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  1. highflyernick

    Lost my low-end mojo - 2008 YZ250

    It has to be your top end, 170 is a little low, we've tested a fresh piston in the high 230's, all stock. Plus with the extra kicks etc, pretty good sign. More than likely just you rings but might as well do it all. If you are looking for even more bottom end punch, I did the EG 295. Talk about a whole different animal. I'm not sure what can stop this bike now, it's gotta have more power than a 450, and so smooth with the "Mo Betta" Good luck!
  2. highflyernick

    200 yards of dirt

    200 yards really isn't anything, might be able to make on 70 foot table, and maybe a berm.
  3. highflyernick

    Southwestern Ontario Riders

    Totally agree, maybe 2 groin kicks. Hard to keep a track like that on the down low, but come on people. Sorry to those who aren't part of this group, way she goes.
  4. Just a couple pics of the 250 from last week. Last pic is when I still had my 125, both 2008's.
  5. highflyernick

    Tyler Villopoto

    2011 Walton National (last year) was the craziest mud race I have ever been too. A tornado literally hit 40km (25 miles) to the west of the track, in the town of Godrich while MX2 moto 2 was out. Windy, rainy, and hail at one point was coming down. Track is loam/hardpack, so it got messy. Darryn Durham raced it on a eleven10 mods bike, pulled the truck up and watched. It was awesome.
  6. Umm, this thread came up on the front page and I noticed it, don't generally post in here. But one of my best friends picked up a 2000, or 2001 dakota, 5.2L, auto, 4by, sport. Had 150 000 km on it, ( 80 000 miles? not sure, in there somewhere) Was in pretty good condition, he only payed $4000 cash for it, this was 3 years ago. So I'm just thinking that their price seems high? just my thoughts, good luck on finding a truck tho dude!
  7. K so tried moving the shifter so that it was flush with the end of the spline. No luck, still won't shift. Was hoping it would be something that easy! Is there something on the other end of the shift shaft that could've come loose, or something? I'm going to pull the clutch cover/case cover off and see what I find. and then I'll be able to check if it's bent or not too
  8. highflyernick

    Riding Quotes

    railin ruts and nailin sl*ts....
  9. I'll have to see about that in the morning, thanks. I'll post my findings.
  10. Hey guys, so over the winter rebuilt top and bottom end of my 08 YZ125. Low hours.. anyways, so finally got her started after she sat for a while neglected because I have a 08 YZ250.. Anyways, broke her in, running strong.. let cool. Went for another rip an hour later, everything was working perfect out on my track, hitting shifts perfect etc, moto was strong. Felt great, so I go to head back in and I couldn't get it into neutral. So I'm in first, and I try and shift up. The shifter moves the full amount but it won't shift. I got it to go into second once. Then I shifted back down trying for neutral. But as of right now it sits in first and will not shift out. The shifter moves freely, it just doesn't "catch" the gear. Any ideas? I tried to best describe what happened, if there are any questions about it ask away. I'm pretty bummed cuz she was working so perfect for me up until then! BTW there were no big noises or anything before it happened. Just all of a sudden wouldn't catch the next gear. Thanks guys, Nick.
  11. highflyernick

    Anyone ever polish stock exhaust?

    Yea, I think I may do this to my bikes. Have some hi temp clear coat for it. I like the "raw" look.
  12. highflyernick

    YZ250 GYTR Flywheel for sale

    Dangit I just bought one like 2 days ago
  13. highflyernick

    Need opinion on the value of an 08 YZ

    I just picked up a almost new 2008 YZ250 here in Canada for 3300... which is a steal for in Canada, as this bike is all stock, no wear on anything. Stock tires were even still decent! I was quite surprised by the condition of bike. Good luck with buy!
  14. highflyernick

    When did they get so light weight?

    Funny, KTM's bike probably is better... but I still wouldn't ride it over my YZ. I just love how my YZ feels, runs, price of parts, availability of parts. etc etc. List goes on, one huge thing is I've seen so many of my buddys KTM's break random stuff (2 shock bodys, discs, pegs, motors) My definition of random is, breaks randomly, not because of a crash, or wear and tear. IDK, the newest KTM 2 stroke I have ridden is a 2010 KTM 250SX and it was sweet for sure, but still, I'm just way to comfortable with my Yami's. IF KTM does come out with a DI model, and Yamaha never does, I will be all over it though!
  15. highflyernick

    ATF for two stroke tranys. Good or bad idea?

    Are you having problems with the oil you are using? Or it's just pricey ? I just posted this in another thread, I use Amsoil 10w 40 synthetic, made for motorcycles, with wet clutches. Works really well as a tranny oil for my YZ250 (out of the different oils I have tried, it feels the best shifting for me) , and I leave it in for 10 hours on the meter. Comes out looking good, bike still works the same as the day I put it in. Maybe the oil you're using is the same way, you could maybe leave it in a little longer because it is better oil. People do use ATF though, it just requires more frequent oil changes.