to choose from. Crow Canyon was host to the Scarecrow GNCC a few years back and has held a few other harescramble races since then. There is a full service bike shop at the entrance to the track and the track and trails are open 7 days a week. Call Action Extreme Sports for park hours through the week. Here are a few websites to help you out. Crow Canyon: http://www.crowcanyonmx.com/ Action Extreme Sports: http://www.aesracing.com/ Sorry for the double post about Crow...somehow I missed the post above
  4. MX 416

    pipe question

    I have ridden some friends bikes with that combo on it...they were 2004 CRF 450's with the race system. The gains were noticable down low as it picked up great right out of corners in 3rd gear with no clutch work. It had a bit more over-rev also.
  5. MX 416


    The 2005 exhaust is it's own...no other years will fit it.
  6. MX 416

    D5 Riders

    Jeff, I race +30A/B, +25 and 250B. I am on PitRacer also...I know allot of the people from there. D-12 is a good group and the promoters really and truely CARE what the riders want.
  7. MX 416

    D5 Riders

    If you are coming into Ohio and hitting Beans...you HAVE to go to Scenic Highlands....the biggest and one of the best MX tracks in Ohio. http://www.ohiomotocross.com/ All of the D-12 tracks are on the D-12 website. Beans is fun, Scenic is huge, Crow Canyon is great with 400 acres to play on, Spokes is great night time tight racing, Dirtworld would be closest to you and has great flow and fun jumps. Crow has a Loretta Lynn's are qualifier this year for the second year in a row...so you know they are doing it right. http://www.d12ama.com/
  8. MX 416

    What boots should I get?

    SG10's all the way. My Tech 8's fell apart in less than 2 years.....BOTH pairs. The SG10's feel broke in when you put them on for the first time....very comfortable and ankle suportive.
  9. MX 416

    web site for scotts oil filter

    I just got the CRT reusable filter from Rocky Mountain...so far so good. Quite a bit cheaper I might add. I have a bunch of friends that are and have been using them with good sucess also. Just another option. http://www.rockymountainatv.com/Product_Show.atv?cat=FILT&type=OIL+FILTER&name=CRT+Stainless+Steel+Reusable+Oil+Filter
  10. MX 416

    Pics of 06 Honda

    I heard that. I saw this truck a few years ago in Detroit...one word pops in my head when I see it....FUGLY!!!
  11. MX 416

    Custom graphics kit printing connections?

    Call Dirtgraphx. They are a company here in Ohio...under new ownership. The owners are great to work with, very nice people. I am sure they can take care of getting your graphics made for you. They just did my pre-prints for my 2005 CRF 450 and they turned out better than ANY graphics I have had on my bikes in the past. www.dirtgraphx.com Website is currently being redone..so this is a bit dated...but give them a call. Tell em 416 sent you.
  12. MX 416

    graphics for 05's

    Those are some really sweet looking graphics m05crf450!!
  13. Ahhh....ok ...thanks for the clarity. I'm going back in my corner now....lol
  14. OK...maybe I am confused...I there a brand called Primary Drive???
  15. Like the DID non O-Ring? If so, yes. I have one on my bike right now and thus far I have no complaints. I used to run them on all of my two strokes and had very good luck with them.