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  1. MotoMac

    Steering Head Lock removal

    You are exactly right....a locksmith will have a key extractor and will get the key out in a few seconds. You can also do it. First, squirt all around the broken key with WD-40 or 3-in-1 oil and wait about 15-20 minutes. Wiggle the key a bit if you can by pushing the stub side to side. Then get a small fishhook, straighten out the shank a bit (difficult to do without breaking it), then slide the end down beside the key with the barb point against the key. Twist it slightly so the barb digs into the key then gently pull it out. You only need to get it out about 1/4" and then grab the key with needlenose pliers. I worked parttime as a locksmith and have done this many times, both with a key extractor and a fish hook!
  2. MotoMac

    Kick start issue

    So the problem isn't that you can't start it, but you can't keep it running more than 5-10 seconds. Most obvious is low fuel level....which could be stuck float, flooded float, stuck needle valve that will only let a trickle of gas in, blocked petcock, and more.
  3. MotoMac

    Different Husky manufacturer's preference

    Husqvarna started making motorcycles in 1903, and continued until selling out to Cagiva in 1987. The oldest one I've seen run was a 1920-something. I know a guy who owns an early 1930s Husqvarna Gran Prix roadracer (for which he paid well into 6 figures), but none earlier than that.
  4. MotoMac

    DRZ400E through Africa

    Get a list of all the American embassies (phone numbers and street address) along your travel route. If you're not American, get that info for your country's embassy. Some countries don't have an embassy in every country, but they generally do have arrangements with another embassy to take care of their citizens. If you get injured, tossed in jail, or some other problem, it can save you a lot of grief. I am a retired U.S. diplomat who was posted to several embassies in Africa in the early 1990s to early 2000s, so am familiar with problems travelers can experience. Sometimes a person would get tossed in jail on some ridiculous made-up charge or injured in a crash or just plain sick, and it would be a month or more before we even found out they were in the country. If they experienced even worse problems, we would usually be called to claim the body. I have ridden around a lot of West Africa and also the countries in the southern part of the continent, and fortunately never had any problems, but have talked to many who have. Your best source of information for long-distance riding for anywhere around the world is www.horizonsunlimited.com/ It is a website run by a Canadian couple who have circumnavigated the globe, ridden 'top-to-bottom, and many other long distance trips before settling down and starting up that website. There is more information on there than you can ever imagine! Good luck!!
  5. MotoMac

    Motorcycle lift tables

    Seems to me that something came in the box with the lift along with some other advertisement. It was about 6 years ago. Look at this webpage (https://www.summitracing.com/parts/rrr-bw-1000a-sid?seid=srese1&cm_mmc=pla-google-_-shopping-_-srese1-_-rage-powersport-products&gclid=Cj0KCQjwl9zdBRDgARIsAL5Nyn3R1bo8Rsuj2i5XCM8oHcYrH8e6HHja3mJyTqLzj8z54rZDdLsdWnwaAheXEALw_wcB) and it will give you an idea of what you're looking for. It adds extensions on either side and the rear to make it wide/long enough for most ATVs. I couldn't find anything specifically for the Harbor Freight one so it might be sold under a different name or may be out of production. You might also want to contact Harbor Freight directly and ask about it -- with photos from other sites to give them an idea of what they're looking for. Good Luck, Mac
  6. MotoMac

    Motorcycle lift tables

    Check back with Harbor Freight. They have an optional piece that allows it to be used with quads. I've had their lift for over 6 years and have had zero problems with it. Most failures are with the hydraulic pump. The trick to that is as soon as you have the table up to the height you want, insert the big safety pin, and then (most importantly) step on the bleed pedal to release the pressure. With no pressure on the hydraulic pump, there's no strain. Also, don't leave the loading ramp attached to the to table unless you're actually loading or unloading....I've tripped over mine so many times it's a wonder I'm not dead yet. Even if you remember, kids, wives, friends, neighbors, delivery people, etc might not see it in a cluttered garage and splat themselves on the concrete and sue you for everything!
  7. MotoMac

    Alessi...New Ride?

    Go back and check a MotoGP news station. At first Dorna gave him a 2 race ban. However, the protests were so loud, his team fired him. Then the team who had already hired him for next year, fired him. Then Dorna reconsidered and gave him a lifetime ban. He's done!!
  8. MotoMac

    The Best Cure for Jetlag

    Wow....great scenery! My bucket list just grew by one more entry, although I'm pretty sure I wouldn't survive the 16K altitude. Thanks for posting.
  9. MotoMac

    Best Tire Pressure Gauge?

    I'll second AccuGauge. They make a 0-15psi gauge which is perfect for dirt bike tires. Here's a link: https://www.amazon.com/Accugage-Air-Pressure-Tire-Gauge/dp/B000MXYVEQ I've always used a low pressure gauge for MX tires and then one with a broader range for my cars, truck, street bikes, etc.
  10. Drummer Rob.... That Leatt 5.5 is the one I've been looking at also. In five of the past seven years, I've broken ribs (and sometime other things too) despite the fact that I was wearing Fox Titan or Rock Gardn body armor. At my age, they take a lot longer to heal than most, so it's time to get some better protection on the ribcage. The Leatt 5.5 looks to be the only one with decent protection for the sides. I haven't tried one yet....none of the local dealers have one in stock. I'm really hoping it will do the trick. A lot of people complain about getting over-heated while wearing body armor. When I first started using body armor, I was living where the heat is extreme, and it was making me feel really bad. I talked to the designer and company owner of Rock Gardn and they told me that I should never sear anything under the armor....not even a light t-shirt.....unless the temps are down into the 50's or so. After that, I've never felt like I was overheating.
  11. MotoMac

    Second chances. (Graphic warning)

    Hey CdM....long time no see! Been a while since he SF days... That is some scary crash. It's miraculous that it went through so much of your body, and still did so little damage -- compared to what it could have done. You've definitely been living right these days! I would expect that stick to be shedding bark when it was being removed....so how did they get all that stuff out? I finally managed to visit Montana last month. Certainly is gorgeous. I went up for a vintage MX race in a place called Niarada Raceway about 20 miles west of Polson. Anyway,hope you're feeling better now and healing quickly. MotoMac
  12. MotoMac

    RTW Trip underway, here are issues I had crossing US

    Anyone planning a long trip must visit the Horizons Unlimited (http://www.horizonsunlimited.com). It's run by a couple (Grant & Susan Johnson) who have done just about all the possible long trips -- around the world, top to bottom (both in the Americas and Europe/Africa). Their website it exceptionally informative, they have places where riders can check in as they progress on their journey, recommended repair places worldwide, visa advice, and a ton of other stuff. I haven't met them personally, but did have a lot of online correspondence in the late 90's/early 00's when they were transversing West Africa. I was posted to Nigeria at the time and was familiar with the countries they were planning to use. Anyway, check it out.
  13. MotoMac

    Old gear

    Find the EMT group that comes to your track or other nearby tracks. They often want any gear to practice on....especially helmets. They want to practice removing helmets and even cutting them off if necessary. Ditto for boots or body armor.... Some of the other EMT units that get involved with traffic accident could use street helmets to practice on. If you're lying on the track, unconscious with a compound fracture and possible head injuries, wouldn't you prefer that the EMT has some experience with the best way to get gear off a rider so they can their assessments and do any immediate work necessary like stop bleeding, stuffing your guts back into the abdominal cavity, or something similar!
  14. MotoMac

    How long since you've ridden?

    October 2016, Vintage MX at Canby, CA It had been raining off and on all day. Halfway through my last moto it got heavier. The track crew had dug a few small ditches to allow the apex of turns to drain the water, which was nice. Last lap....came into a turn just like I had done every lap before....front end tucked....I went down and started sliding in the mud. As I slid, my shoulder hit that little ditch and stopped....but the rest of my body kept going. Pain....and lots of it. Ribs 1-4 broken in several places, rotator cuff torn, and scapula (shoulder blade) split. The rotator cuff had a few tears, but none were completely torn, so doc says sling for 2 months and then P.T. Can't do much for ribs other than take it easy and don't strain them. The split scapula was the same as for the ribs....take it easy. I'm old (72) so heal slow, and it was more like 5 months before I could start PT. Stayed with that for 3 months and then went back to gym for a very restricted routine. That was hard because everything hurt. The most painful was the scapula. I'm pretty sure now that everything in your body is connected to the scapula....even your hair. That took a lot longer to heal than expected, but was pretty much okay by November 2017. The torn rotator cuff was painful even longer than that, but the overall pain levels were more manageable. Finally got an okay from the doctor in March to race again, and made it to the 2018 Pacific Northwetern VMX series season opener in Chrome, CA on April 8th. The only riding I had done since Oct 2016 was mid-week prior to the race in the cul-de-sac in front of my house to make sure the two bikes ran okay. It felt damn good to be out on the track again. I had to make myself take it easy until I could get back in the groove, so ended up with two 3rd places. I hurt like hell for the week after, but it finally went away. Moral of the story: Don't fall off....that shit hurts! In all, it was 18 months and 6 days between rides -- which is waaay too long. Mac (72 CZ 400, 64 Triumph 200)
  15. Camelbak sells some tablets that are to be used for cleaning out the reservoir. I've used them with good luck, but you have to follow the directions exactly and also make sure you run some through the the hose and mouthpiece. Try that before you throw it away.