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  1. Maybe a torn bladder?
  2. Rembrand

    Guess the bike.

    CZ in Maico frame early pre 75
  3. Rembrand

    WP bladder conversion compatibility

    You're lucky you didn't tear the threads out of your shock body. I used a heat gun and had no problem with a pin spanner.
  4. Rembrand

    2017 FE350 Electrical Issue

    Keep in mind that your carbon/plastic sub frame is somewhat conductive and a rubbed through wire touching it can drain your battery.
  5. Rembrand

    What tires shed mud well?

    Went to Durhamtown Plantation in March last year ad loved that place until it rained. I don't think there is a tire made that will work in that red snot.
  6. Rembrand

    Penton: The John Penton Story movie on demand

    Growing up in Europe I always thought that Penton was a rebadged KTM. After seeing that movie I realized it was the other way around. Great story.
  7. If you have not yet thrown the oil out run it through a screen and see if there is any more pieces to help pinpoint the origin.
  8. Rembrand

    Bike turns over. Wont start.

    I had 120 hrs on mine and still looked good but then how hard can I run it, over 60 vet.
  9. Rembrand

    Bike turns over. Wont start.

    How many hours on that piston? I just put a Wiseco in my FC350.
  10. Rembrand

    why doesnt the bottom of my air filter seal???

    That confirms what I always suspected. I'm lazy.
  11. I was thinking a nozzle that sprays oil to the underside of the piston like mx 4 strokes have for piston cooling and wristpin lubrication but to be honest, I have never been inside a DRZ.
  12. Rembrand

    Glen Helen MX OFF the 2019 National Schedule?

    Maybe it all goes back to when MX Sports was formed. The promoters were trying to work together and Davey Coombs pulled a underhanded backroom deal behind their backs.
  13. Rembrand

    Bike turns over. Wont start.

    Have you tried a new spark plug? A good spark in open air does not guarantee a good spark under compression.
  14. Did you expect the cam chain to run dry?