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    Barcia disappointed me when he moved up to the 450s years ago. I really thought he was going to be a top contender battling it out with the best! Maybe now that he is going back to a Honda he will do better :/ Honestly the 450 class has some killer talent and I never know who's going to win each race. I bet Musquin is going to take home a lot of W's though.
  2. Just wanted to share a video I saw recently of some guys riding their two strokes. Videos like this help me get through the winter haha!
  3. Ricky_Racer

    What’s your opinion on this?

    I have a GoPro Hero3+ Black edition and still don't feel the need to upgrade to something better. If you're using the camera to just film some rides, you'll be satisfied with any camera probably. If you want to use the camera to assist in making cinematic videos, the GoPro offers so many options to change the settings within the camera. After you slap on protune and adjust iso limit, white balance, exposure, sharpness, color profile, etc the results that come out of the camera are incredible.
  4. I think it depends on the type of riding you're doing as well. When I do trail riding all of my buddies typically are on KTMs and I generally see only KTMs. When I go to the motocross track pretty much everyone has a yamaha where I'm at.
  5. My old YZ250F was damn reliable. But I have to say the most reliable bike I ever had was a 2005 CRF150F that I had as a kid. I absolutely thrashed that bike and forgot to do so much maintenance on it, but it always ran great and gave me no problems!
  6. Ricky_Racer

    Moto Bliss - Woods Riding

    Great vid, really enjoyed it!
  7. Ricky_Racer

    2001 XR 400 vs 2004 CRF 250X

    They are very different bikes. The XR400 isn't as nimble but it's pretty much a bullet proof bike if you do simple oil and air filter changes. The CRFx will feel more agile and "race-like" but requires a bit more maintenance (valves, more frequent rebuilds than the XR) so make sure it has been maintained well. I know earlier Honda's had a lot of valve issues. The CRFx weighs about 20 pounds less so it will be a little easier to maneuver through trails as well. Both the XR400 and the CRF250x have about 30-31 hp. Hope this helps you make a decision.
  8. Ricky_Racer

    Some nasty crashes

  9. I think I saw someone say I can do this conversion on an 02 but I just wanted to make sure before I spend any money. This is capable on a steel frame? Does my steel frame have a different subframe than the newer AFs? What else do I have to buy besides the 2015 airbox? Do I need to purchase different bolts, washers, etc? Thanks guys can't wait to do this to my YZ.
  10. Ricky_Racer

    Trade 03 cr125

    Even if it was "built by pro circuit," the owner still could have neglected to take care of it. At the end of the day, it all comes down to who maintained their bike better. As for those years, I have heard/read of more valve issues from the suzuki than the yamaha. It seems like the early Yamaha 250f's are pretty bullet proof as long as you change your air filter and oil regularly. I personally would pick the yamaha if you want to trade your bike. Why do you want to get ride of the cr125? Top end replacements on two strokes are easy and very cheap compared to four strokes.
  11. Ricky_Racer

    150r or 250r

    I definitely think you are not tall enough for a full sized bike at the moment. Do you hate your 85? It seems like that would be a good fit bike for you. If I were in your shoes I would save my money until I am tall enough to fit comfortably on a full-sized bike. You are only 12 and you will probably grow quite a bit in the next two years.