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  1. What rad braces are everyone running these days? Thinking about the EE or 7602 Racing radiator braces for my '15 FE350. The stock tank/shrouds is already a tight fit over the radiators, not sure how well it would fit with the added bulk of radiator braces. Is this a concern or not? Thanks.
  2. StevePSD

    repair/workshop manual fe 350 2014

    You can buy the factory Service Manual on CD from many sources.....ebay, Munn Racing, etc. About $25. I just bought one and it covers all the 2014-2016 FC/FE 250/350/450/501 & FS 450. Euro, Australian and US versions. In 5 languages no less. It also has the wiring diagrams as well. Husky part # 3.403.034 Well worth the money.
  3. StevePSD

    Newer FE model E-start reliability reports please

    I have never used the kick starter on my '09 530. I remember the big stink in the late 1970's/early 1980's when kickstarters started to disappear from street bikes. Turned into a whole lot of nothing. The world kept turning.
  4. StevePSD

    Lifespan of Shorai Batteries

    I have had my original Shorai in my '09 KTM530 since early 2010. No problems or issues. I did just replace it with another Shorai, not because of any issues, but just because it was over 7 years old. I did a load test on the old one and it passed with flying colors. I'm keeping it for use as a bench battery.
  5. StevePSD

    Wiring Diagrams?

    Just a FYI..... Since the manual provided with my FE350 did not have a wiring diagram, I ended up buying the factory Service Manual CD, and they DO have the wiring diagrams.
  6. Just picked up a very low hour 2015 FE 350 (not the -S) and when cold the motor cranks for quite a while (5+ seconds) before finally starting. It runs just fine after that. When warm it starts right up. Compression & valve clearances are good, fuel filters are clean. The bike was only run on non-ethanol premium fuel. I have not checked the TPS voltage, yet. Is this just a symptom of the US map? There is no mention of any other maps in the owners manual, but it appears that the dealer could reflash the ECU with a EU map? If so, how do you go about changing maps and would this help the hard starting? What does the EU map change - ignition timing, fueling and/or ? I read threads about a handlebar switch, an adjustable switch in the airbox, 2 position switch, 3 position switch, digital switch etc....but am not sure what is required for my bike. Thanks.
  7. StevePSD

    Wiring Diagrams?

    The owners manual for my 2015 FE 350 did not contain a wiring diagram, does anyone know if the CD-based Service Manual does or not? If not, where could one be found?
  8. StevePSD

    Emissions label recall

    After getting my 'smog recall' done back last month....a 'Vehicle Emissions Recall - Proof of Correction' was just mailed to me by my dealer. It says to show this certificate to the DMV if they require it.
  9. StevePSD

    Emissions label recall

    Just had my 'recall' done. Went to my dealer and they gave me the new sticker. Bike not required. No clandistine checking of emissions equipment. No DMV 'compliance letter' either, according to the service manager nobody at KTM USA knows anything about the letter and they have done dozens of the recalls.
  10. StevePSD

    lighten up my EXC

    Not after crashing!
  11. StevePSD

    lighten up my EXC

    Have you heard about the Shoari Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)batteries? http://www.shoraipower.com/s-47963-EXC-Racing.aspx They have 3 recommended replacements for the EXC's.. the LFX07L2-BS12 (a 7 amp/hr battery, with 102 Cold Cranking Amps), weighs only 1 lb. the LFX09L2-BS12 ( a 9 amp/hr battery, with 135 Cold Cranking Amps), weighs 1.23lbs and the 'biggie', the LFX14L2-BS12 (a 14 amp/hr battery, with 210 Cold Cranking Amps), weighs 1.6lbs. All these batteries are the same size (113mm x 58mm x 89mm) and have a 2 year warranty. I ordered the LFX14L2-BS12 for my 09 530 EXC from http://www.batterystuff.com/batteries/lithium-iron-batteries/ I could not get a regular battery to last more than 9 months...and even the upsized YTZ7S (6 amp/hr, 130 CCA's) would have a hard time starting a hot motor, giving me about 10-20 seconds of crank time before it would quit. I hope this new battery will live up to the positive chatter on the net. My battery arrives Tuesday.
  12. StevePSD

    08 530, found a great deal on a rear rack

    I have that rack on my 530. It fits great and is very well made. Quite a bargain for $79!
  13. Did anyone have any issues fitting the Scotts clamp-on mount to their 450/530? I have heard that lots of grinding of the weld around the steering stem is sometimes (always, mostly, never.....) required? I know there is a two-piece mount (from...?) that does not seem to have this issue. Or maybe I should just use the weld-on mount, it was super easy to install on my XR600.....
  14. StevePSD

    08 ktm530excr

    I went with the Australian made Aqualine Safari 4.1 gallon tank, as the Acerbis 3.4 gallon is just a bit on the small side for my kind of desert riding. The Safari tank is still nice and narrow in the back so it does not interfere with moving around on the bike unlike the huge 6.3 gallon monster. As a plus, the tank acts as radiator guards and is very, very sturdy. Bought mine from http://www.justgastanks.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_17_287&products_id=904
  15. Looking at moving my Scotts from my old XR600R to my '09 530 EXC and will be going to a sub-mount. I have the trail-tech sub-mount bar-risers (with built-in billet protector for the Vector enduro computer). For those of you that are running the Scotts sub-mount setup, is your link arm flat or stepped? My current arm is flat (68mm long). The pics of the sub-mounts on the Scotts site looks like the sub-mount setups on the KTM's are using flat arms (hard to tell from the angle of the pics). Thanks. -steve