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  1. Bodyman

    Little Guidance or opinion on stacks

    Being I am not a huge suspension tuner, I and do minor tweeks, I was amazed how stiff the other bike was. Our bike with stock stacks performed fantastic for a pro level national MX rider during a day of testing. We only tried to address the sharp object hits we get offroad and my riders like the bike to stay up more. anyone here do work on marzoochi 50mm forks ?
  2. Bodyman

    Little Guidance or opinion on stacks

    Opps, didn't finish, I made those small changes and my rider was impressed and felt it . the real stiff stuff has me wondering why so stiff and is this common, I am no suspension guy, just dabble and willing to learn a bit.
  3. I got restacker and will play but just curious on this. 50mm Zookes/shivers on a TM Stock Stack Comp 12 .2 14 .1 16 .1 18 .1 20 .1 12 .1 22 .1 22 .1 Mid 22 .3 20 .3 1,3mm float Reb 10 2.5mm 12 .1 16 .1 19 .1 12 .1 22 .1 22 .1 MY FIRST mod to help in offroad rocks for a expert rider . went from 5wt in inner cart to 2.5 Comp 12 .2 14 .1 16 .1 18 .1 20 .1 12 .1 20 .1 22 .1 Mid 22 .3 20 .3 18 .2 14 .2 .9 mm float Reb .left stock 10 2.5mm 12 .1 16 .1 19 .1 12 .1 22 .1 22 .1 Now we looked at a second set from a demo bike that was done by factory tester on west coast. Super stiff and way slow for offroad rocks and GNCC stuff. MX modded for fast expert Comp 12 .2 13 .1 14 .1 16 .1 18 .1 20 .1 22 .1 22 .1 13 .1 22 .1 22 .1 22 .1 Mid 22 .3 back 11 .25 11 .25 16 .1 18 .1 20 .1 22 .1 (6) .1 float Reb 10 2.5mm 13 .1 13 .1 15 .1 17 .1 19 .1 21 .1 21 .1
  4. Bodyman

    Tm Reliablity

    we had an o3 for a while that we sold, we also did some dealing in TM's when the gorgia guy tried it, Parts were in Georgia for a while and Barker in Canada helped us many times, so no real issues.
  5. Bodyman

    Tm Reliablity

    Not sure on pricing, from what I have seen ktm 250x go for locally the TM is within 800-1000, You get way more than that in quality add ons with the TM. Again the TM was out of the OX race ready, a slight jetting change and even suspension was on the Mark, Every New KTM we ever bought needed 1K pluss to hit the first race, same goes for any asian bike we had... If you get a chance to actually ride one, then go for it..
  6. Bodyman

    Finally joined the exotic club, 2011 TM 250MX

    CRF450, 250 2 strokes around 2000 ntil their demise,, I am not familiar with many autoclutches, our riders do not use them in competition..
  7. Bodyman

    TM clutch

    2 strokes 250/300 TM interchange with crf 450 not sure on the 4 stroke, sorry
  8. Bodyman

    Finally joined the exotic club, 2011 TM 250MX

    Honda Clutches work awesome in the 2 smoke 250/300... ditch the stock TM springs as they are a weak link as we use the clutch way more than the euro riders LOL.. The 300MX is an incredible machine, TM Works rear shock is a dream...
  9. Bodyman

    Tm Reliablity

    AS T4 mentions the 2012 TM's are TRUE Race bikes, set up suspension springs as needed for your weight, use good fuel and oils, then it is just point and twist... they out handle any KTM, they can hang and challenge any asian bike.. They are built from the best of he best, parts and design.. The TM was the cheapest and easiest race bike we have ever set up and raced, they need so little, they look so great...
  10. Bodyman

    2011 TM250fi stalls

    You can tweek the idle, use good fuel. there are updates from TM. Gearing may help.. If you get stuck work with Pete or contact me directly.. I am across the states but will gladly go over basics.
  11. Bodyman

    Another Great Hare Scrambles

    Can't wait to go back there... We loved it last year and had a blast. My scoring trailer is ready to roll, the Hare Scramble Team of the ECEA is ready to provide an awesome weekend. We are scoring with MotoTally and their transponders, they are free and riders can grab a day number or join the ECEA series. Online sign up is OPEN. www.ecea.org for details The ECEA KIDZ are the heart of our series, we have a long list of champions that have started racing with us. For 2012 the Youth series has 3 separate events: 50cc ( 3 classes of just 50 cc bikes); PeeWee ( 7-9 65cc and Trail Classes) and The Youth (all older kids, PLUS the new First Time Class. 10-15 on any youth legal bike) As for the Sunday Group we have a class for every arse to say the least.. a Vintage Class, Sportsmen and Schoolboy are popular and run with the Morning Event. If you need a place to ride and want to check out some of the best racing and best family fun around... COME to BOYERS FARM... Slanesville WV this weekend. Any Thumper Talk Riders are urged to stop by scoring or sign up, mention you the the post and get a special token of appreciation from Bodyman/Mike S Tuning/Cycle Playground , I am also the ECEA scoring guru and my wife handles sign up... Make the trip it will be worth it.. --------------------
  12. Bodyman

    Button advantage in HS

    We leave it agreesive for almost all starts, IF level and grass or loomy loose stuff we do a 3RD gear start.. No problem at all.. If tack or a slight incline we do a 2nd gear start. then up shif fast depending on what lies ahead.. This is where we cheat the switch if we need to rev it out for a 100 feet or so/ or shift to 3rd, BAng the switch to Soft, it adds a few hundred more RPM to the motor, then if it is moderate turn, we switch bag for the turn and we ride,, We also leave bike in agreesive mode for tight woods, turn to turn sprints, gear it right first, then when we hit the log staights we hit soft mode to carry RPM and more speed, especially in 5th or 6th, this helps and detontaion also.. MikeS
  13. I have and I am starting with it next week,,,,,, Just need some time to play
  14. Bodyman

    2012 TM Motorcycles

    They are here ..... Ours is in transit, we just hooked a friend up with a 2011 450MX with all the 2012 bling and updates.. SWEET RIDE Initial comments are positive, fires one kick, easy to kick, very light, carries weight well, quiet, well balanced.....