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    adnohguy, Wow, that makes my life a lot easier! Thanks!
  2. Al_Pal


    VortecCPI, Thanks for specifying the bolt size! daled, Thanks for the tip on bolt tracking and I got that photo from Google images to show what bolt I am talking about so its not mine. This is my first dirt bike. I have street bike that I have been riding for a while now. I needed to add to my moto-qiver and bought a CRF230F after riding season and am going through it getting it in good working order before spring. I live in VT so we have a 5th season (mud season) so she will be getting a nice coat once shes up and running again!
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    I found this photo at http://codewins.com/motorcycles/crf230valveclearance/ that depicts the bolts i am referencing to. Unfortunately there isn't any mention of size.
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    Hello, I have had my 2006 CRF230f In pieces in my bed room for a couple months now (single life!). Yesterday I went to put my gas tank back on and it looks like I miss placed the bolts that hold the tank onto the frame. Can anyone tell me what size and length of the bolt I need so I can buy replacements. I know I placed the original bolts somewhere clever thinking it would be a safe place to keep them until I can reassemble my bike... Funny how that never works! Thanks,
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    Honda CRF230F 2006

    just got it so stay tuned!
  6. Al_Pal

    Honda CRF230F (2006)


    just got it so stay tuned!