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    mxrider20years85, bro your funny, people can tell your like a affiliate,the owner or relative what ever. Your posts started when the place went the way it was going. Real balls would be mailed refunds to all the riders that have memberships. And a real life isn't letting the lenders eat my mistakes. The real looser here is all the people that enjoyed the top notch place the facility was at one time. And oh yes its going to be a great new year Thanks!!!! :p
  2. marksman


    Thing that stinks is the greed if what someone said about the place being sold for 800k, shows it was borrowed on way past its worth meaning it would be unlikely it could support itself as a track. Being there is a flood plane though part of the place I cant imagine it working great for development but what do i know.
  3. marksman


    Hey pinto24, I really think it boils down to many people that put in allot of hard work and money to help the track in the last days under the Cain management after Chris left and before Rhino came in that they really felt kind of put off the way things were handled. I remember lots of people that would come to help and even a family there that left pretty pissed the way they were all just dumped so the owners could try for a bigger buck or something. One friend of mine bought a membership package of some sort and was pissed he couldn't even enjoy the place the way it was when he purchased it.
  4. marksman


    Wow Mxrider20years85 you arefalling in every direction. Look; The owners of the place haven't changed. The people that owned the place took out loan after loan on the place and more than tripled what was the original purchase price.( greed) Take a look at public records bro. See for yourself all the facts. Mountaineer isn't the only one the bank is getting back. The issue here is that there were over 500 riders with cash in there hand ready to ride when the guy who " yelled " did the dirt there and after they had there falling out they went to a bad back yard track and the turn out showed it. So for anyone interested look into it. I'm not airing the owners actions here, cause this site is all about what makes us happy. I tryed to give a heads up to all my bro's here by starting this thread. Im glad there are not as many out there money as could have been.
  5. marksman


    Yeah so what happens to all the people that have memberships? looks like not much changed.
  6. marksman


    great job copy and pasting all that stuff! The place has spoken to its riders for over a year with the conditions they had. Thats the bottom line and there turn out shows it.
  7. marksman

    Tomahawk/Mountaineer MX Parks

    Tomahawk rocks and Chad is a great guy! He has held up to having a great place for a long time. I will not go back to Mountaineer the owners left tons of riders with memberships and really poor place to ride for more than a year. Toooo many times we would get there and it wasnt worth pulling the bike off the truck and with the cost of fuel it will take good owners to get me or my friends there.
  8. Thanks for all the replies! My family has taken a break from riding for many reasons, A little burned out. We rode for 5 years nonstop every day just about in the summers. Driving to the tracks was a little trying too, many were over an hour and a half away. The thing that is crazy is if there is a motocross race on everyone in the house gets grumpy now. I guess were all jones-ing to ride again!
  9. JCMINIS I feel ya! The boat gets old. I get the wife turning so hard that she is going into wakes just to make jumps in the water. 40mph on the tube or wakeboard isnt as fun as MX. My son and I have been 6 plus feet in the air on a tube double riding and just get home wanting to ride mx. I was waiting for someone to say they like to do something just as much as mx.
  10. I have to admit it stinks there is such a negative attitude toward power sports in general from the public. I mean its an hour or more to ride for us. If I start our bike sometimes someone calls the police! Heck the stick the county on us for our trailer
  11. Jeekinz, wow that is a long break!
  12. It seems like mx is hard to take a break from. I have two kids and a wife that have all just taken a break from it and no one is happy with anything I come up with for fun. It is like buying a boat and wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing is not as fun. Not to mention all the mx phrases they use to describe stuff, like when my son face planted on the wakeboard he said " I cased that wake when I landed" or when I power out of a turn with the boat my daughter screams "stop roosting me". What do you guys do?
  13. marksman


    Look mxrider20years85 people can see though the bs your doing, your on the forum just for mountaineer raceway. less than 20 posts and all for your favorite track. lets keep it real bro and sorry if your the one pay n the lease there
  14. marksman

    places to ride near charlottesville va.

    I Second Tomahawk ,great place, great people. Its tons of fun!!!!!!
  15. marksman


    yes Im sure they have. But I can see why the photo's they have are of the way the track was before, and was great. They lost hundreds of there riders cause they suck