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  1. yzmxer12

    looking for a yz250 aluminum frame

    Ill buy your old steel frame
  2. yzmxer12


    Nice looking website, great idea! You should move this to the Dirt bikes - general dirt bikes forum. It would get more traction than in here.
  3. yzmxer12

    You asked...Alta delivers

    Who wouldnt want to clutch and shift?
  4. yzmxer12

    Chicago area riders... help

    Lots of stuff around the quad cities area
  5. yzmxer12

    Steep Short Jumps

    stand in the neutral position pretty much always when you jump unless youre trying to seat bounce it. Use your rear brake to drop the front end, dont worry so much about using body weight to make the bike move forward or back. Just let the bike do its thing.
  6. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    Good ol Abe
  7. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    Its a two stroke. Ill learn. Its a good starting point. My bike, my money, all im out is gaskets. Im going to buy a new piston and finish it myself. [emoji1303]
  8. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

  9. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    I assume shift forks , unless my drum rotating mechanism with the cam follower isnt in the pin hole
  10. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    I Just learned its possible to put your shift forks in the wrong way and only have 3 gears and no neutral, unless I hold it inbetween shifts. : )
  11. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    Thats the first thing I thought when I pulled off the cylinder. Gave me a scare. The cylinder looks good still , no scoring. Ill make sure I triple check my seat on the carb and air filter when I get it back together. [emoji1303]
  12. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    I probably went about it wrong when I got my cylinder replated. I sent it to Millenium and asked to return to stock bore size. Then I bought a stock A size piston from weisco. My understanding is I should have bought the piston first and sent it along with my cylinder.
  13. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    I broke a tooth on 4th gear and the dogs were worn on second and third. I replaced the gears and shift forks. Replaced the shift drum and all bearings
  14. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    The piston has 6 hrs on it. The cylinder walls look brand new
  15. yzmxer12

    Knicked piston skirt

    How much sarcasm do we have here?