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  1. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    I did! But the last one was in 2016, so they are long expired. I think they have to be current right?
  2. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Yes, although the majority is National Forest. Not much BLM, lots of private tracks. Hahaha you are right bro! I need to suck it up.
  3. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Right, I know. If it were just me, I’d probably just go ride and not worry about it. But I have little ones watching me... Maybe you didn’t grasp it, but I don’t have a title. Getting one is far from in and out in AZ. 3-6 months and through the bonding process.
  4. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Well, all I can compare against is CO, and it’s more difficult and complicated in AZ than it was there. I am really not interested in playing the bike, I only want to ride off road and tracks, so ease of plating isn’t of much benefit to me. I wish I had applied for a title back in CO because they will issue one to a bike with just a current OHV tag, but I figured “what would I ever use it for?” Ugh. Thanks for the replies.
  5. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Yeah, I agree. And I’ll get to go more often with more options. thanks for the pointers! tim
  6. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Yeah, I ride tracks, but the ones here are 35-40 a bike per day. Pretty steep for a family of bikes. (And 4x the price of some places in CO) Oh I’ve googled till my eyes hurt. It’s not all that helpful. You were though, thanks man. So far AZ is a pain in the ass to ride in. Sigh.
  7. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Haha gotcha. State trust isn’t something I’m familiar with. I’m trying to find the place we can ride with no plate, sticker or anything. Haha
  8. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    So what qualifies as “state trust land”? Is that BLM? Forest Service? Or is that a third category?
  9. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Thanks again guys! I don’t want to make the bikes street legal. A street legal kx85 is ridiculous, and I like to ride the tracks too. I’d like to have them legal to ride off road, what is the requirement for that? I don’t think you need headlight, taillight Horn right?
  10. COlucky7s

    Riding in Arizona

    Thanks for the reply! I have three. A CRF 450, CRF 70 and a KX 85. So technically, I have bikes that are only off road right? Unless I squeak by and get M tags. Also, sounds like if I want to ride national forests I need the M, but do I need it anywhere else? What about BLM land?
  11. COlucky7s

    arizona Riding in Arizona

    Hi there - new to Arizona. I have a few bikes which ill need to get titles for, then plates, then a sticker. UGH. First question... I see conflicting information about what is needed on the bike to get an OHV sticker. Can anyone shed some light on that for me? Do I need to have tail lights, head lights, etc? I wouldn't think so, but I have found places that say exactly that. Next question, in the mean time (while it takes me a million years to get the sticker) are there places I can ride thats not a track where a sticker isn't required? Im in Mesa. Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi there - I am looking for some information about camping and riding at Tarryall. My family and a friends family are meeting up there this summer to camp/ride for a few days. Does anyone have experiences from there to share? Good spots? Things to avoid? Thanks in advance! Tim
  13. COlucky7s

    Cant get my silencer apart!

    Okay cool ill give that a try. Thanks for the advice man!
  14. COlucky7s

    BreckTrek 2010

    Man I need a plated 450.... I know Ryan...