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  1. Does that shop link work for others? It does not work for me.
  2. AFAIK, it would not require any mounting point changes. These clone type engines all seem to use the same mounting point measurements.
  3. I came accross the product on a chinese website like alibaba. You would obviously have to order and import the engines yourself, and again I say, it is not exactly clear to me what the cost would be. But if Pitster is selling them for $1000, the price I deduced from the ad seems about right. The ZS 223cc version of that engine is available on Ebay in Aus for A$699 Retail. It looks to me like an order of 3 engines would cost US$350 each, but I could be misreading the translated page.?? I can't decipher exactly what one engine would cost. Check this and use a translator on your web page: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=545421276781&spm=2014.21377422.0.0&tbpm=1
  4. Yep. I have too. And I think you are correct about using it to relplace a munted engine. But I still thought it was interesting.
  5. I would be very surprised of this engine was not a direct bolt in fit to CRF230F. This is what KAYO use in there new model apparently. It looks like you can get them for about US$350-400. hard to tell from the translation. - One could swap it in while working on the original engine. - It has the potential to be hotted up with many Honda parts - It has the potential to be enlarged to over 315cc, with it's wider barrel bolt spacing, (unlike the honda engine with its closer spacing) and longer stroke using a Honda 230L crank. (Yes, it is Chinese manufactured and I expect there will be some who will want to make all sorts of disparaging comments. Forget it. Heard it all before. This is clearly not for you so just move on and ignore it.) Bare metal goods, excluding the actuating lever, the shift lever The new nominal T4 Engine displacement: 250ccl Actual Displacement: 249.9cc The maximum power rate: 15KW / 8500rpm Maximum torque: 18N.m / 6500rpm Bore * Stroke: 72mm * 61.4mm Compression ratio: 9.25: 1 Contrast the old section T4 engine parameters (Note: clone of CRF230F) Nominal displacement: 250cc Actual Displacement: 223cc The maximum power rate: 12KW / 7000rpm Maximum torque: 17.5Nm / 5500rpm Bore * Stroke: 65.6mm * 66.2mm Compression ratio: 9.6: 1 One big difference is that it is 5 speed only. Full details: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=545421276781&spm=2014.21377422.0.0&tbpm=1
  6. OK-OK!! I give in! I will have to try a modern one and expand my horizons! That, and leard how to find the rear brake pedal.....
  7. That is a big leap. The XR4 is a super reliable, low mantenance, heavyish, air cooled 4 stroke. All the current 300 2 Strokes are very different, with quite different riding characteristics.
  8. It's not like they said we wouldn't be getting them in Oz. (450X). They just said they won't tell us yet. But I must admit it is not a great sign since they have announced the 450L. the CRF450X would be the one I would be looking at too, especially if they ADR it.
  9. If they don't. there is always the option of carrying one of those really small and lightweight Lithium powerpack jump start thingys.
  10. It's never been an issue with my modded CRF230F, even with close to 12:1 (or more) compression and a longer stroke. Have the ES R and RX models had any issues? Time will tell I guess.
  11. Ahh yes. Thanks for the heads up. It is interesting that they list the 2017 CRF250L at 144KG and the new 2019 CRF450L at 131KG. Honda Australia still list the 2017 CRF450RX on their website as the current model in the Competition bikes. I am hoping they are just not talking about the 2019 RX or X models just yet so they don't cannibalise 2017 sales. Just trying to be positive. But I can see your logic. They may think our market is too small to bother with the 450X as well as the RX and L, especially if they consider the potential cost of ADR compliance for the X. But I sure hope that is not the case.
  12. Hold your horses! It isn't yet available in the USA either, not until September or October. We might not get these new models until even later than that. Or have you had the inside word from someone at Honda Australia? BTW. I think most of that extra weight on the L compared to the X could be reduced after Rego. They are virtualy the same bike otherwise.
  13. Are you sure about that weight difference? The Honda weight is quoted with a full fuel tank? perhaps more like 5 to 10 pounds difference??
  14. I agree. Bruce's fork mods made a huge difference to my bike!