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  1. barefootbob

    Snow ride at MC today.

    Thank you for the great ride today, it was good to get out and ride. Braaaaaaaap!!
  2. Yep, the kids will out grow the ability of the TTR bikes if they get into riding. My kid went through 3 bikes in the 1st year and a half. Suzuki gt80 then to a kx65 and then to the kx85. then by the 3rd year I put him on a kdx but his ability was beyond that so I got him a Husqvarna tc250. The 250x is a great bike and if a smoker is tuned right you can lug it all day long. I just rebuilt a 03 kdx220 and you can ride it anyway you want and never worry about fouling a plug.
  3. barefootbob

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Rode MC with Ossi today, I’m sure he’s tired after 2 days of riding. Thanks for coming out to ride today, I had a great day and the KDX was on it. Thanks bud, I appreciate it.
  4. barefootbob

    Best looking bike contest*************

    I actually won best looking bike at the official Thumpertalk ride back in 2005. I won a white basket with a pretty flower on it and a bicycle horn. The plan was to put this stuff on the bike and trash it on a ride but as I turned around this little girl was standing in front of me. I could tell she really wanted that basket and horn so I gave it to her for her bicycle. Never knew her name but heard she grew up to be a great female rider.
  5. barefootbob

    Penny Pines

    LOL, like to see a pic of that truck after that, I'll bet it's trashed.
  6. barefootbob

    Beta thumper

    This is in reference to Diverdown's last comment on that Beta bashing thread. Not sure what's different between the 2t and the 4t but I had fun on my 520rs. Anyways I'm old and this is the 1st trail of the day so it takes a couple minutes to get the old body moving. Can't wait to ride with Ossi and his new bike. The majority of my best rides are with ol Ossi. LoL master what?
  7. barefootbob

    Beta has been Dumped, Husqvarna TX 300 floored me.

    It's funny how people try to convince everyone that what they like is the best but it all boils down to what works for you might not work for someone else and then someone comes along on a clapped out old bike and smokes the whole group. I just love riding, being with my friends. I think the fastest I've ever been was on a 2004 250sx. I could also smoke on the 2007 tc250 but the 510 had the grunt to keep me out of trouble. I think Ossi is just trying to catch up to me on the number of bikes owned.
  8. barefootbob

    Beta has been Dumped, Husqvarna TX 300 floored me.

    Never had the Beta smoker but I did have a 2015 Beta RS520 and the bike handled great. Street legal and I could keep up with all the XC's, YZ's and all the LMNOP's. Got a 2016 XC250 and it was also fun and even though it was lighter the 520 handled better. Both bikes had stock suspension, the XC needed a steering stabilizer but the Beta held a great line, no swap, had a lot of fun with that bike. Never had the opportunity to ride the new Husky's but had a couple 07 TC thumpers, also fun. If I had my choice right now I would love to have the YZ 265 Ossi built. Rode that bike for a day and really had a lot of fun. I don't seem to ride as much these days so having a 10k bike sitting around is not a priority. I bought a old KDX220 and rebuilt that doing all the mods and it runs great handles nice but really wish I could have found a blown YZ and built it like Ossi's, that bike was bad ass. Ok back to Beta bashing.
  9. barefootbob

    Beta has been Dumped, Husqvarna TX 300 floored me.

    Got this post in my top discussion email and the back ground of the pic looked very Cowish, 👍 Congrats my friend. Guess you have a Beta for sell now. At our age we need all the help we can get.
  10. barefootbob

    bigbob youtube dirt bike channel

    That was a fun band, that was at the Rip City Riders spring BBQ
  11. barefootbob

    bigbob youtube dirt bike channel

    Barefootbob Productions
  12. barefootbob

    bigbob youtube dirt bike channel

    Well while your waiting for BIg Bob to maybe post a video here is a Barefootbob Video. I use music from bands I've recorded with.
  13. barefootbob

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    How did you know, gee you know me so well😎
  14. barefootbob

    looking for people to ride with in NorCal

    Before I started dying my hair grey