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  1. I have 8 hours on my 2017 CRF250R, and both forks are leaking badly right now. I first noticed a small oil spot on the garage floor below my left fork while loading up my bike this past weekend. After a 1.5 hours trail ride, both forks were leaking, and they were leaking quite fast. There was a pretty decent puddle of oil in the bed of the truck. So is this a normal occurrence with these forks? My forks on my 08 YZ250F would develop leaky seals too, but never so quickly. I would venture to estimate seals typically lasting me 25+ hours of ride time. I went ahead and purchased some SKF seals, very expensive, but hopefully gives me good longevity. The way I wash my bike hasnt changed, I have seen some older post talking about hard water mineral deposits eating up seals, but that should have caused premature wear on that bike, and I have had that bike for a decade, plenty of washes and this is by far the quickest I have seen my fork seals leak. So for those of you with 14-17 CRF250R's, have leaky fork seals been a issue for you guys?
  2. mjbd

    Hard to start dirtbike

    Is it harder to start cold or hot? If its hardest to start cold, then it is probably jetting issues. If it is starting hard when hot, then it is more likely to be tight valves.
  3. Like others have suggested, not really necessary to replace it every time, but it is absolutely not worth it to buy the OEM crush washers. I bought an entire pack of copper crush washers from Harbor Freight for less than $10.
  4. mjbd

    Neutron oil filters at RMATV sale

    I have used them for years, seems like they have been on "closeout" on RM for about that long. When you look at what these filters are, is there really anything about them that makes you think it should cost more than $4? I dont. Its a solid product for a good price.
  5. mjbd


    I have also been using Rotella for years now. I am a believer in changing my oil every 5 hours. My theory is that oil gets dirty long before it wears out. There was somebody on these forums many years ago that had various oils tested, this is before Rotella officially had the Jaso MA rating, and Rotella outperformed many of the expensive oils. I ran it for years in my 2008 YZ250F that now has 225 hours on it and never had any wear issues at all. For $16 per gallon, its hard to beat.
  6. mjbd

    what are they worth?

    With used bikes, no seller will every tell you that that they are selling because its a ticking time bomb. I would always be very cautious buying used four strokes. The old eye test doesnt tell you a ton either. It doesnt cost much to buy a new set of plastic, some new graphics, and a seat cover. Couple that with a good scrub down of the bike, and you can make a 300 hour bike look pretty attractive. So unless you are going to take tools to do a leak down test, and pull the valve cover off and do a valve check, its hard to know just how tired a motor is. I would never spend more than $2000 on a used bike, because I would basically go in with the plan of having to do a new top end, head rebuilt, and suspension serviced. Basically I would factor in about $1500 worth of expense to bring everything into spec. If your not picky, you can find deals on brand new bikes for a little over $5000. I got my brand new 2017 CRF250R for $5400 no extra fees other than tax of course. In my mind I would only buy used if I knew the cost of the bike plus repairs would still be half as much as a new bike.
  7. mjbd

    Back to a CRF250r

    Tapered feller gauges are a must own. I had purchased a set because it was impossible to get a feller gauge in the middle valve on my 08 YZ250F. Buy a set, just make sure the set you buy covers the correct range. The first set I bought didn't go small enough for the intake valves and I had to buy another.
  8. mjbd

    Need help, dirtbike wont start

    LOL, I hadn't even noticed it was really just a back and forth conversation.
  9. mjbd

    Need help, dirtbike wont start

    Like everyone else is saying, the carb is certainly the most likely culprit. You can clean it, but honestly I recommend buying a couple jets. You can buy a brand new pilot and main jet for around $20. Cleaning the small orifice of the pilot can be a pain. Clean out of the float bowl with some good carb cleaner, or let it soak over night in some Pinesol. A bike that has sat for a long time can be a real pain to get fired up, but once it does, let it run for a good while, and then it will almost certainly start easy from then on. Assuming the piston and valves are in good shape of course.
  10. My most important question is how many many miles are we getting out of these tiny 1.6 gallon tanks? I know this varies quite a bit depending on how you ride and where you ride, but what is the most you have gotten before running dry on a trail ride? My next question surrounds the infamous air forks, have any of you found settings that you really enjoyed for trail riding? I have initially stuck close to the standard 156 inner and balance, with about 10 in the outer chamber. This resulted in about 4 inches of unused travel my last time out, and that was with the compression and rebound clickers set in the middle of their range. Felt really good in the whoops, but the trail hack was pretty uncomfortable. Lastly, anyone have a bolt on kick stand that you have been happy with? I have ready some reviews concerning some fitment issues on some brands.
  11. mjbd

    ATV Freindly Trails Lewiston Michigan?

    The issue we have is finding trails that are fun for both quads and dirt bikes. Two of us ride dirt bikes, but my bro that recently started riding with us rides quads, he is 41 years old, and doesn't have the time to to really get up to speed on a dirt bike. He is going to be selling his Canam Outlander Max 800 and getting a Raptor 700. The raptor is smaller and much more nimble, and this should really make the tighter trails for him more enjoyable than they have been on his Outlander. Still, the trails we have primarily rode near Lewiston have been MC only, so finding quality MC+ATV trails is going to be the goal. You have gotta love riding in Michigan. There is enough elevation to keep it interesting, tons of diversity in soil. We have rode trails that are ridden with rocks and tree roots, and then another trail 20 minutes away that was nothing but thick deep sand. I have always sucked in the sand (I just suck really, LOL), but after a full day of riding in it you do start to learn to adapt.
  12. mjbd

    ATV Freindly Trails Lewiston Michigan?

    I came across that website while searching Google, but it doesn't really give a whole lot of specifics. I was hoping to get some personal feedback from people who have rode quads on trails near Lewiston.
  13. mjbd

    FMF Duals Vs, Single

    It was a gimmick years ago when Honda first came out with the dual muffler setup, and its return a few years back. These bikes are single cylinder, one exhaust port, meaning there is little justification for two mufflers. Normally when you have twin muffler setups on street bikes or even cars for that matter, you have two separate header pipes collecting exhaust gases from two or more cylinders. Honda came up with a bunch of PR about mass centralization, and while it may have some "slight" merit, I believe they went with it because it looked cool. Most professional racers ditched it for single muffler setups. Motocrossaction is a publication that has earned my respect over the years, and this is what they have to say on the matter. https://motocrossactionmag.com/mxa-team-tested-fmf-2014-crf250-factory-4-1-single-sided-exhaust/ I recently purchased a brand new 2017 CRF250R, and while I wont be running out to purchase a single pipe setup for my new bike, if I weren't to ever badly damage the twin muffler setup, I would certainly buy a single pipe setup to replace it.
  14. I am looking for some advice on some good trails near Lewiston Michigan. I ride a dirt bike, but my brother rides a quad, and we took a trip last summer that didn't go well for my brother. He was riding his Canam Outlander 800 Max, and I was on my YZ250F. The trails were just too tight for a big quad, and there even times we weren't sure his quad would fit between a couple trees on the trail. I have done multiple trips to Lewiston Michigan, but we were all on dirt bikes, so we rode local dirt bike only trails. I want to take my brother up there, the Redwood Hotel is a nice place to stay, but I am looking for some guidance for some ATV+MC trails in the area that are a bit more open. So any suggestions on good wider ATV trails near Lewiston would really help us out.
  15. mjbd

    New Clutch Wont Engage?

    I previously had a Rekluse pro installed. The Rekluse used an extra thick washer on the pressure plate. I am going back to a standard clutch, but still had the thick washer in play. Like I said, I'm an idiot. LOL