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  1. rasta

    Installing R front number plate on a X

    R number plate triple clamp and front fender
  2. rasta

    What are the name of these style rims?

    Nice to see your still on here. Haven't posted in years. Thanks for your help in the past.
  3. These are on my x. Rounded d shaped. Going to do spokes soon. Thanks
  4. have weisco 120 piston, powroll 9mm stroker. flat slide carb. running a mega cycle cam now. wondering what cam is better for the mods i have? thanks
  5. rasta

    xr 100 kick start spindle

    thanks, just did. got it figured
  6. rasta

    xr 100 kick start spindle

    have a 85 xr100. replacing kick start spinde/shaft. trying to find out what years will fit before i buy one, thanks
  7. would be cool to see a little screen when watching racing that shows you what gear and when on/off brakes and gas like on nascar racing. how come they dont do it on sx racing?
  8. just wondering if anybody knows which carb from a crf dirtbike will work for a 06 trx450, thanks
  9. rasta

    450r seat cover on 450x seat?

    i always leave the x seat cover underneath when i install a r seat. you will have less wrinkles. r seat is more thinner like koolaidmademesick said. but i never had a problem.
  10. rasta

    black friday deals?

    thats great in all but i am looking for deals for family members gifts. i am fortunate to live down the block from a riding area and ride 4-5 times a week.
  11. rasta

    black friday deals?

    anyone know of any online deals going on for black friday?
  12. hi, trying to figure out what is the best bottom/mid pipe power for single track and woods riding. also have to have quiet core/spark arrester inserts as well, thanks- all the pipe shootouts i have found are for wide open track use.
  13. rasta

    lowering link

    is there any benefit from a lowering link? such as handling or better grip?
  14. have a 100 with 120 kit,cdi,stroker,cam- have a 200x carb. bike is choking when i ride wheelies. do i need a carb with adjustable float? before i stroked it, ran flatside carb and never has issues with this. is there some other carb i should run? thanks for looking
  15. rasta

    waterpump oil seal

    just wondering if anybody knows if the oil seal spring is facing out or in? thanks