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  1. paulie1960

    Okay, what's up with Rotella oil in KTM motors?

    Oil is a sensitive subject, everybody has an opion of the best oil, if it has the jaso rating it's good to use, I have 4 bike, put about 5500mi per year dual sporting, my main ride is a wr250r that I put 5000mi per year and has 20000mi on it. the last 15000mi I been running reg. 87 gas, rotilla t4, 0w30 motor oil in the forks and everything works good, I change it often and ride her hard
  2. The grom probably fits you perfect, you will enjoy it, if your go off rode you will may want to upgrade your tires, find some biker freind and enjoy the out doors, you won't regret it
  3. Amy, at 55 I bought my first dual sport a new 2013 wr250r got comfortable on it and start riding with a lot of different riders, test rode many different bikes off road and even purchased a used drz400e and yz250fx to replace my old wr and I still like my first purchase, the wr250r with 20000mi the best, it is the most fun on 2 wheels, just fits me perfect.
  4. Amy's, if you ever get to south Jersey, I show you the pine barrons and we can search for the famous Jersey devil, LOL
  5. Ther probably Honda grom clubs, check YouTube ther are grown men that have a blast on them
  6. Good fun reliable bike, they sell like hot cakes, that sell dirt tires for them too,
  7. If Suzuki just added wider ratio gears it has a motor to pull it, led lighting, slim it up and take some pounds off, but keep the same price point and it will out sell all dual sports,
  8. I have the 2002 drz400e with a tag, the wr250r and yz250fx, the drz is inexpensive, reliable, has a very good motor, suspension is good, needs a wider ratio gear box, is a little big heavy and porky but I am used to a 250 size, my favorite is the wr250r, it better in every way but power
  9. I am south Jersey and we have small spots with sugar sand and and it's tough for a beginner, you need to go fast enough to float on top like water sking 30mph or faster. Maybe the tw200 will work better with them fat tires, if a bike looks clean like show room chances are it's in great shape, usually Facebook has motorcycle clubs for your area, for you type of bike and classifieds
  10. look at megs braap youtube videos, short pretty little thing that can ride and great videos
  11. Buy used Japanese bike you can flip it easy if you dont like it, xt250, dr200 are the easy ones, crf250l lowered, klx250 supermoto with good off road rubber 33" seat height, wr250x supermoto you can get down to 34" seat height, in florida you can get a tag for klx140l
  12. paulie1960

    Dual sport tires?

    1 I have a wr250r with trackmaster front works great and just put new one on front of my DRZ400E and the last time I went out on dirt it felt sketchy but I don't ride the drz much so it may of been tire pressure, setup, or just me, it might be just setup because it had a d606 front that is low profile and trackmaster is tall.
  13. paulie1960

    Dual sport tires?

    I hear bad reviews on trackmaster fronts but it works good for me here in south Jersey sandy loomy soil and my last one was on sale at $41 to my door
  14. paulie1960

    Dual sport tires?

    Kenda trackmaster under $100 for both that the only tire that will work