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  1. gedakbx

    Suspension and springs question

    look it up at www.q_springs.com
  2. gedakbx

    2019 yz450f cornering

    what do you weigh? thanks
  3. gedakbx

    2019 vs 2018 Yz450f

    we have a 2019 stock suspension works very good, if you have to revalve it any way the 18 is probably just as good 18 also needs stiffer seat foam
  4. Is anyone using them in Canada or the US at the Pro level moto only on a newer Yamaha 250 or 450
  5. gedakbx

    2018 yzf 450 gearbox issues

    Ours was a PC built yz250F just to be clear, our 2019 Yz450F has 22 hrs on it so far so good i seems to have a louder than normal Yamaha clutch rattle when idling with the clutch engaged maybe its a 450 thing this is our first one so I dont know
  6. gedakbx

    2018 yzf 450 gearbox issues

    Thats exactly what our 2018 race bike looked like last year at 20 hrs running the expensive Motul oil i feel ours was because of a crash. Replaced fork and 2 gears and it was all good.
  7. gedakbx

    2018-19 airbox cover?

    This. The stock shrouds were blocked off completely. I also want one then i have seen first hand on our 2018 how much mud and crap gets in there through the shrouds in a mud race
  8. gedakbx

    2018-19 airbox cover?

    I bet in a mud race the filter would stay cleaner pulling air behind the steering head and number plate than it would sucking air in the stock location.
  9. gedakbx

    2018-19 airbox cover?

    May be they ran that Just because it was a mud race?
  10. gedakbx

    2016 yz250f ignition mod?

    they are used to plug fuel line and tank when you remove the fuel tank i believe
  11. gedakbx

    2018 yzf 450 gearbox issues

    Has the bike hit the ground had crash wise our 250 race bike started jumping out of gear after a hard crash it ended up being a bent shift fork.
  12. gedakbx

    Shifting problem

    has the bike hit the ground hard as of late ( crash i mean) our 2017 did then it started jumping out of 3rd gear ended up being a bent shift fork. It was also hard to shift into third before we repaired it.
  13. gedakbx

    YZ250 113kg rider - springs??

    go on wwwQsprings.com for spring rates
  14. gedakbx

    Should I adjust the 2018 yz450f forks?

    My 160# kid (16 yo Pro mx rider) runs stock springs and the suspension works good for him. I would think they would be to soft for you
  15. Quality of the chev is way better than the ford our 2006 chev express with 234000 km drive way nicer than the ford. Transit drive terrible in the wind (and it is always windy here). Also dosent pull our 24 ft camper very well either. $49000 CAD buys mine it is fully finished inside.