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  1. Beef

    Mountain View MX

    > Oh are they actually racing on a Tuesday? That seems weird. No, practice on Tuesday and Saturday and race on Sunday...but again, check their schedule. This is off the top of my head. > Hey man I'm not fast at all, you wanna ride the Bend area let me know ill meet ya over there. I've ridden all the ohvs enough to know my way around. I love Bend, I used to live there. Been out to EFR a few times, but it was nearly a decade ago. I'm pretty flexible on speed. I go slow when I'm leading my kids around and faster when I'm trying to keep up with better riders. As long as I'm on the bike it's all good. On the track I'm still pretty slow...but once I get my suspension stiffened up a bit and can feel a little more confident coming up short on some landings I'm sure my speed will increase. Pro Motion did some work for me a few years ago and did a great job, so I'll probably have him stuff some stiffer springs on my suspenders and see how it goes.
  2. Beef

    Mountain View MX

    I have a similar problem. Maybe one of these days I'll take a Tuesday off and we can meet up there. Also, if you have the arms for it, you can pay an extra $10 and ride two classes (ie. Beginnner and 35+). I was considering it, but after getting some nasty arm-pump after my first heat, I appreciated the ~1 hour down-time between heats to let my grip recover. As I build up stamina I may see if I can pull off two classes.
  3. Beef

    Mountain View MX

    They do have a pretty cool kids track. I'll be taking my kids with me next time I go. They run various skill classes throughout the day, including a Beginner class and a small-bikes class. If I recall correctly the classes and order of riding are as follows: Beginner, Junior, "50's-80's & Ladies", 35+ (old geezer class ;), and Intermediate/Pro However, they only have practice days every so often, so you need to go on their website and check the schedule. You can't just drop in and expect to ride, unfortunately. I think during the summer they have practice on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
  4. Beef

    Mountain View MX

    I'm thinking about going to Mountain View MX this Saturday to get some track time on practice day (5/5). It's been a long time since I've been on an MX track, but it sounds like fun way to kick the season off. Anyone else interested in going?
  5. Beef

    PDX: Riding with kids

    I have kids who ride, and I'm looking for other families with kids who ride to connect with and do some riding this year. I have been riding on and off for years, but nothing competitive. This will be the first year for one of my kids and the second year of riding for my other kid..so we'll be starting off kinda slow, but looking forward to gaining some experience this summer. Planning on riding both track and trail.
  6. That sounds like fun! Any tracks that have regular open practice sessions though? I'm not really ready to actually race competitively yet...but would be fun for my kids and me to get some track time this year...then maybe next year start racing.
  7. What are the conditions in TSF now? I was thinking about taking my kids up there one of these weekends when it dries out a little. Anyone else have kids that wants to meet up for a family ride? Also, anybody know of any tracks on the West-side? I heard there used to be an indoor track in North Plains I think...too bad that shut down...
  8. I'd love to get the bike out, and the weather looks pretty good. I've only been to DMill once or twice, so I can't really give a good tour, but would love to learn some new trails if we can connect with someone who has!
  9. Beef

    Kids' MX track?

    Are there any MX tracks in the Portland area that either have dedicated kid's practice times or separate kids' tracks? I'd really like to take my Son to a track, but don't want to worry about him getting in an accident while riding with more advanced riders.
  10. Beef

    Open trails?

    I took my Son up to Browns Camp last weekend, only to discover that all of the OHV trails are closed due to extreme fire danger...we did a bunch of road riding and got more familiar with the area, but would really like to hit some more trails. Are there any that are still open anywhere in the Portland area, or are we all just SOL until it starts raining again?
  11. Beef

    XR 80 tires.

    Resurrecting a dead thread...in case someone is still looking for tires... I've been shopping for a new front for my Son's bike and discovered that while there seem to be ZERO aftermarket replacements, Rocky Mountain ATV/MC has an OEM section and has a reasonable price on an OEM replacement. They appear to also keep a decent quantity in stock. Below is a link to the OEM parts schematics. Select your specific XR80 machine, then go to the FRONT WHEEL page: https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/oem-schematic/
  12. Beef

    My WR250F map

    Bushpig: with a +3 in the lower left corner of the FI map, the bike starts on the first kick usually when warm. Below that, you'll kick your leg off. Above that and the bike blows unburned fuel smoke out the exhaust when you blip the throttle. Regarding a completely drained battery, I don't know. My hunch is that assuming the battery is simply too low to crank the bike, but still has a little bit of juice left to run the FI pump for a second to pressurize the system (it doesn't run continuously), it would be fine, because the generator would take over providing power to the system once the engine gets above about 1000 rpms. If the battery actually failed internally it would short out the generator and then all bets are off. In that case, your best bet may be to disconnect the battery and kick the crap out of it or bump start it and hope the generator pushes enough power to run the FI pump. Would be an interesting experiment to try at home... Robt85: If you are on the track and like hard-hitting power, leaner may be better. If you are on tight trails or loose ground, richer provides a smoother, more predictable feel. It also helps the engine run slightly cooler, which may be a concern if you are riding somewhere hot.
  13. Beef

    My WR250F map

    Thanks, I'll give that a try. Regarding the kicker, I just don't like relying on the eStart 100%. If the battery or starter fails for whatever reason, I want to know that I can still start the bike when I'm 10+ miles from the truck.
  14. Beef

    My WR250F map

    Any idea how different your map would be with the uncorked factory pipe? Would I just back off the FI numbers in the right half of the map, due to more restriction? ie: FI IG +2 +2 +3 +2 +3 +3 +2 +0 +0 0 +3 +2 +3 +3+3 -3 -3 -4 I did find through experimentation (prior to reading this thread) that the lowest left number needs to be a +3 for the easiest kick starting. +4 was too rich and +2 and under were virtually impossible to kick start, which agrees with your map. I still can't kick start my bike from cold...i really wish there was an additional "choke" parameter that enriches the FI parameter on a cold engine with zero-throttle at ~1000 rpms...
  15. Beef

    2015 yz250FX Kickstart

    I recently bought a new 2015 WR250F and was having similar concerns about kicking it over...I think I may have found the trick... By default, I believe the piston always seems to stop just before TDC. Kicking through this is tough...way tougher than it should be with auto-decomp. At the same time, it does very little to actually get the engine to fire over either...I can kick until my leg falls off on a cold engine (60°F). HOWEVER, after thinking back to my older, manual decompression lever days, I tried pushing through TDC slowly (about half a kick), then resetting the kick-start lever back to the top of the stroke and giving it another full (much easier) kick, it seems to fire right up every time. It's kind of a pain having to essentially kick twice, but it works pretty repeatably for me. Once the engine is hot, a normal kick seems to fire her up every time...this is just an issue with a cold engine. ...curious if anyone else could try this and get similar results?