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  1. My wheel has some pretty serious lateral movement. I dont have a truing stand but my buddy could lend me a spoke torque wrench. Would I be able to eliminate the lateral movement only using the the torque wrench ? regards
  2. Thats some next level mod! The foam idea and the cross-hatching ill definately give a try this weekend. Thank you very much, man!
  3. Im going to give this a try. One thing, what do you mean by "crosshatch"? Like, use the grit in a grid pattern on the tube?
  4. Triple clamp torqued to spec and wheels are at a perfect true (using a warp 9 spoke torque wrench). I regularly use the method of loosening the bolts on triple clamp, axle nut, and pinch bolts while slightly rolling the tire and then braking to get a better alignment.
  5. Lahms, that mircofinish by kreft moto just looks like a panacea to all my stictions problems. I'm seriously considering sending the tubes to get that work done, by any chance, do you know anybody that has used them? and, what their opinion of them?
  6. I´ll see you in The Hamptons, Joe! Right now I´ll just sit back, kick my feet up, and enjoy a nice midweek Corona while compound interest works its magic.
  7. 300 SX head increases what part of the rpm range? Im guessing a little bit more punch on top... (also, does that mean I need a new CDI to go with it)
  8. 2015
  9. Just got my first paycheck from my first formal job. So... if you had 800 bucks, what would you get for your 2015 KTM 300 XC-W? (I studied finance so dont tell me to save for my retirement or invest! that shit is #boring) Regards from Mexico!
  10. I can testify on the Gold Valve. I the instal isnt too difficult and the performance gains are exponential. One thing, however, if your spring rate is out of the recommended spec it may interfere with the function of the stack.
  11. Open chamber 48mm forks. I keep searching the web for godsend but it seems coating is the only tried and true coating alternative.
  12. I would like to get my forks moving faster in order to respond to the smallbump-slowspeed chatter that bothers my ride. My valving is spot on (Race Tech Gold Valve), SKF seals are pretty fresh, and oil is at a good height. Ive come to the conclusion that im probably dealing with some stiction issues. Any tips on how to reduce this? Trying to find some low-budget solutions... (PLEASE dont suggest some kashima coating /ti-nitride fancy pantsy coating because im pennyless) Ive read some folks "polish" the inside of their fork tubes to reduce stiction. How do you polish these? Any special tools or technique?
  13. Ride a hard enduro.
  14. The do it all bike doesnt exist, I know that, but Im looking for something pretty damn near close to it. My dilema: I live in Mexico and It is one of the most biodiverse places you can possibly think of; I can ride at 12,000 feet between pines, the next day shred a desert, and the last day be in a tropical forest. Any thoughts on a bike that you may think can handle all of these relatively well? Gracias amigos!
  15. Almost makes me want to start a "Post You Selena Gomez Photoshops Here" thread... bet it would be pretty funny what some folks what come up with...