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  1. Do you know what the race entails then? Perhaps you could shed some light to what the race is really like. Am I going to hold it WTFO from start to finish? No. My plan is to finish it.
  2. The 300 definately pulls a tall gear, however, you know that at speed the headshake is insane and imo you tire yourself quicker managing a 2t (sure, steering stabilizer would help but you just dont get that planted feeling geometry of a 4t). As for the the Rally itself, its definately not like a sand MX track. It varies from straight service roads, beach sections, silt beds, singletrack, and even speed sections that involve pavement.
  3. gracias amigo. 80 cc 2t here we gooo
  4. Because its either a 250 thumper or a 300 xc.
  5. What about a change in gearing?
  6. Could a brand-new Six Days 250 EXC-F survive the baja rally? If you have any experience, what would be the downsides of running a smaller engine instead of a 450? Tips for or tricks to set-up the bike? Ive ridden enduros all my life and want to challange myself to a rally.... still figuring out all the navigation details.
  7. wachterxc

    Rim width of a 2015 KTM 300?

    At school and shopping for nitromousses. Bike´s at home and dont know what is my rim width is (mum doesnt even know what is a rim so I cant get her to take a picture). anybody know what rim width comes stock on a 2015 KTM 300 XCw THANKS
  8. Down here in mexico, land of the miracle and home of the weird, ive seen people use the same mousse for over 2 years. They claim that though it has become softer, it remains in place and performs well. How long have you used the same mousse for? Rubber side down my guys, Saludos,
  9. wachterxc

    Whats your mousse?

    tire balls are a real pain in the ass to mount and hard to com by in Mexico.
  10. Interested in getting some mousses for enduro riding. Whats you choice of mousses? Michelin? Nitromousse? What about those euro mousses? Also, how long can I used them before needing to replace them? any other suggestion? Thanks
  11. My wheel has some pretty serious lateral movement. I dont have a truing stand but my buddy could lend me a spoke torque wrench. Would I be able to eliminate the lateral movement only using the the torque wrench ? regards
  12. wachterxc

    Stiction on WP Forks

    Thats some next level mod! The foam idea and the cross-hatching ill definately give a try this weekend. Thank you very much, man!
  13. wachterxc

    Stiction on WP Forks

    Im going to give this a try. One thing, what do you mean by "crosshatch"? Like, use the grit in a grid pattern on the tube?
  14. wachterxc

    Stiction on WP Forks

    Triple clamp torqued to spec and wheels are at a perfect true (using a warp 9 spoke torque wrench). I regularly use the method of loosening the bolts on triple clamp, axle nut, and pinch bolts while slightly rolling the tire and then braking to get a better alignment.
  15. wachterxc

    Stiction on WP Forks

    Lahms, that mircofinish by kreft moto just looks like a panacea to all my stictions problems. I'm seriously considering sending the tubes to get that work done, by any chance, do you know anybody that has used them? and, what their opinion of them?