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  1. someone bought the bike whole!!!
  2. duumah

    removing stator on 150

    thanks molecculo!!! i'll try it
  3. i removed the left side cover and removed the 3 8mm bolts holding the stator in place. do i have to use some type of prying mechanism to remove the stator?? it will not budge. it looks sorta like it's lighty pressed on to the cover. anyone that has an idea of taking em the stator out plz fill me in. thanks in advance
  4. duumah

    2003 xr100 valves

    i adjusted already. what i'm saying is it still is ticking just not as bad. i know some cars tick normally even if the valves are adjusted correctly to spec. it clicks just a tad now. should i try to readjust or let it just tick?
  5. duumah

    2003 xr100 valves

    i just adjusted the valves .002 " cold both intake and exh. it was ticking loud before the adjustment and now it's ticking just alittle. should i be worried about the ticking?? i also adjusted the timing chain too. looks like no stretch.
  6. lookin for an upgrade TTR125 carb. i hear round slides are ideal. would the flat or oval slides work??? thanks
  7. duumah

    YFZ Jetting HELP!?

    umm to me a 165 sounds really small. i am currently running a NCVQ needle 48 pilot with a 182 main jet. i'm at 500 feet above sea level. my mods are cam mod, jardine full exh, esr intake
  8. duumah

    YFZ FCR39 carb on KFX400/Z400

    i have a 40mm FCR on mine. but mine is off a crf450. i'm running a 45 pilot it seems to help on decel. my needle i think is a OBERL or something like that. my MJ are up in the 180's on a stock z400 motor. runs great idles fine. starts with a tap of the starter button. on my yfz450 i have a NCVQ needle (needle from yz450) on second from richest, pilot 48, mj around 178-185 depending on where i ride.
  9. duumah

    Gorman Thurs. Aug 25

    if u wanna move your trip to wednesday. me and a few buddies are going up there on wednesday. they are novices so they aren't to fast. i'm teachin some little girls to ride too so i wont be any fast that day.
  10. duumah

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    i have a group of 8 riders or so. san fernando valley. usually ride gorman, rowher flats, cal city, dove springs, pismo and where ever else we can think of.
  11. duumah

    possible xr/cr conversion??

    thanks for your input guys. even the sick fella. i think i'm going the DMC way. just gotta break a few piggy banks. i will post pics once i get the kit for those who are interested in seeing them.
  12. duumah

    possible xr/cr conversion??

    i was thinking.... i have a 2003 xr100 for my neice. i just picked up a good running 1999 cr80 expert. should i do a conversion or should i try to fit the cr80 forks on the xr100 frame?? a conversion would costs me around 1700 from DMC. (i'll prolly end up going this route if i can't figure how to get the forks on the xr100 frame) i dont know what's involved in putting inverted cr80 forks on a xr100 chassis. has anyone put cr80/85 expert forks on a xr100 chassis?? what is involved?? thanks.
  13. cummins....i racked up 300+k miles on a 1998 dodge 2wd and was still running strong. i never serviced the rear end or tranny. the tranny gave out around 310k miles or so. by then i was thinking about putting another 5spd in there but decided to sell the truck instead. i have driven both ford and chevy with auto's. they are faster i beleive than my dodge 5spd. but then again i have to shift etc i didn't like the power of the chevy/ford's i have a 1999 GMC 6500 3126 Cat flat bed tow truck. massive torque this thing has but no speed. no problem it's a freakin tow truck. torque is all i need. if i was to rate these engines i would choose cummins and cat as a tie for number 1 diesel engine. Ford-isuzu-duramx-hino i think would be tied as 2nd. they are all great engines. most popular would be obvious duramax and powerstroke that people tend to hop up and modify. i have rebuilt isuzu's NPR and NRR engines as well as many Hino's and CAT's and Cummins engines. everywhere from light dudty to the big 3406b cats and the cummins big cams and a few 6cyl detroit. i havn't had a chance to touch a powerstroke or duramax yet. but then again we dont work on them. my dad owns a Wrecking yard and Truck repair in sun valley CA. all this info is from my experience, or my dads experience. to sum it all i say Cummins/Cat u ask my Dad he would say Cat he's a 64 yr old man. he knows his chit about diesel engines.