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  1. The do it all bike doesnt exist, I know that, but Im looking for something pretty damn near close to it. My dilema: I live in Mexico and It is one of the most biodiverse places you can possibly think of; I can ride at 12,000 feet between pines, the next day shred a desert, and the last day be in a tropical forest. Any thoughts on a bike that you may think can handle all of these relatively well? Gracias amigos!
  2. Almost makes me want to start a "Post You Selena Gomez Photoshops Here" thread... bet it would be pretty funny what some folks what come up with...
  3. damn that is just to funny!
  4. Pardon my ignorance, Im just curious to know as to why selena gomez is being photoshopped into many pro´s instagram pictures. thanks
  5. I didn´t really real all of the entries above so perhaps its already been said, but if your trying to go fast, my suggestion is to go slow!. Yes, go slow. Placing an emphasis on following your selected line through the track, riding in the standing position, getting the feeling for cornering in ruts and flat, having that throttle control, and balancing your braking are things that you will learn more quickly if you take them bit by bit. If you just rip that throttle open you will surely go fast, but not far! Ultimately, every time you go riding try to pay attention to these things and soon enough you´ll be blasting through the track/woods/desert like a bat outta hell. Enjoy the ride!
    The performance I have managed to obtain through these valves is absolutely beyond belief and it has raised my riding level two-fold. Just to put into perspective, there is this one hill on my rides which I always, no matter how hard I charge it, never make it clean and always have to paddle my way up it. When I installed the Gold Valves; the hill became instantaneously easier due to the fact that I could absorb the hard chop and ultimately stay on my line. The Gold Valve was my first time modifying the fork compression stack on my 2015 300 XC-W (any stack for that matter) and personally I didn´t find the install too complicated. One thing, however, once I got done with the install and rode the fork I did have to make adjustments to the rake, trail and rebound/compression clickers. I raised the forks in the triple-clamp to obtain more stability (Maybe because I was going faster?) and really played with the clickers to find that low-speed plushness that I like. In conclusion, I would highly recommend the Compression Gold Valve by Race Tech.
  6. I may just need to go ahead and open up a topic about it since its not handlebar related, regardless, anyone have heard of the PHDS dampening system that´s bolted onto the triple clamp? Ive seen a lot of factory riders use them and im curious as to the feeling/benefits of them.
  7. Start testing suspension, engine, and ergonomics. I love to tinker around and hone my set up trying to find perfection.
  8. Don´t KYBs use bladders? I´ve tried a 250 FX with what I consider the most consistent and progressive feeling shock IMO. By the way, still running the piston on my WP; since I don´t really service my shock I´m beginning to see the benefits in the bladder.
  9. Fuzz Nuts, that looks like a sever issue with the cap. How does the shock feel with a bladder in comparison to the piston type?
  10. After 63 posts of nothing but great reviews about the bike I finally went to the dealership. None in stock. I´ll have to wait till Feb, The stoke was real.....
  11. I´ve read some pretty good stuff about bladders over regular piston. Likewise, I have also read many people complain that the bladder doesn´t achieve a proper seal and ultimately causes the nitrogen to contaminate the oil. Any body have experience with these? I´m looking into the Factory Connection Kit or the SDI kit, however, im also open to any recommendations you may have for a KTM 300 xc-w 2015. Thanks my g´s
  12. Fo many years ive tolerated the sound of my kickstarter slapping against the top of my 2 stroke pipe. I can no longer take this. Here´s the issue explained. Somewhere along the life of my 300 xc-w I hit the pipe on some log or rock and ever since then the pipe and tip of kickstarter have been in slight contact. When I rev or ride the bike the point of the kickstarter makes the most annoying "ching" on the pipe. Please help me fix this. And no, im not going to buy a new pipe. (Mine is perfect as is)
  13. Welcome to 2017; ARC Memlon levers. Ive had them for two years and ive bent two handlebars and no broken lever.
  14. Delorme InReach is a must for me (Besides the obvious survival gear and essential first aid for trauma). The InReach has some really cool features that not only allow you to stay in touch with the fam but also track whomever is carrying it. An essential for dumb "lets go see where this trail goes" ideas.